Shane: ‘What if?’

By Shane from Centerpoint
Let’s play a game of “What if?”. The topic for today’s game is the final records of both the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Auburn Tigers. How will the supporters of each university feel when the season is completed and the final records are assessed? Can one game change the perception of an entire season?

First we’ll look at the Alabama Crimson Tide. We can start at the top by using the using the unrealistic goal of an undefeated season. If that happens (and hell freezes-over), the empty spot beside Gene Stallings in front of Bryant-Denny is about to be occupied. Can you say “statue”?

A one-loss season, also unobtainable, would have Tide fans claiming the top spot in every 2009 pre-season poll. The optimism meter would explode and the nation would know the Tide is back. Crimson Tide Sports Marketing would enjoy record-setting profits.

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An eleven-win season would put Alabama within reach of a top five finish in the national polls and would probably mean Alabama had played in the SEC championship game. This scenario is not totally impossible. I’ve seen the Tide produce similar results under Stallings in his second year. The talk of a national title in 2009 would dominate talk-radio and the Internet. Bama fans would re-define arrogance.

The “traditional standard” ten-win season, including a victory that shuts the “cow college” up for an entire year, would be about where Crimson Tide fans should expect this talented, but young, team to be at this stage in Saban’s “process”. Some road losses are understandable playing the caliber of opponents the Tide will face in hostile territory. There is a fine line between seven and ten wins – Bama should walk it straight in 2008.

If Alabama wins nine games and beats Tubby, the fans will give Saban a nod and start talking openly about expecting more progress next year. If the Tide wins nine but Tubby’s “streak” goes to seven, the media’s view will be that Saban isn’t making enough progress and the off-season will be tough for sure. This is about where Nick’s detractors begin to see a chink in his armor and the Auburn issue appears larger than it should be.

Eight victories is not an option. This is where one game can change the entire perception of a team’s success. A one-win improvement over last year’s record isn’t what Nick Saban and the “process” is about. Even a victory to end Auburn’s streak couldn’t change the average look of the
season’s end, and some changes might need to be made in the coaching staff.

Another seven-win performance by the Crimson Tide this year would be considered a complete melt-down. Not progressing would be disastrous for Nick Saban’s system.

Next we’ll take a look at the Auburn Tigers. We will start with the magical (remember 2004?) undefeated season. Auburn caught lightning-in-a-bottle once and still claims they were cheated out of a shot for the title. If they did win every game this time around, they would surely get a shot. Anyway, it is not going to happen, so why worry about it.

A one or two-loss season is out of the question as well. No team with a “greenhorn” signal-caller who hasn’t faced talented SEC defenses on the road can play well enough to win eleven or twelve games. If a scenario such as the Tigers’ losing only one or two games occurs it would be due to Auburn’s defense. That’s not going to happen since their prime motivator and architect, Will Muschamp, is coaching the Texas Longhorns.

Ten and three is a remote possibility for Tubby and his troops. If Auburn reaches the ten-win plateau, Tiger fans should thank Tuberville and his staff for a job well done. A record of this quality coupled with a victory over Bama will entrench Tubby in the hearts of Aubies everywhere.

Have you ever heard this catch phrase – “Nine-win Tubby”? If Auburn wins nine games in the 2008 campaign then Tommy Tuberville is operating on all cylinders. It doesn’t get any better with coach Tub. Again, a victory over the Tide evokes talk of a statue for Tuberville on Toomer’s Corner.

An eight-win outing is about what Auburn fans should expect from this year’s team. With youth and inexperience at the most important position (quarterback) and new coordinators on both sides of the ball, lack of continuity and consistency will produce some bad results. However – and here we go again – a win over Alabama washes the slate clean.

Auburn fans should consider seven wins or less to be a total disaster, but – knowing what I know about the Auburn Family – if Tommy beats Bama for the seventh time in a row, he lives to farm (I mean coach) another year. I know that it is almost embarrassing to admit that beating Alabama means that much to Auburn fans, but it is what it is. Yes, one game can definitely change the perception of an entire season.

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  1. 1

    Way to give Auburn a lot of thought there Shitane. What did you take, 5 minutes?

    If Bama goes 7-5, consider it a good season. But don’t look for an IB victory, it will NEVER happen. Unlike Shane!

