8 Tide players named preseason ALL-SEC

The University of Alabama had eight players named to the coaches preseason ALL-SEC team. Here is the list of the entire ALL-SEC team with Alabama players in bold.

(#-Ties / *-Unanimous Selection) (Coaches could not vote for themselves or their own players)
Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
TE Cornelius Ingram Florida 6-4 223 Sr. Hawthorne, Fla.
OL *Andre Smith Alabama 6-5 340 Jr. Birmingham, Ala.
OL *Michael Oher Ole Miss 6-5 318 Sr. Memphis, Tenn.
OL *Anthony Parker Tennessee 6-3 305 Sr. Jonesboro, Ga.
OL Herman Johnson LSU 6-7 351 Sr. Olla, La.
C *Jonathan Luigs Arkansas 6-4 314 Sr. Little Rock, Ark.
WR Percy Harvin Florida 5-11 178 Jr. Virginia Beach, Va.
WR Kenny McKinley South Carolina 6-0 182 Sr. Mableton, Ga.
QB Tim Tebow Florida 6-3 232 Jr. Jacksonville, Fla.
RB *Knowshon Moreno Georgia 5-11 207 So. Belford, N.J.
RB Arian Foster Tennessee 6-1 215 Sr. San Diego, Calif.

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Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
TE Richard Dickson LSU 6-3 237 Jr. Ocean Springs, Miss.
OL Ciron Black LSU 6-5 314 Jr. Tyler, Texas
OL Tyronne Green Auburn 6-2 307 Sr. Pensacola, Fla.
OL #Ramon Foster Tennessee 6-6 325 Sr. Henning, Tenn.
OL #Lee Ziemba Auburn 6-8 288 So. Rogers, Ark.
OL #Mitch Petrus Arkansas 6-4 305 Sr. Carlisle, Ark.
OL #Garry Williams Kentucky 6-3 300 Sr. Louisville, Ky.
C #Antoine Caldwell Alabama 6-3 292 Sr. Montgomery, Ala.
C #Brett Helms LSU 6-2 283 Sr. Stuttgart, Ark.
WR Demetrius Byrd LSU 6-2 195 Sr. Miami, Fla.
WR Mohamed Massaquoi Georgia 6-2 198 Sr. Charlotte, N.C.
QB Matthew Stafford Georgia 6-3 237 Jr. Dallas, Texas
RB Anthony Dixon Mississippi State 6-1 240 Jr. Jackson, Miss.
RB Ben Tate Auburn 5-11 215 Jr. Newark, Md.

Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
TE Jared Cook South Carolina 6-5 242 Jr. Suwanee, Ga.
OL Phil Trautwein Florida 6-6 301 Sr. Voorhees, N.J.
OL Jim Tartt Florida 6-3 300 Sr. Sochoppy, Fla.
OL John Jerry Ole Miss 6-5 350 Jr. Batesville, Miss.
OL Mike Brown Mississippi State 6-5 300 Sr. College Park, Ga.
C Josh McNeil Tennessee 6-4 280 Jr. Collins, Miss.
WR Lucas Taylor Tennessee 6-0 185 Sr. Carencro, La.
WR Brandon LaFell LSU 6-3 194 Jr. Houston, Texas
QB John Parker Wilson Alabama 6-2 213 Sr. Hoover, Ala.
RB Keiland Williams LSU 5-11 223 Jr. Lafayette, La.
RB Terry Grant Alabama 5-10 188 So. Lumberton, Miss.

Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
DL *Greg Hardy Ole Miss 6-4 265 Jr. Millington, Tenn.
DL Sen’Derrick Marks Auburn 6-1 288 Jr. Mobile, Ala.
DL Tyson Jackson LSU 6-5 292 Sr. Edgard, La.
LB *Brandon Spikes Florida 6-3 245 Jr. Shelby, N.C.
LB Rico McCoy Tennessee 6-1 215 Jr. Washington, D.C.
LB Darry Beckwith LSU 6-1 232 Sr. Baton Rouge, La.
LB Dannell Ellerbe Georgia 6-1 232 Sr. Hamlet, N.C.
DB Eric Berry Tennessee 5-11 195 So. Fairburn, Ga.
DB Derek Pegues Mississippi State 5-10 196 Sr. Batesville, Miss.
DB #Rashad Johnson Alabama 6-0 187 Sr. Sulligent, Ala.
DB #Captain Munnerlyn South Carolina 5-9 185 Jr. Mobile, Ala.
DB #D.J. Moore Vanderbilt 5-10 182 Jr. Spartanburg, S.C.

Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
DL Ricky Jean-Francois LSU 6-3 281 Jr. Miami, Fla.
DL Geno Atkins Georgia 6-1 290 Jr. Pembroke Pines, Fla.
DL #Jeremy Jarmon Kentucky 6-3 285 Jr. Collierville, Tenn.
DL #Peria Jerry Ole Miss 6-2 290 Sr. Batesville, Miss.
LB Jasper Brinkley South Carolina 6-2 275 Sr. Thomson, Ga.
LB Rolando McClain Alabama 6-4 255 So. Decatur, Ala.
LB Eric Norwood South Carolina 6-1 270 Jr. Acworth, Ga.
LB #Tray Blackmon Auburn 6-2 220 Jr. LaGrange, Ga.
LB #Jamar Chaney Mississippi State 6-1 236 Sr. Fort Pierce, Fla.
DB Emanuel Cook South Carolina 5-10 214 Jr. Riviera Beach, Fla.
DB Asher Allen Georgia 5-10 198 Jr. Tucker, Ga.
DB Trevard Lindley Kentucky 6-0 175 Jr. Hiram, Ga.
DB Jerraud Powers Auburn 5-9 188 Jr. Decatur, Ala.

Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
DL Antonio Coleman Auburn 6-2 250 Jr. Mobile, Ala.
DL #Antwain Robinson Arkansas 6-2 258 Sr. Little Rock, Ark.
DL #Kirston Pittman LSU 6-4 254 Sr. Garyville, La.
DL #Jeff Owens Georgia 6-3 298 Sr. Sunrise, Fla.
LB Rennie Curran Georgia 5-11 220 So. Snellville, Ga.
LB Micah Johnson Kentucky 6-2 255 Jr. Ft. Campbell, Ky.
LB Braxton Kelley Kentucky 6-0 226 Sr. LaGrange, Ga.
DB #Reshard Langford Vanderbilt 6-2 208 Sr. Tanner, Ala.
DB #Chad Jones LSU 6-3 222 So. Baton Rouge, La.
DB #Major Wright Florida 6-0 194 So. Miramar, Fla.
DB #Joe Haden Florida 5-11 180 So. Ft. Washington, Md.
DB #Wondy Pierre-Louis Florida 6-0 182 Jr. Naples, Fla.

Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
PK Colt David LSU 5-9 175 Sr. Grapevine, Texas
P Ryan Shoemaker Auburn 6-0 192 So. Birmingham, Ala.
RS Brandon James Florida 5-6 179 Jr. St. Augustine, Fla.

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Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
PK Ryan Succop South Carolina 6-3 224 Sr. Hickory, N.C.
P Ryan Succop South Carolina 6-3 224 Sr. Hickory, N.C.
RS Javier Arenas Alabama 5-9 193 Jr. Tampa, Fla.

Pos. Name School Ht. Wt. Class Hometown
PK Leigh Tiffin Alabama 6-1 198 Jr. Muscle Shoals, Ala.
P Brian Mimbs Georgia 5-11 205 Sr. Dublin, Ga.
RS Trindon Holliday LSU 5-5 159 Jr. Zachary, La.


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  1. 1

    Obviously we do have some talent.
    And moe has arrived. I goota admit for the first time in 10 years I am liking the direction Bama is heading in.
    Before anyone asks about the ’05 season, Bama finished better than I thought they would that year.

