Shane’s crystal ball

By Shane from Centerpoint
Crystal Ball – Alabama / Auburn records 2008

ALABAMA: Final Record 10 – 3 (bowl game included)

*Alabama vs. Clemson
Crimson Tide 31 Tigers 21

Bama takes Clemson by air in this early season shoot-out. Tommy Bowden has a good offense returning, but his defenders will be unable to stop Alabama’s senior quarterback and his new arsenal of talented receivers. BAMA 1 – 0

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*Alabama vs. Tulane
Crimson Tide 35 Green Wave 13

J.P. Wilson and his “quick-strike” offense put this game away by halftime. Saban has the luxury of playing many of his new players in this glorified scrimmage. BAMA 2 – 0

*Alabama vs. W. Kentucky
Crimson Tide 42 W. Ky. 14

By now most of Alabama’s future opponents are realizing that Julio Jones and B.J. Scott are going to be a dangerous tandem. The offensive line (one of the best in the country) is beginning to click. BAMA 3 – 0

*Alabama vs. Arkansas
Crimson Tide 28 Razorbacks 17

This road game will be important for Alabama’s confidence. Petrino Ball will take awhile to become potent and Saban’s defense gains momentum by giving the Hogs a tough day. BAMA 4 – 0

*Alabama vs. Georgia
Bulldogs 24 Crimson Tide 21

The Bulldogs are too deep and talented for the Tide to take down in their house. Bama keeps the score close, but one point is as good as a thousand. BAMA 4 – 1

*Alabama vs. Kentucky
Crimson Tide 31 Wildcats 13

Rich Brooks had some great talent last year, but that was last year. Bama will be too fast and talented for Kentucky to keep pace. This game will be over before the 4th quarter starts. BAMA 5 – 1

*Alabama vs. Ole Miss
Crimson Tide 28 Rebels 21

Nutt always plays Alabama tough. This game will be no different from any other time Alabama faces a Houston Nutt coached team. The Tide will defend its home turf, but Ole Miss will be hard to beat. BAMA 6 – 1

*Alabama vs. Tennessee
Tennessee 24 Crimson Tide 21

Fulmer’s Vols are looking to exact some revenge for last year’s debacle in T-town. The Tide has its second road loss on the SEC trail of tears. BAMA 6 – 2

*Alabama vs. Arkansas State
Crimson Tide 48 Arkansas St. 10

This game will serve as an excellent tune-up for Alabama’ next trip to Baton Rouge. The Tide can work on their depth. BAMA 7 – 2

*Alabama vs. LSU
LSU 21 Crimson Tide 20

This will be the Tides third road loss of the year. It will also be the last time they lose a game during the 08 campaign. BAMA 7 – 3

*Alabama vs. Miss. State
Crimson Tide 28 Miss. St. 10

Bama has the talent and depth to put Croom’s Bulldog’ s away. This game starts a roll that Auburn can’t stop. BAMA 8 – 3

*Alabama vs. Auburn
Crimson Tide 31 Auburn 17

The Tide brings the streak to a screeching halt. This game will signify a new era in the Tide/Tiger series. BAMA 9 – 3

*Alabama vs. opponent (bowl game). It doesn’t matter who the Tide plays because they will be on a roll after they finish-off the Bulldogs and Tigers. BAMA 10 – 3

P.S. I do not think Alabama will represent the West in the championship game – LSU will.

AUBURN: Final Record 8 – 5 (bowl game included)

*Auburn vs. La.-Monroe
Auburn 42 La-Monroe 21

Auburn’s new “Tony Franklin spread” takes flight and the Tigers are especially upbeat because they just beat the team that beat Bama last year. AUBURN 1 – 0

*Auburn vs. Southern Miss
Auburn 35 So. Miss. 7

Southern Miss. without Jeff Bower is like UAB under Callaway, an average conference USA team. Ole Tony is starting to think about head coaching positions after this one. AUBURN 2 – 0

*Auburn vs. Miss. State
Auburn 21 Miss. St. 14

Many think this first road game is a trap for Tub and his Tigers. I think Auburn will roll into Starkville on a mission – right over Sly’s Bulldogs. AUBURN 3 – 0