    Auburn is primed for at least an 11-1 regular season and SECCG bound. Let’s not forget the number Seven.

  2. 2
    Ijusttooka Shane

    So if Bama beats AU, AU fans will shut up for a year?

    AU has beaten Bama 6 times in a row and Bama fans haven’t even thought about shutting up!

    Bama fans think bragging rights only go one way – Bama’s way.

  3. 3

    Shane, why did you write identical back to back columns? You’ve been Finebaum’s wannabe understudy for far too long.

    Shane, this is really a childish, novice column. You have got to be embarrassed over this?

    Certainly Bama fans can’t be impressed or remotely proud of this material? You deserve better.

  4. 4

    Of course, Shane is much wiser than almost every other analyst in the nation. Somehow, all the preseason magazines have gotten it wrong. Really Shane, I don’t expect you to favor AU, but at least be somewhat realistic so it doesn’t come off as a child believing their dreams actually will come true. This kind of garbage is why you don’t have any credibility… even with bama fans.

    P.S. – tmc1, I was recently reading something on an Auburn blog and noticed you had left a few comments. Doesn’t that mean you are obsessed with Auburn, according to your previous arguments?

  5. 5

    TMC is Shane, AUT. He’s another one of those floppy necks that lives in la la land and can’t escape delusion.

  6. 6

    This is hilarious…5 comments thus far and guess what?? They’re ALL from BARNERS…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  7. 7
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Can’t the individual who posts under 15 different user names ever 5-10-15 minutes, just post everything you have to say under one name? Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no word limit in the comment columns.

    Anywho, watch and learn Barnies. After Tuberville finds himself in the same boat he was in before the heart of our NCAA sanctions, you’ll see that to Alabama fans, there is more to college football than beating some second rate, backwoods Tech school by the name of The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute.

    Will you guys even be around after your hopes and dreams are long gone? Highly unlikely. You’ll go into a long period of hibernation, until your program finds a way to successfully defeat us again (probation/a dozen coaching changes), then you’ll surface like a plague.

    I expect to hear from the one Barnie with multiple personality syndrome, back here after API and Tuberredneck receives more than they can handle from a loss to their cross state superior, Alabama.

  8. 9

    The Shane lovers shine once more.

    If Tommy loses to Bama, you can rest assure he’ll be in the pre-stages of typing up that resignation speech. If he loses again in 09, he’ll hold a press conference at the Farmer’s Market of Lee County, announcing to the world 2010 will be his last year.

    But by then, the AUbsessed AUtards will more than likely have completely turned on him, just as they did after the USF and MSU losses… Just as they did before his “undefeated/irrelevant” 2004 season came about.

  9. 10

    I notice that the the guy with 187 screen name logged in under a couple more to take a nice cheap shot at Shane….
    …..You know what…..
    Shane seems like a nice guy… Is is absolutely necessary to refer to him the sam way you would refer to feces?
    Man …. you got no class.

  10. 11

    where have you been? I go to the AU blogs at all the time. I dont mind talking to the AU folks …. what I do mind is the ones who dont know anything about football, so they have to take cheap shots (thus living down to the Aubbo stereotype.)
    Most people who have been around the AU blog more than a few weeks will tell you I am not such a bad guy. Its the guys like the one here who logs in under 187 screen names that are the problem there and here.
    Luckily over there the software catches them about a week after they change their screen names and bans them again.

  11. 12

    Extreme overuse of the keyboard to communicate nothing other than the same overflowing ignorance. Is there any doubt why this column isn’t exactly flooded with commentary? It’s irrelevant. Just like losing to Auburn six times in a row. There’s nothing to it.

  12. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…please dont judge anyone elses “class”, as you have none….As for Shane ………Good greif……….The delusion continues.

    If 7 wins is a total meltdown …Get ready for an implosion…Cause yall will only win 6….

  13. 14

    I think if bammer wins 7 or 8 games they should be dancing in the street.. I think winning 6 or 7 at the most is a possibility and you should be happy with that considering what you are putting on the field.