  2. 3
    Bama Fan In NYC

    And at best, Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute is an 8-5 team as well. Don’t initiate the fire Tuberville cries when Louisiana-Monroe plays Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute down to the wire, or when West Virginia puts the award winning novelist and controversial tattle tell, Tony Franklin to shame.

    I love seeing JPW as a third team-er. Is he even worthy of a third team spot, or is every other quarterback in the league inexperienced or unproven?

  3. 4

    thanks for the valuable information kevin. you should also note one of those 8 wins will also be a blowout win over alabama tech.

    Count this as my signature:

  4. 5

    I like the way things are going. The “Big Picture ” is positive. Good Vibes. I will admit that the rubber has got to hit the Road. I really don’t know what is going to happen outside of the obvious wins…lots of problems – hell – don’t everybody ?

  5. 6

    bammerinNYC- Thanks for the prediction. Auburn 8-5? ok we will see. tmc0- you said “Obviously we do have some talent.” nah.. that can’t be true. Shula recruited those guys and Shula is the reason why you stink as a team remember?

  6. 7

    tmc0- why don’t you give us a prediction of how you think bammer games will come out and then a prediction of Auburn’s games. I will do the same.

  7. 8

    bammers here is how I see it playing out for you:
    Aug. 30 vs. Clemson (bammer defense will not be able to stay on the field with Clemson’s offense. The only reason you stay in the game is because Clemson has a young defense as well. Score: CU:35 bammer: 17

    Sept. 6 Tulane Tuscaloosa: Sleeper game. bammers win 28-14

    Sept. 13 Western Kentucky Tuscaloosa: Sleeper again and bammers win: 38-7

    Sept. 20 at Arkansas* Fayetteville, Ark.: This game is hard to call because no one knows what ARky will bring to the table. I am going to give bammer the edge and a win: 24-21

    Sept. 27 at Georgia* Athens, Ga. Total beatdown by the dawgs.(yes like the one AU got last year.) 38-10

    Oct. 4 Kentucky* Tuscaloosa. bammer wins again: 24-14

    Oct. 18 Ole Miss* Tuscaloosa. This game is always close but bammers pull it off. 21-17

    Oct. 25 at Tennessee* Knoxville, Tenn. Fulmer and UT will have revenge in an ugly game. UT wins: 31-20

    Nov. 1 Arkansas State Tuscaloosa. Sleeper. bammer wins 42-10

    Nov. 8 at LSU* Baton Rouge, La.woww.. this is going to be tricky and watch out for a total blowout by LSU. LSU wins 38-14

    Nov. 15 Mississippi State* Tuscaloosa. bammer has to get revenge but it won’t be easy. bammer squeaks it out 14-13

    Nov. 29 Auburn* Tuscaloosa. Auburn wins 21-17

    7-5 is as good as it gets this year. That is saying if your defense can hold on all year.

  8. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…I see Marks as 1st team all SEC…Do you see it? I guess that the selection committee is pro – Auburn. I tooold you soooo!!!!
    I guess “lookin at all those white women ” paid off for him.

    Ive asked this a dozen times, and no one hase given me an answer yet. Will someone please answer. Here goes…

    When can Auburn count an Iron Bowl as a legitimate win?

    When does it no have an **** beside the W. When wil your team not have”an arm tide behind its back”?

    Will it be this year?


    When The Saban has 4 years to recruit?

    Congrats on the selections.