*Auburn vs. LSU
LSU 27 Auburn 17

Les Miles has enough raw talent left from the Saban era to win one more SEC title. The small flaws that surfaced against Miss. St. on the offensive side of the ball will become larger problems when the Cajun Tigers wreak havoc on Tony’s spread. AUBURN 3 – 1

*Auburn vs. Tennessee
Vols 28 Auburn 24

Phil Fulmer has a score to settle with Tuberville. The Volunteers have the defensive personnel on their roster to start making Tuberville chew on Franklin’s ear. Tubs pulls Kody Burns from the lineup and makes Tony Franklin install Chris Todd, who hands the ball to a running back for the entire second half. AUBURN 3 – 2

*Auburn vs. Vanderbilt
Auburn 24 Vandy 14

Tuberville has threatened to revert back to three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust plan, so Tony calls a conservative game to please the boss. Actually the Commodores always play the Tigers tough. AUBURN 4 – 2

*Auburn vs. Arkansas
Auburn 27 Razorbacks 20

Tubby whips Bobby Petrino and the Hogs the old-fashioned way. He gets his point across to his team about how badly he wants to beat the new commander of the team he wanted to coach this year. AUBURN 5 –2

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*Auburn vs. West Virginia
West Virginia 35 Auburn 24

Those Mountaineers are going to show Tubby and Tony how the spread is supposed to look. Pat White can strike anywhere at anytime. The Tigers will not be able to keep up. Reality sinks in. AUBURN 5 – 3

*Auburn vs. Ole Miss
Auburn 31 Ole Miss 17

Auburn handles Nutt and his Rebels with easy with a strong performance following the West Virginia debacle. AUBURN 6 – 3

*Auburn vs. Tenn.-Martin
Auburn 48 Tn-Martin 7

This opponent makes the spread look lethal after the Tigers throw for 400 yards and pad the stats. AUBURN 7 – 3

*Auburn vs. Georgia
Georgia 31 Auburn 21

For the third year running Mark Richt and his Dogs hunker down on Tommy’s Tigers. Tony Franklin’s spread is about to be permanently modified. AUBURN 7 – 4

*Auburn vs. Alabama
Alabama 31 Auburn 17

Tuberville realizes by the middle of the third quarter that his days as the head coach at Auburn are numbered. He let’s Tony Franklin handle the post-game press conference. Tuberville is too busy planning his next move. The streak is over. AUBURN 7 – 5

*Auburn vs. opponent (bowl game). Tuberville will have his Tigers prepared to mash any team that the bowl committee chooses. By the way, Auburn will play great defense and use a conservative offensive attack to whip some middle-of-the-pack “Big Ten” representative.
AUBURN 8 – 5

*PLEASE NOTE: These scenarios are unbiased as depicted, although the author realizes that some may disagree with his opinion.

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  1. 1

    “These scenarios are unbiased as depicted?” Where? In the parallel universe where you reside?

    Seriously, Cappy, there’s got to be another resident at the group home where Shane resides who can take his place.

  2. 2

    Shane, the only game you’re off on is the Iron Bowl. We can’t beat A-barn, remember? With two completely new coordinators, one of which couldn’t get a better job than Kentucky or Troy, and who was the inventor of the spread offense much like Al Gore was the inventor of the internet, and a quarterback with the IQ of a marshmallow, they are completely unbeatable.

    If A-barn were to take on the Taliban, they’d nab Osama bin Laden by lunchtime.

  3. 3

    “Seriously, Cappy, there’s got to be another resident at the group home where Shane resides…blah, blah, blah”, Kevin.

    We don’t have all day on your little zingers. Heck, why not say:

    “Seriously, Cappy, you have got to be able to find another person who lives at the group home, you know, the one that Shane from Centerpoint lives at and resides, to take his place because his blogs are not good and is not a columnist who needs to be on your website.”

    You should have said:

    “Seriously, Cappy, there’s got to be somebody else at the group home that can take Shane’s place.”

    See how I did that? “another resident” and “where Shane resides” were laborious and unnecessary. Talk to Felacio sometime. His comebacks and cutdowns are the BOMB, yo!