  14. 15

    Shane, enough already,you make Bama fans look bad.. Why include Auburn in this column… You bias is just showing too much. You find reasons to downgrade Auburn, yet give Alabama far too much credit. So you think Alabama has a better chance of 11-1 or 12-0 than Auburn… You bias gives you ZERO credibility…

  15. 16
    Ballplay Indian

    Bama fan….Shane is a typical Bama fan…If he looks bad, well then , most of you look just like him.

  16. 18

    Interesting that Shane thinks that “[n]o team with a ‘greenhorn’ signal-caller who hasn’t faced talented SEC defenses on the road can play well enough to win eleven or twelve games”. I guess his burning hatred of Bama’s other Daddy, Phil Fulmer, made him forget about Tee Martin winning a MNC at Tenn the year after Peyton Manning left. What’s Daddy Phil’s record against Bama now, 11-4?

    tmc, that’s hilarious that you would call someone classless for morphing Shane’s name into something resembling shi+ after you have called me mattress stain, punk, shi+face, and fellatio. I guess when a bammer does it, it’s alright no matter what.

    Speaking of class, did anyone catch Scarbinsky’s article this morning? While discussing the bammers’ outrage over Les Miles hilarious comment about beating Bama not being a big deal because a bunch of other La. teams doing it also, Scarbinsky said the following:

    “Alabama fans suggest that popping off shows Miles lacks class. Considering that, at the conclusion of each and every victory, Alabama fans chant, ‘We just beat the hell out of you,’ they should know.”

    That’s right bammers. Tubs is also “classless” because he holds up fingers after beating Bama’s a$$. Look on the bright side, though. At least he doesn’t write up an obscenity laden cheer and encourage the entire fan base to taunt the opposing team of 19 and 20 year olds with it as they walk off the field.

  17. 19
    College Football Expert

    Bama will be extremely lucky to win 7 games this year. The following are guaranteed losses:


    These are probable losses:

    Mississippi State
    Ole Miss

    Bama could very easily lose all eight of these games.

  18. 21
    A-K-A APIman

    Auburn fans should consider seven wins or less to be a total disaster, but – knowing what I know about the Auburn Family – if Tommy beats Bama for the seventh time in a row, he lives to farm (I mean coach) another year. I know that it is almost embarrassing to admit that beating Alabama means that much to Auburn fans, but it is what it is. Yes, one game can definitely change the perception of an entire season.

    And it means nothing to BAMMA to beat Auburn huh? way to contradict yourself

    If Alabama wins nine games and beats Tubby, the fans will give Saban a nod and start talking openly about expecting more progress next year. If the Tide wins nine but Tubby’s “streak” goes to seven, the media’s view will be that Saban isn’t making enough progress and the off-season will be tough for sure. This is about where Nick’s detractors begin to see a chink in his armor and the Auburn issue appears larger than it should


  19. 22

    Interesting that Alabama lines up as a 2009 championship contender but Auburn has no shot this year with a “greenhorn” signal caller. Isn’t Wilson a senior? Won’t Alabama have a greenhorn signal caller in 2009. Who is the back up anyway? Atleast Burns and Todd have seen the field in live action games.

  20. 24

    I have a great idea!!! How about if all the Aubies (myself included) quit responding to Shane?

    I honestly believe (maybe it’s just hope) that he would go away because there is no way in hell that Bammers really like him (maybe I am just hoping again and putting too much faith in the Bammer Nation).

  21. 25
    Reality King

    “Another seven-win performance by the Crimson Tide this year would be considered a complete melt-down. Not progressing would be disastrous for Nick Saban’s system.”

    I may be wrong but isn’t that better than their average (6.6) number of wins over the past 5 years? Seeing as they have only exceeded 7 wins once in that time, I would see that as a marked improvement.

    Just curious about what is realistic?

  22. 27

    Another very sensible column from Shane, thanks.

    Shane, it’s amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  23. 28

    sixdownnow7 = AUBSESSED
    ijusttooka Shane = AUBSESSED
    trackem33 = AUBSESSED
    FinebaumJunkie = AUBSESSED
    RedneckTider = AUBSESSED
    Julio = AUBSESSED
    Indian Ballplayer = AUBSESSED
    aubman82 = AUBSESSED
    dougl = AUBSESSED
    mike = AUBSESSED
    PaulnShanesAssBaby = AUBSESSED
    Reality King = AUBSESSED

    Really not a bad article. But the personal attacks in here have got to stop. Especially the foul language and lewd references.