  9. 10

    Auburn’s games:

    Aug. 30 Louisiana-Monroe Sleeper game. Auburn wins big shows bammers how to do it. 45-10

    Sept. 6 Southern Mississippi. USM always brings a tough Defense. Auburn wins anyway. 35-14

    Sept. 13 at Mississippi State. Revenge game and Auburn wins 28-17

    Sept. 20 LSU. Battle for the West. Auburn has home field advantage and wins. 21-17

    Sept. 27 Tennessee. Tough road game. but Auburn wins. 38-35

    Oct. 4 at Vanderbilt. Auburn wins. 42-7

    Oct. 11 Arkansas. Tricky game but at home we win. 27-13

    Oct. 23 at West Virginia. I think this is the game that will trip Auburn up. Thursday night in Morgantown. White is hard to handle. Au loses 21-17

    Nov. 1 at Ole Miss Auburn wins. 38-9

    Nov. 8 UT-Martin (homecoming)of course we win. 58-3

    Nov. 15 Georgia Home game but Uga is tough. we lose again. 28-21

    Nov. 29 at Alabama- We win in tuscalooser. 21-17

    That leaves us with a 10-2 record.

  10. 11

    Ok Red …
    Here goes.
    Bama Clemson….Clemson has to replace 4 lineman ( 2 all americans) and 3 linebackers. Media darlings harper, davis and spiller are NFL bound. Unfortunately it is going to be a rough year until the O-line gets dry behind the ears. Meanwhile Bama has the best D-line theyve had in years.
    Bama wins 21-17

    Bama- Tulane
    Bama is a young team this game is e much needed for experience.

    Bama-Western Kentucky
    Another game Bama needed to dry the linebackers behind the ears.
    Offense looks like pros! (but this IS Western Kentucky.
    45-6 Bama wins it.

    Petrino has the hawgs stoked up, Bama is still a bit much for them,
    Bama 19-10

    Bama is looking to actually win this game. Much like South Carolina, they always find a way to stay in the game with Deorgia, but Georgia over powers bama
    Georgia wins 24-10

    Kentucky gets blown out…Bama 48-10

    Ole Miss. Hey its Houston The Nutt.
    Houston has the Ole Miss faithful believing but by now they realize, if Nutt couldnt do it with the backs at Arkansas He wont do it with Enrique either. Bama 25-7

    UT – Bama
    Bama will win in an ugly game on old Rocky Top.The Vol faithful will be wanting Phil’s head on a stick again… 21-20

    Arkasas St.-Bama
    Arkansas ST. really focuses on this game, while Bama looks ahead to the The mad hatter.
    Bama wins 35-17 but doesnt put it away until late.
    Saban will pull out all the stops for this game. And if Miles coaches the way he did last year LSU will lose.Big by 2 scores. if he coaches it close Bama wins 14-10

    Ms State, Will Croom have an offense? Will he catch Bama sleeping one more time. No.
    but it will be a low scoring affair.
    17-10 Bama

    Auburn will lose. Why? Bama will have gelled by the Auburn game. The spread eagle will have been tempered down by that late in the year. It will be a slugfest. But Bama if Bama wins by 3 it could possibly win by 30.
    Bama will do 9-3 at the worst.
    I am being optimistic Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee
    could still pull out a win.

  11. 12

    by the way … the reason I am so optimistic is the I like the way the schedule plays out and give Bama a chance to get some game experience to their incomings.

  12. 13
    A-K-A APIman

    Im gonna love it when BAMA FAN IN NYSISSYS has to say it…
    way to bring POLYTECH up BAMA FAN… we can always count on you to bring them up out of NOWHERE
    your analogies still suck though


  13. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    TMC1…So your saying Bama goes 11- 1? Bwahahahhha…..ha….And you wonder why we call yall delusional? Surely you were joking….Boy that was a kneeslapper right there.

    Now, answer the question.

  14. 15

    Every play in the arsenal will be pulled out on this game as a message to bama. If CTT loses this game there will be a mighty, mighty outcry on the plains. Lamo is not the team they were last year. But still 35-13 is a good enough omen for things to come. Auburn 35-10

    Southern Miss… Isnt a Jeff Bower team anymore auburn 18-0

    MSU- Auburn
    Croom still trys to play hard nosed 3 yards and a cloud of dust.
    This game will come down to who controls the tempo.
    Auburn will win, 17-14 People will be wondering about Tony franklin.

