Julio hits practice field

ALSO: Team morale may be improving

Julio Jones and his cohorts who comprised the No. 1 recruiting class took to the practice field today. Practice has started. It is that time of year when the fire of summer melts away the dross, and the refiner reshapes the raw metal.

Gone were the accolades. Things are different.

The freshmen are no longer just the No. 1 recruiting class of 2008. They are now part of the Crimson Tide. “We all are one,” said Alabama’s Javier Arenas.

While they are all one, the freshmen are individually catching the eyes of the upper classmen. One player anxious to see how Julio Jones pans out is senior quarterback John Parker Wilson.

“Julio is a good player; he is a special athlete,” Wilson said. “I think he has a good drive about him that can make this whole team better. I am looking forward to throwing with him against the first team D, everybody going full speed.”

(For photographs of Jones on the practice field visit the Rap Sheet.)

Of course, other freshmen are also getting attention.

“(Julio) and Burton Scott, both came up this summer and I think showed the whole team some things they can do,” Wilson said. I’m anxious to get them out there one-on-one in pass drills and see what they can do. I think they are both going to be productive guys and help out the team a lot.”

Overall, Wilson expects the receiving corps to be one of the strongest elements of the 2008 Crimson Tide.

One thing fans should enjoy hearing, the freshmen have a strong work ethic.

“I was really impressed by the freshmen who came in this summer,” said Alabama’s left tackle Andre Smith. “They worked extremely hard.”


The freshmen have much to learn, and the more experienced players are ready to teach the new guys.

“I think it will make him (Julio Jones) better as well because I am physical and those guys out there in the SEC are pretty physical,” Arenas said.

No ‘I’ in team
Signs are there that the entire team has improved in one significant area. The team part.

“The team was a lot closer than we were last year,” Smith said. “We talked more; we communicate better on the field. We just play a lot better together.”

Granted it is only the first day, but getting players on the same page is a major step forward for this Alabama squad. Dissension must be a thing of the past if the Tide wants to compete against the top teams on the 2008 schedule.

And have the players gotten on the same page as Nick Saban?

“Everybody understands why we should listen to Coach Saban,” Smith said. “He is a great coach. He has proven he is a winner…We might as well buy into it because if you don’t, he’ll just replace you.”

Does this herald a better season in 2008?

It can’t hurt.


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    Auburn Man

    I knew we would hear about yet another future TIDE criminal from you Crapstained! lol!
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    Bama Fan In N Y C

    I wonder why the freshmen are catching the eyes of the upper classmen. Could it possibly be because these weren’t the guys brought in by Shula, the way they are?

    PS: Good stuff, Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute Man! Damn good stuff!

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    I think maybe with all the recent brushes with the law you should call this something other than the rap sheet.

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    Auburn Man


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    Aubarn man and redneck aubie receive my votes for the top two capstonereport.com posters of the year! Congratulations!

    As for Julio, the boy certainly looks good on camera, doesn’t he? Didn’t the Barnies swear he would commit elsewhere, instead of Alabama, almost the way they swore Nick Saban would never coach at Alabama?

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    IhateGeorgeW. Says:
    August 3rd, 2008 at 4:52 am
    Aubarn man and redneck aubie receive my votes for the top two capstonereport.com posters of the year! Congratulations!

    As for Julio, the boy certainly looks good on camera, doesn’t he? Didn’t the Barnies swear he would commit elsewhere, instead of Alabama, almost the way they swore Nick Saban would never coach at Alabama?
    we didnt swear he wouldnt coach there


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    Hey, Cappie-
    Can you monitor some of this stuff – we really don’t need some of the comments left on this article.

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    Mike in Arkansas


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    Mike in Arkansas


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    Bama Fan In N Y C

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