    Cappy, please begin monitoring as soon as possible. This is getting ridiculous.

    Again, this is an Alabama blog, and what Shane said is pretty much on target. There’s no need to get personal in here. People, this is just football. Find some semblance of humanity in you and stop acting like animals.

    And Julio, keep your posts to 9 paragraphs, please. No one reads beyond your first two sentences anyway.

  24. 29

    Julio, I just had absolutely nothing else to do (which is the only way I read the crap that you write) and read the proposterous statement you made.

    So what does “Weagle, Weagle, War Damn Eagle, kick’em in the butt big blue?” mean to you? If you ever get a woman to be interested in you, then by some horrible thought create a family, will you teach that cheer to your 4 year old?

  25. 30

    Glad to see your schizophrenia is alive and kickin, tmc. You make a post at 4:11 denouncing personal attacks, and then make a post at 4:14 aimed directly at me, stating that me having a family would be a horrible thought. See, I think the problem is that you are a little confused on the definition of “personal attack”. It means that you are insulting or degrading someone personally as opposed to talking smack about a football program, it’s coach(es), or its overall fanbase. You think that anything an Alabama fan says is talking smack, and anything an Auburn fan says is a personal attack.

    See, when I make a crack about the rammer jammer cheer (as did Kevin Scarbinksy), that’s talkin a little smack. When you call me a punk or a mattress stain, or talk about my family, I believe that’s what Cappy had in mind when he spoke of “personal attacks”. (Hopefully, no one’s 4 yr old daughter read what you wrote.) Is it getting a little more clear now?

    In closing, the “Body Getta” cheer is not a cheer whose sole purpose is to be chanted by the entire fan base to taunt 19 and 20 yr old opposing players as they leave the field after suffering defeat. It’s simply one of several whimsical cheers shouted by the student section and cheerleaders before and during the game to fire everyone up. Unlike the rammer jammer, it’s nothing so offensive that our own athletic director at one time tried to ban it.

  26. 31

    Greenhorn that has never faced an SEC defense on the road? Shane, get your facts straight. Troy played quite a few SEC teams on the road and actually got in a shootout with Georgia last year. Research before you type or lay off the pipe…..

  27. 33

    WOW- auburn fans really do CARE what SHANE has to say. you aubies have fear in your heart as you classless piles of i-man read what the great soothsayer has crafted each week. it is amazing that one man can cause the insecurities of so many aubies to spew forth like old faithful. in fact, aubies whine and cry on cue just like clockwork also. we don’t get respect, bamers demand this and that, so on and on and on. you auburn people just don’t get it. any time and anywhere on this planet, a person walks up and you tell them you are from alabama, they will ask about the crimson tide, did bear really walk on water, and was shug jordan really impotent. most people in the united states do not know where auburn is, don’t know what a war eagle is and neither do they care.this is the way it was this is the it is, and this is the way it will always be. now then then,ROLL TIDE BABY. rtr4life

  28. 34

    Oh, Felacio, but your paranoia is kicking much stronger.

    So, just how MANY times a day do you hit this site?

    Felacio, listening to your reasoning…or should I say, “spin”…I become quite dizzy. Again, going back to my original artical that wadded the panties you wear.

    In a nutshell, the Aubsessed faithful, of which you are just one pitiful face in a sea of the same, don’t care anything about the facts, let alone championships. You only care about two tihngs…beating Bama, and spin. Seriously, Felacio, call me when the truth makes it onto your radar screen.

    Until then, I continue to own you.

    Now iron my shirt. Now.

  29. 35

    Oh, Julio, but your paranoia is kicking much stronger. And I can almost see your little chest rising and falling as you huff and puff yourself into a frenzy.

    So, just how MANY times a day do you hit this site?

    Julio, listening to your reasoning…or should I say, “spin”…I become quite dizzy. Again, going back to my original artical that wadded the panties you wear.

    In a nutshell, the Aubsessed faithful, of which you are just one face in a sea of the same, don’t care anything about the facts. You only care about two things…beating Bama, and spin. And you refuse to acknowledge that our own demise, of which API had no part, is the overwhelming reason for your beloved “streak” (how many bumper stickers, t-shirts and pencils have you bought with “S…The Streak” on it TODAY?).