    Les Miles doesnt have the same team anymore. He also thinks that all of his success is because of his ingenius coaching. CTT will literally impose his will on Miles. And bring him back to reality. 28-10

    Tennessee is faster than a copperhead, But CTT’s defense is just too physical. The Auburn offense will be stagnant against the defensive speed of Tennessee.
    Auburn wins this one 28-14.

    Vanderbilt and Arkansas?
    Auburn wins both.

    It is probably better if Auburn forfiets this game. The WVU spread (although different) has been the stock offense at WVU for a while… they will look Pro’s executing it. Meanwhile WVU will have a tough defense. This is the game that will make CTF look like a fraud.
    35-10 WVU wins at home and opens up a nose bleed for Auburn.

    Ole Miss.
    Houston Nutt has been watching the WVU game all week and he is planning every gimmick play possible.
    Ole Miss pulls out the biggest upset of the year 42-35 in triple-overtime. With Ole Miss fans carrying the Nuttcase on their shoulders off the field.

    UT Martin—Auburn
    Auburn flogs UT- Martin badly in CTF’s biggest win of the year. 65-13

    Auburn shocks Georgia in a game for the ages. CTF’s spread actually confuses Georgia enough that Auburn wins 27-21. CTT is a hero.

    Auburn – Alabama
    Bama is waiting on this one. they will be prepared and understand CTF’s offense very well after 8 months of comparing game film with all the knowledge they got from Hal Mumme and Mike Leach. Auburn will be physically drained after Georgia. Bama wins it. either by 3 or by 30.
    One thing is for certain. If Saban is winning he will do every thing he can to run up the score.
    I would say at the very worst Auburn goes 8-4….but you can see I have them at 9-3.
    The odditys of my piks are that Auburn manages to win at least one game they shouldnt (georgia) and lose one game they should have won. (like ole Miss)

    Honestly though at this time of the year… who knows what will happen.

    Shane might be right after all….

    I will say this in advance. If history is any teacher Saban will have a better team on the field than last year.

  15. 16

    It will be VERY VERY hard for bammer to win more than 8 games. That defense will be horrible. You actually believe that bammer will have a great d-line? ok.. oh well. Thanks for the predictions anyway. If bammer wins 8 games that would be hugh. Auburn on the other hand will have a great defense despite what you think and you can’t deny how great it has been the past few years (just ask bammers QB’s.) Auburn should win 10.

  16. 17

    I think it will be very very hard for Alabama to win 8 games this season. However, it isn’t impossible.

    I expect Tennessee to be beatable. I think getting Clemson as the first game of the season is also helpful. I think the game is winnable, but sure, Alabama will need some big breaks. But that is football. The team that gets the turnovers usually wins.

    I see losses to Georgia, LSU and possibly Auburn and Clemson. (Though Alabama can win both the AU and Clemson games.)

    Worst case 7 wins, best case 9 wins if the Tide steals a couple, or teams expected to be great (Auburn) falter.

  17. 18

    We’ll win one big game that we originally weren’t supposed to (Alabama Tech), and we’ll lose one we originally weren’t supposed to lose (Kentucky or Ole Miss).

    Laugh now, but mark my word Nutt will have Ole Miss in contention for the SEC title within the next two-three seasons, especially now that he’s stealing Alabama Tech’s alternative prospects.

  18. 19

    Auburn on the other hand will have a great defense despite what you think and you can’t deny how great it has been the past few years (just ask bammers QB’s.)”

    Are you speaking seriously, or rather intuitively? With only six starters returning from last year’s squad, I’d say you’re misleading yourself with that bold of a statement. Alabama Tech’s defense may be “good” but it won’t hold a fork to what it was during the 06-07 run.