  4. 5

    One thing I disagree with Shane about is how good Tennessee is going to be. I just don’t think the offense for the Vols is going to be very good.

    And I think UT’s defense will stink. Just look at what Alabama did to it last season.

    So, I pick UT to lose 5 or 6 games.

  5. 6
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane you IGNORANT SLUT!

    -CAP- What is Liberty Belle up to these days? He/She/It can gaze into the Crystal Ball better than THE SLUT from Slutpoint.

  6. 7

    Shane..its a matter of time before your elementary journalism gets him fired again. Why do I read his garbage. Why does he have followers. Finebaum got rid of him…not its time for this site to rid shane of his 10 wpm typing fiasco.

  7. 8

    Alabama- I pretty much agree with you except I think we’ll win two of those road games and the Clemson game. Look how close we came last year with that team. This years team will have an identity, focus, leadership, and goals that, recently, they didn’t believe they could achieve. I think Bama wins the West at 10-2, but probably loses to Florida. All you have to do though is get there and anything can happen. (LSU in 1999 over Tennessee) Auburn-I think Auburn will start 2-0, and lose at State, for the second year in a row. Don’t underestimate Croom, especially at home, where he’s won some big games. I think they beat LSU, but lose to Tennessee and West Va. Georgia is a toss up and Ole Miss is going to beat someone the aren’t supposed to, so I say they split those two.Saban WILL win that game this year, so that leaves Auburn at 7-5, maybe 8-4.After that Alabama will start recruiting and make Auburns class look worse than they did last year. ROLL TIDE BEEYATCHES

  8. 9
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Well, I certainly don’t believe we’ll finish 10-3. In fact, I think 8-5 would be exceeding expectations.

    Truthfully (speaking logically), I don’t believe we’ll beat Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute by 14 points. It should be another close game, however, Tubby and company won’t have the luxury of relying on two to three crucial turnovers to win the game this year by a hair. Color it Crimson!

  9. 10

    This year will be the second in a row of the decline of Tommy Tuberville.
    2004 was his day in the sun and it will never get that good again. Every year since the 2004 anomaly Auburn has slowly crept downhill. This year will be no different.
    The thing I find telling is that after 20 commitments Auburn hasnt logged in one top 10 recruit in this years recruiting. I know that the Aubbos will claim that CTT is a recruiting God. But the truth is if you recruit the way UAB, Troy, and Arkansas State do… Pretty soon your team will start playing like those teams.
    Honestly? It really looks like CTT is intentionally running Auburn into the dirt. I dont know why… but it looks like he is making all the wrong decisions.
    Like CTF…. Nobody except Troy State wanted Tony Franklin. He has a reputation for being more trouble than he is worth. Rhoads is no Muschamp.
    And the recruiting is the weakest I CAN EVER RECALL AT AUBURN. Alot of these ungodly fast speedsters that Phil Marshall and Co. are proclaiming have been passed over by every major program in the country…I wonder why?
    Mark my prediction now and avoid the christmas rush. Auburn is going down. It is getting so bad that they cant complete in AL, Ga, TN, and FL for premium recrutits and are just taking whoever they can get.

  10. 12
    Barnie Basher

    He’s leading the dysfunctional Barnie family on just as he made them think he was the reason Alabama Tech gained quick success over Alabama. It’s common deception. He’s setting Tech up for the kill.

    He’s recruiting this piss poor talent, so that when he leaves, his replacement will plummet, even worse than he did before his miraculous 2004 turnaround, during the heart of Alabama’s sanctions. Just so when he leaves, he’ll have his very own legacy and Barnies will never be clever enough to realize Alabama’s misfortunes paved that road to glory for him.

    Continue to lead those half brained idiots on Tubby. You’ve done a damned good job so far, so keep up the good work!

  11. 13

    Do crystal balls deliver delusions? Sure seems that way here. Lies even. Kodi Burns the IQ of a marshellow? Does that simply make a crippled mind feel better about their own personal shortcomings? is that a racist comment or just wishful thinking? Because you obviously have never read a drop about Burns. Highest GPA on his high school team. That was only a year ago.

