Politicians, dignitaries visit Stallings family

The governor of Texas, Alabama’s current football coach and the University of Alabama president all were among the many dignitaries, friends and family paying tribute to the late John Mark Stallings, son of former Alabama football coach Gene Stallings.

John Mark’s funeral was held Tuesday evening at 5 p.m. at Lamar Avenue Church of Christ.

The Alabama delegation attend the visitation at Starrett Funeral Home Monday evening. The delegation was led by University president Dr. Robert Witt and football coach Nick Saban.

Saban said he went to show support for the Stallings family during this time. He also praised the Stallings family for the life of their son.

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“One thing I would like to say about the Stallings family, I do not know how anyone could do a better job of raising someone with a more positive spirit that impacted so many in his life,” Saban said.

Others attending the visitation included Texas Governor Rick Perry, representatives of Texas A&M, Southern Methodist University, Oklahoma State and Clemson, according to the Paris News.

“Some people might think people came because they know me and Ruth Ann, but the real truth is they know Johnny,” Coach Gene Stallings told the Paris News.


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  1. 2

    People actually care.

    I guarantee you won’t have a fraction of the people care when it is your time…

  2. 3

    I am truly sorry for the loss of Coach Stallings’ son. His family has my sympathies. I know something about the difficulties of raising a Down syndrome child, along with the joys, as I have watched those close to me do it.

    I don’t believe for a minute, however, that Saban’s attendance was anything more than a PR stunt. Sorry, but I’m just that cynical about his motives. Saban does everything for a reason that benefits Saban.

  3. 8

    Hey Phil – You are a disgrace to yourself and whatever the hell college that you might support. Fuck you.
    Say Cap – this is the kind of shit that I can do without. Killing this Post from “Phil” would be proper and nobody would complain about this. You have to do what you got to do. Ask Dave Sibley.

  4. 9

    Kevin & Phil,
    I’m glad you two dicks wrote what you thought. It will come back to haunt you and when it does, you will wonder what you did to deserve this.

  5. 11

    Yes Phil it really is news. His loving spirit helps to encourage me to forgive disgusting sub-human idiots like you. John Mark was more of a man than you will ever be able to hope to be….

    Bless you John Mark and thank you.

  6. 12
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Phil and Kevin, great way of playing into that backwoods, Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Barnie stereotype! Envy and inferiority takes your jealousy to new heights!

    Phil, you’re upset because a former Alabama coach’s son dying is gaining more attention than Shug did when he died.

    Kevin, Stallings and Saban have always been distant friends. I take it you’re upset because he’s gaining more attention for attending a funeral than Tuberredneck did by visiting the troops in Iraq.

  7. 13

    Hell why are you guys attacking Kevin? OH yea your God Nickie was insulted by him…Kevin your right and PHIL we dont need you dude your a insensitive FUK who needs his stoopid ass kicked, KARMA is a bitch

  8. 15
    Tyler The Golden Knight

    I know something about the difficulties of raising a Down syndrome child, along with the joys, as I have watched those close to me do it.

    You mean you’ve watched those close to you raise you… a retard?

  9. 16

    Jesus the bantor and name calling around here has sunk to an all time low, I for one being an AUBBIE take no pride nor part in Tyler the golden shower boy nor PHIL the fuk sissy!!!


  10. 17

    Phil, when the retarded son of your father dies (which is you), that won’t be news because you’re a lowlife piece of bastard who no one else most likely cares about, which is why you’re disrespecting the loss of someone else.

    Kevin, for once be reasonable. You say you sympathize the Stallings family for their loss, and you obviously hate Alabama and Nick Saban. Stallings claimed to have been friends with Saban even before he took the job at UA and recommended him as well. You honestly think Saban is promoting his image by attending the funeral of a friend’s son, especially one whom he obviously developed a friendship with after he took the job? Take your API bullshit back to your trailer park on Road.

  11. 18

    Can we not have a moment of peace? This is a genuinely nice person whose life is over. He has done nothing to you, yet on “his” article…all you can do is curse and be ugly. I would say don’t you have a conscience, but obviously not. I think Stallings was an outstanding coach, but just as a decent human being I appreciate the article bringing us the facts.

  12. 19

    barnies are more of a disgrace to humanity than their college is to the state of alabama. nice job kevin and phil. your day is coming.

    count this as my signature:

  13. 21

    remember when saban was at miami and snubbed the president?? remember the grief he caught??

    john mark stallings publicly stated nick saban was “his favorite coach”. everyone had heard that. it was one of “pops” favorite stories.

    what kind of a person would saban have been NOT to go to jms’ funeral?

    what kind of person uses the death of such a special individual to talk smack about an opposing team and coach?

    god help us.

  14. 23
    Kevin and Phil are white trash siblings

    Phil needs to have his head examined because my diagnosis, as an Internet blogger, is that he’s a retard. Kevin needs to shave his vagina and conquer his AUbsession with Nick Saban before it gets the best of his already lowlife, The Polytechnic Institute of Opelika, Alabama @$$.

  15. 24

    Kevin/Phil, your mother/husband has been calling for you since early this morning. She has a fresh batch of various Wire Road roadkill prepared for breakfast this morning. Eat up!

  16. 25
    ATL Tider

    Trash talking about football is one thing, but trash talking about the loss of a dear loved one, who was a sweet soul, is unacceptable and intolerable.

    Not cool Aubies!

  17. 26

    fine bammer, you said it best, my friend!

    John Mark expressed his love for Coach Saban after Mal Moore hired him. He and Coach Stallings developed a friendship over the years, even while he was at LSU.

    To think Saban would speak so positively on this precious human being, just to boost his PR status is sickening. Did you ever stop to think maybe that’s the reason Tuberville visited Iraq? Despite it truly served him no justice, Saban did steal the spotlight he stole away from us during our state of sorrow. If anyone one has recently gone out for a nice and pleasant PR stunt, it was definitely Thomas Hawley Tuberville.

  18. 27

    First and foremost, Kevin and Phil, you two have the unforunate rights to express your thoughts no matter how low -class they were. As for me, a class act, thank you. I will refrain from calling you names and insulting you because I am an Alabama graduate and a HIGH class person. You two are not worth getting into a hissy over. Seriously, very bush league comments. Sad just sad.

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