  19. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    George …we have more than 6 returning defensive starters. Linebacker last year was by commitee. Several injuries last year gave lots of underclassmen plenty of playing time. Q. Groves hurt , enter Antonio Coleman. He picked up the slack and then some. Bo Harris and Craig Stephens also got plenty of time. Our Linebackers took a beating last year. Groves , Sims , and Lee are the only three Bona Fide starters that are gone. And like I said Coleman has already filled one of those holes. The only area for concern is the secondary, barring injuries that wont be a major concern. But if we have some people hurt, It could get ugly. D-line and L-backer are not a concern.
    What do you know about Bamas defense . Strength / weaknesses. Ithink your secondary wont be a weakness. Line backer prbably not as bad as some would like to think, but definately not good. The biggest concern I would have as a Bama fan would be the line.

  20. 21

    So let me see if I have this correct,
    You are saying that the when Auburn replaces Grads, they will automatically be as good or better than the previous year.
    And conversly when Bama replaces graduates they will automatically be as bad or worse than the previous year.
    Sounds to me like you have fallen asleep at the wheel over in LEE COUNTY. Mike Shula doesnt work here anymore.

  21. 23

    We’ll see just how stout their defense will be when they begin replacing their seniors with UAB talent.

    AUtards make a bona fide living off of delusions.

  22. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    No tmc1 …Im saying ours have already proven themselves by having good games played already. What about your newbies?

  23. 25
    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1…Remember when you were saying Marks talents were only recognised by Auburn sports writers? Apperantly you were wrong. As he is !st team all SEC. Just for kicks lets keep an eye on the all – American lists and see how he fares. I know Andre will be first team, But I think Marks will be on a team, be it 2nd or third.

  24. 26

    Let’s see…

    2 Linebackers returning

    1 corner back and 1 strong safety (who is a sophmore)

    2 linemen returning.

    And if what you said is true, linemen and linebackers don’t make a difference, I’m gonna write that down and repeat it to you after the Tennessee game, which is about the midway point of your season.


  25. 27

    you are forgetting Coach Tony Franklin’s 100% guaranteed “Spread Eagle” Of course it hasnt proven a thing except that Troy could be co-champions in the Sunbelt and finish with two 8-4 seasons. Lets see 9-3 SEC….. 8-4 Sunbelt…..That math doesnt even add up Dr Thomas Pettee…
    But we are supposed to believe! Just like the Auburn faithful do! Every year just like clock work! Same old promises. This is the year… this is the year….this is the year. A veritable broken record of underachievement. One of the biggest reasons why Bama fans look down on Auburn fans is that every year they believe the same old empty promises that come out of Lee County. And then every year, during the 2nd week of January they make excuses why Auburn didnt get the job done.
    Just like death and taxes….Auburn will fall short again….

  26. 28
    Ballplay Indian

    LCN…The definition of “starter” , is the player who plays at the begining of the game, or the first stringer. Even if it is by an injury default. That being the case , your supposed 6 returning starter theory is B.S…. Read slowly LCN…. These guys either started, or played signifigantly in last years games. And not just scrub games. Im talking about LSU , Clemson, Bama, Arkansas, And important SEC games. At the defensive line, Senderrick Marks, Antonio Coleman, and Antione Carter saw time with Jake Ricks playing a little. That is 3 players with experience. 1 with some time. Yall better be glad Sims went pro. On to the linebackers. You are sadly mistaken here LCN. We had a lot of injuries last year, and it opened a lot of doors. Yes your right about Blackman. But Josh Bynes Chris Evans, Merrill Johnson, Craig Stevens, and Bo harris all saw time at linebacker. Can you count to 6 ? At Dback, Zach Etheridge, Walter Mcfadden, Jarraud Powers, ans Aarron Savage all saw time. And played pretty well. Thats 4. Your numbers game tries to give the impression that Auburns Defense is depleted. Its not. This unit is still very young , but experienced. See LCN , thats why every respected media outlet, and sports writer, and CFB expert, ( including your boy Finebaum) thinks this will be one of the best defenses in the country next year. So spin away the B.S. you will get to see first hand what it is capable of come the end of November.

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