McElwain wants physical offense

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Alabama’s new offensive coordinator, Jim McElwain took center stage Sunday; he spoke to the media and shed some light on his offensive philosophy—a philosophy often called “quarterback friendly.”

“I don’t know where the quarterback-friendly came from, but he better throw completions,” McElwain said.

That is a reasonable expectation to set for your quarterback. But how do you get there?

You must have a team structured around the players. You don’t just throw players into a system, but you enable the players to make plays with the abilities they possess.

“It is our responsibility as coaches to find out what these players do best, and put them in situations to their advantage,” McElwain said.

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There are elements of McElwain’s philosophy that are immutable. He cited two key principles fans should see in the 2008 iteration of the Alabama offense, physical play, and composure.

He said he wants his players to be physical on the field. “Make sure the team you are playing knows they better bring their lunch because we are going to come after you on every play,” McElwain said.

The second part is the composure, or as McElwain said “stay level.” He said in each game there is an ebb and flow, but you can’t go up and down with the game. You have to stay level.

This poise, composure or “staying level” is an element to something Coach Nick Saban touched on, being business-like.

“Sometimes playing quarterback you want a guy to make business decisions and not get caught up emotionally and trying too hard and forcing things,” Saban said. “ And he (John Parker Wilson) seems to have developed a real maturity in that area which I think could affect his play in that area in a positive way.”

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McElwain defended Wilson. He said the senior quarterback has done good work during the offseason.

“This is a great kid, somebody who cares about the state of Alabama, somebody who really cares about Alabama football,” McElwain said. “And a guy who is doing everything he can to help us win games.”

The combination of a good bowl game, spring and offseason is setting Wilson up for a good fall camp. He also benefits from what appears to be a good relationship with his present offensive coordinator.

“He and Coach Mac seem to work well together,” Saban said.

Are there signs of progress from Wilson?

“I think technically he has improved, and I think his decision making and judgment has improved,” Saban said. “And hopefully, we can continue to make the big plays, and minimize the not-so-good plays that we have especially when it comes to turning the ball over, which is still one of the most critical statistics to winning.”

Depth at quarterback?
Scuttlebutt is that Star Jackson has looked good in practice. McElwain cautioned it is early in camp, but that the team may develop some depth at the quarterback position. Is that comment confirmation about Star looking strong in the first couple of practice sessions?


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  1. 1

    Hopefully Star isn’t another Kodi Burns. But if Parker slips, it isn’t even a matter of if it’s when Parker slips, I’d like to see what Star is capable of even if he is a freshman. Looking at the bright side, he can’t be any worse can he?

  2. 2

    I hope that Str can ge the red shirt and take some time to mature and learn.

    IF Bama can keep the mistakes to a minimum this would be a very good year.

  3. 4
    Ballplay Indian

    Saban would be crazy to burn Stars redshirt this year..But , T.T. had to burn Codys last year. It could happen.

  4. 7

    1999: Why the hell did we hire the head coach of the only SEC team we managed to beat in 1998?
    Few years later: PLEASE FIRE THIS MAN!
    Few years later: He’s the best coach in the nation! Keep him. Don’t fire him!

  5. 8
    Ballplay Indian

    LCN….What does it say about your team, when your rival can hire OLE MISSs FREEKIN COACH AND BEAT YOUR ASS 7 OUT OF 9 TIMES ????!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 9

    Ballplay, what does it say about your coach when he had only one lackluster win, and was dominated in the other six games (dating back to four at Ole Miss, and two at Alabama Tech), until his rival was hit by a freight train and hasn’t defeated him since?

  7. 10
    Ballplay Indian

    George…huh ?? That makes zero sense bud…Since T.T. has been at Auburn…Which is all I care about…We have dominated the SEC since 2000…That would be the entire conference…Not just yalls crappy team….But the whole conference..I knew one of yall would bring up the whole “weakened state” B.S.
    When are you people gonna stop saying that crap ? Will it be ten more years? Give it a rest allready.

  8. 11

    do you think you could get the great CTT to win another championship that doesnt say “Iron bowl” on it before you start bragging that he is a defining point in your history?

  9. 12

    I think we’re all missing the real story here…Saban actually allowed an asst. coach to speak to the media!!! Cappy, please tell us: What did McElwain’s voice sound like? Does he have a Fresno accent? Did he stutter or stammer from nervousness due to his lack of experience in speaking to the media? These are the questions that the real fans want the answers to.

  10. 13

    He sounded like he was from the Northwest. He was a very good, engaging speaker.

    So was Kevin Steele.

  11. 14

    Seriously Cappy, is Saban relenting on his policy regarding asst’s speaking with the media? I wish he would.

  12. 15

    No. He did this last season too. He let the DC and OC field questions…it was either in the spring or at fall camp. can’t remember exactly.

    He’ll continue to restrict assistants. I don’t think that would change at all.

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