Practice buzz Aug. 5, 2008

Saban lectures media on depth chart
Fans crave any information which trickles out of the politburo, errr, the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility. Sometimes there isn’t much information making its way to the fans. When this happens, every morsel gets amplified.

Like when a player is working with the first team—that generates buzz.

Saban cautioned fans not to believe it.

“I want our fans out there to know that we don’t have a depth chart here,” Saban said. “So anybody here in the media who writes about a depth chart, and really kind of disrespects some of our players based on their depth chart is really not being very professional…We don’t really have a depth chart. I’ve tried to tell you guys that.”

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Saban didn’t stop there. He said the media were unprofessional in talking about the depth chart issues, without asking him about it first.

In fact, Saban said it went beyond just irresponsible. He said it was mean. Something inconsiderate of the players—the guys out there sweating in this August heat.

Why do players work with different groups?

“We have guys that work in groups for administrative reasons,” Saban said.

Personnel notes:
Chris Jackson has an ankle injury, and is expected to miss a day or two.

Demetrius Goode is taking a turn at defensive back. “It is something he wanted to do,” Saban said. “We had talked about doing it before.”

What happened today?
Alabama put pads on for the first time of Fall camp. It was a precursor to the start of two-a-days Wednesday.

“Obviously today is the first day in pads,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. “What we are concerned about is technically getting done what we need to do to become a better football team. To have the focus, intensity and the mental energy to give the kind of effort to stay focused on what you need to do to do your job.”

Character development
Alabama’s character development program continues in full swing. The Tide has brought in speakers to cover a myriad of topics including drugs, alcohol, gambling, spiritual development and how to treat the opposite sex

“Lisa LaMaster was here and did a seminar on media relations,” Saban said. “Kevin Elko, who is a very good motivational speaker, did a nice job of talking with the guys about positive energy and attitude. Gene Washington did a great job with life after football and the FBI guys were here last night talking to the guys about gambling in athletics.

“So we have a lot of these things going on in camp. It is another indication of how we try and educate our guys to make good choices and decisions so they have a chance to be more successful by making the right choices and decisions in what they do and don’t do.” 

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