    Seriously, Julio, call me when the truth makes it onto your radar screen. Until then, I continue to own you.

    But go back and read some of the things you’ve said about me, then try to speak to me from your high horse. If you apologize, then I’ll do the same.

    But I believe the plank in your own eye is blocking your view of the speck in mine.

  30. 36

    …oops…I went back and tried to take out references to “Felacio” but somehow my first post made it to the screen before I could catch it. See, Julio, I’m trying. I just ask you to do the same.

    My point is, your presence here takes away from our ability to talk with one another. You started this “combat” on here. We didn’t go looking for you, you came to us. So if I say something to you, I say it from my own front yard. I’m not standing in yours.

    But I do own you. Your face all red and sweaty. Seriously, iron my shirt.

  31. 37

    It wasnt long ago that Cap asked nicely… That we start again and try to act nicely, because he doesnt want to moderate the blog.
    The truce didnt last long at all.
    Jesus Christ……. Balyplay/julio/AKA Shanehates Crackpipe Paulinshanesassbaby.etc.. etc..
    You dont let up do you.

    You are not happy unless you or one of your screen names is causing some kind of drama because of your hatred for all things BAMA.
    How much more do we need to hear before someone says enough? This is disgraceful.
    How many old ladies and children log on to this blog wanting to read or talk about Bama only to find that some Aubbo has turned it into his personal toilet.
    Its a football blog. Not a place for you belittle and degrade people becasue they dont share your adoration for Auburn .
    You are a sickening, spineless fraction of a man.

  32. 38

    tmc- I hope old ladies and children do not read your comments. wow.. you sure do get out of hand when you get mad at someone. This blog is all in fun. You make it way to personal. Auburn fans do not like bammers and bammers do not like “aubbo”. That is the way it will always be. I come in here to laugh at you guys and try to get under your skin as much as possible because bammer fans are so sensitive.

  33. 39
    Ballplay Indian

    I believw that cap was talking to you , tmc , and YOUR alternate screen name probama. No one, but , NO ONE gets out of hand like you. Puleeese quit pointing fingers as you only need to look in the mirror to see the guilty party. If it makes you feel better, I will try my beat to tone it down aome with the personal attacks. But that is all I will tone down. The back and forth smack about our teams , will, and should continue.

    And for like the 100th time, I am NOT posting under other screen names.

  34. 40

    Make no mistake, any direction from Cappy about said “attacks” was and is directed at the antagonists here. Those of us for whom this blog was created (or “bammers”) are immune.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, those who are Aubsessed have come into OUR yard and become combative with US. WE haven’t gone to THEM.

    So, keep it up Aubies. Thankfully as you do, what the rest of us ultimately want is going to happen.

  35. 41

    udontknow- “WE haven’t gone to THEM.” My oh my how misinformed you are. Check the Auburn blogs sometimes. I know you do not frequent the Auburn sites, you wouldn’t do that but others on this board do. obsessed? No hilarious? very much so.

  36. 42

    tmc, calling someone a “sickening, spineless, fraction of a man” is also what Cappy meant by “personal attack”. I thought we went over that already…

    intheknow, let’s see…you say that you “own me”, and then call me a semi-vulgar word (still misspelled, btw). It seems that would probably make the cut of being a “personal attack” as well. As to the holier than thou “front yard” stuff, give me a break. I couldn’t even wade through the Auburn blogs this morning without tripping over you, tmc, and probama. (Hello pot, I’m kettle. You’re black.)

    I have never been the first to issue a single personal attack on this site. Oh, I’ve talked smack about Bama and its fans and coaches, and I’ve sarcastically pointed out where someone posted a fact wrong. You bammers are just so emotionally invested in your fb team that you consider a knock on the team as a “personal attack”, and you respond by calling someone a mattress stain or shi+head. Cappy specifically welcomed Au posters here last week. I won’t do anything here but talk smack about football (EXACTLY like you guys do on the AU blogs) as long as no one directs personal attacks at me. But sorry guys, I ain’t leavin unless and until Cappy makes me.

  37. 44
    Reality King

    Julio – it is very apparent that you are wasting your breath on tmc. He doesn’t comprehend your well thought out, succinct style. Don’t “dumb down” for him as it is clear that you have the much superior intellect!

    BTW – I really enjoy most of your posts as they are actually in touch with reality!

  38. 45
    Reality King

    Some interesting takes from an ESPN blog:

    “Well, Alabama coach Nick Saban and his players turned the lobby of the Wynfrey Hotel into a circus earlier this morning. Fans with Bama shirts and houndstooth caps packed the place as security scrambled to clear a path for people to walk.” – These people really need a life (job/education/wife/hobby/{insert anything here}).

    “And one other thing about that game, which will be televised nationally by ABC. is that beer will be sold at the Georgia Dome concession stands. The beer sales will be cut off at halftime.” – Guess the APD knows what’s coming from the bama fans.

  39. 46


    Are you serious about this being a good article? My 6 year old niece can produce better material than the garbage Shane types up every week.

    Add Shane to your “AUBSESSED” list, because he sure does like to make Auburn the focus of his “articles” if you’re generous enough to call them that.

    The only reason I visit this website is because Finebaum kicked Shane off his website because it was embarassing to have this drivel attached to his home page. I enjoy reading Shane’s columns to see if he can make himself look even dumber than he did the week before. And so far, he has always succeeded.

  40. 47
    Reality King

    WJB – well put. I also visit just for a humorous diversion. I love how Shane and his ilk always say that Auburn fans are so obsessed with uat and then that is 95%+++ of what they talk about.

    I can honestly say that I have never heard one uat fan call Finebaum and not dwell on Auburn, how much they don’t care about the streak and how they were victimized by the NCAA.

  41. 48
    A-K-A APIman

    tmc1 Says:
    April 28th, 2008 at 4:48 am
    Tigermaniac44, nice to see you around…(Dont worry I wont out you.)

    Right up until the moment that Gundlach started asking questions he was “considered by some” to be the best educator in the state…..

    I am in a good mood today so I will be generous and not hand out my usual verbal skull dragging.
    Here is the deal Aubbos. You got caught ……again. It doesnt matter if you stick your head in the sand, it doesnt matter if you spin it, lie, or try to act like nothing happened, YOU GOT CAUGHT. Now just step up and take your medicine.
    Everyone knows that Auburn is pretty much a diploma mill these days anyway. And why not?
    For every “astronaut” Auburn has 10 athletes (current and former) wandering the planet who can’t even grasp the most basic principles of speaking English.
    I seriously doubt Carnell “Cadillac” Williams can tie his shoes without assistance, and yet he has a degree from Auburn. (Which begs the question) Who the hell was the halfwitted moron that let him walk out with a COLLEGE FUCKING DEGREE!
    We (the rest of the SEC) hope that the NCAA will step in and clear up this matter with AU….. before our Degrees get branded as worthless too……..

    tmc1 Says:
    July 18th, 2008 at 4:17 am
    Thanks Ballplay,
    And as a full-fledged Bama fan I am duty bound to tell you that I wipe my ass on idiotic braindead opinions like yours…

    tmc1 Says:
    July 17th, 2008 at 2:59 am
    Redneck tider?
    The record for the streak is 9 IN A ROW. Isnt it a shame that Auburn will never make it that far?
    Much like your sex life you still keep trying to convince yourself, your friends and your wife that YOUR 6 is better than your BAMA NIEGHBOR’S 9. And you call Bammers delusional…..LoL
    I am so sorry for you and Auburn nation.. I truly am… It just saddens me down to my soul that UA, the SEC, and the NCAA wont change the history books so that you can feel good about yourselves.
    But see Red, that is where you keep fucking up. YOU ARE AN AUBURN FAN! You are supposed to be use to finishing the year 3 spots out on the SEC ladder. You are supposed to be used to people asking you “Where in the Hell is Auburn anyway?”
    You are supposed to be used to employers checking for Cracker Jack residue on your College Degree.
    See Red, By being an Aub fan you invite abuse by simple virtue of the fact that you can admit there is no Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or Tooth Fairh, but you cant admit that the chances of winning another Championship with CTT are just as fictional.

  42. 49

    It took me five minutes to find your POTTY MOUTH crap….. 5 dude WOW BRO!!!! hope you kids not in the room or you mistakenly leave your page up (AUBSESSED) IDOIT and yes guys every bamma i know is ASHANED!!!

  43. 50

    You guys just dont want to let it go do you?
    You can post my responses but you forget to post all the brain fart aubbo logic that prompted the response.
    See that is the problem with you Aubbo’s. you come here trying to start some drama and then you whine like a baby needing a breast feed when someone gives you the verbal smacking you came asking for. Then you selectively tell the truth about the events (much the same as you do when you are talking about history.)
    If Auburn didnt suck so mightily, you wouldnt have to be hear to defend Auburns (so called) superiority.
    AKI API SHANEHATERS you are just spastic boy. pitiful. You stalk Shane like a jilted lover under a half dozen names. You criticize every word he says, but you cant go away. It shows me that you have a true man crush on Shane. I hate that your unrequited love is not returned.
    Ballplay, there is one thing that is absolute on this board. I am not Probama. But I do like the way him and Bama fanNYC, intheknow72, and a few of the others use you as the pivot man in their verbal slapfests. You are living proof that Crystal Meth should be given stiffer sentences.
    Redneck Bama, Most of the time I see your name attached to a post I know that I am about to hear the rantings of someone who has been snorting too much amonia from working in his bosses chicken house. And I just ignore it.
    There are others who, are usually an extra screen name for the yokels above. I dont have time to answer all the schzophrenic ramblings of these users who have to sign in as 197 people to justify all the lies they tell.
    Stop spamming our boards, you are making fools of yourselfs. But I guess that doesnt matter as long as one of you like AKA gets to take a toilet bowl vulgar shot at Shane. You have been asked to clean it up. Are you not man enough, to be a little respectful?
    Keep it up guys. Eventually you are going to get what youve been asking for.

  44. 52

    tmc/probama…if you are not one in the same, where are these repeated perverted references to a “pivot man” coming from. I think I speak for all hetero barners and bammers alike that read this blog in saying that we’ve never even heard that freakin’ weirdo, disgusting word until those nasty posts made under your screen name probama last week. (remember the contests that you so proudly proclaimed to have won not only once, but twice?). That’s beyond a personal attack. That’s just weird and disgusting. EWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  45. 53
    A-K-A APIman

    I could really care less about SHane bro!
    and im nowhere near a lil boy,i have my own basement and computer,and im the kinda guy who can out think you(Cisco Engineer..look it up) or out smack you so go pull out your smack talk book and change the small words to big ones and get over yourself ROOKIE!!!
    May i ask a question? what are you gonna say when/if Polytech beats Bamma?


  46. 55

    As API, the Tigers have a winning record against Bama – look it up!!!

    Much is said about this being a Bama blog, yet half of the articles are about Auburn. Shane, can you spell “obscession”?

    Shane, to be a credible journalist you must eliminate the “pot-shots” at AU and Tuberville. Keep it professional and you don’t come off looking so sophomoric, or should I said sophomoronic ( hey, I’m like Bush, I made up a word). Leave the fanatical ramblings to the respondants.

    Now Shane, lets suppose Bama finishes the regular season with a 6-6 record, and a win over Auburn. The party that starts in Tuscaloosa will still be going on when its time to leave for Shreveport.

  47. 56

    For those of you who continue to claim that Shane was “thrown-off” Finebaum’s website, do you happen to notice that there is ALWAYS a link to “Shane Sez” on Finebaum’s website?

  48. 58

    Shane is the mascot for the fall of journalism. This charlatan has no degree or merit in the media world. The fact that such a boob can regergitate some trite column, and it finds a place to stick online amazes me. Finebaum must really have to pull some strings to keep Shane-O afloat. Don’t forget Bammy is breaking in a new OC as well Shane. Of course, using your logic McElwain is
    better than Franklin and beyond a few bumps in the road working with a mediocre quarterback in JPW simply because Alabama hired him.

  49. 59

    Shane, what a dumb ass, kodi burns is a Greenhorn who has never face an sec defense? he played against florida last year idiot, and i beleive they were the defending national champs, try doing some research, or better yet worry about your head coach who has lost to LAMO and UAB in his own yard

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