    It’s great to have dreams. But the dreams are always drivel with this bunch. Not once is fact involved. Yes, I understand the word prediction. But what’s wrong with sprinkling in a little logic. The cat from NYC tried to.

  12. 14

    I have always enjoyed the back and forth of this rivalry but some always take it to extreme.

    Those of you that think AU is just short of total collapse need to be reminded that this has been predicted many times since they began playing ball over 100 years ago. It hasn’t and never will happen.

    I’ll give UA the top dog spot as it relates to the state U. You have always and will continue to enjoy the majority of resources available. After all, that is the only type of job that Saban will take is “THE” top school in a state. That is why he left Mich St for LSU and he admitted as much in an interview done on Finebaum way back when.

    It’s easy to be a UA fan (well….not lately). You have a rich and proud tradition, paved largely by sacred cow status for decades, the aforementioned state school, unethical but, until recently, legitimate recruting practices such as signing players for golf scholys that play only football, seting up and turning in competitive schools for violations and subsequent NCAA sanctions( that is why the UT debacle was so funny to me, what goes..comes..). You won the majority of your trophy’s under a system that would not have resulted in the same today.

    You constantly diminish our 6 as nothing because it was during your worst yet you proudly hold up your 9 while it was certainly our worst time. TIT/TAT. Which is it? You can’t have it both ways.

    Timing is everything. Had we done what we have over the last 10 back in the 60s and 70s we would have several championships because that is the way the system worked. It was flawed then as it is now. As SEC fans we should all argue for and demand a playoff. That’s how we do it every year among each other. We have a one game playoff for state rights.

    But to read the vitriol spewed from some of you it is as if you would like to have a league of your own. That would be fun wouldn’t it? Play yourself every week. Oh wait, you can get Notre Dame, OSU, MI, UT, TX, USC to play with you. You guys are what built college football so it is your game, your ball, your way.

    AU is as worthy as any other and probably more so in light of the shadow we have played FROM under. Notice I wrote FROM. I do so because we have broken free of that shadow now, before, and, if we are overtaken again, we will come back.

    It’s inevitable you will break the streak at some point. But take your medicine like the men you claim to be. You brought your problems on yourself. There was no conspiracy it was arrogance.

    Pull against AU. That’s fine because we certainly pull against you. Ridicule our recruits if you want. The facts on yours and ours will be borne out in due time. Do not, however, think for one instant that you will bring us down. You will not!

  13. 15
    freaking genius

    hasn’t every bama coach since whitworth won 10 games in his second season? I distinctly remember hearing that about about all the legends: bryant, fran, dubose, shula, etc.

    has the tide fallen so far that now the faithful don’t even have as much confidence in The Saban as The Shula?

  14. 16

    Has Auburn ascended so much they can talk down to better programs than they are… Nope. Just more Aubbo delusions of grandeur….
    Someday Auburn will start cathing up to Bama. So far the easiest record will be attained in 2012 when Auburn makes it 10 in a row….

  15. 17
    freaking genius

    yep, tmc, one day we will catch up to Bear Bryant (he IS alabama’s tradition–unfortunately he’s been gone for more than 25 years).

    until then, we will just continue winning.


  16. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Shane…….You just cant figure it out can you boy ? I scratch my head when I hear Bammers predicting thier season. You do this every year. And every year you make an ass out of yourself. The biggest problem I see is with your scores for BOTH teams. I do not doubt Bamas offense will produce. You are giving your defense waaaayy too much credit. It will be a freekin revolving door. Do you really think youll hold Clemson and LSU to 21 ? And Georgia to 24 ? I you do , then you are on drugs..Not just pot, I mean the heavy stuff, you know meth, crack, heroin, those kind of drugs.

    On the flip side of the coin, You dont give Auburns defense near enough credit. I know….New coordinator…Muschamps gone….riiight..Let me refresh your memory….Auburn has ALWAYS had good defenses. Nothing will change. We heard the same crap when Chizick left . Tubbs basicly ran off the quy that went do the Broncos in 05, Bama would have killed to have him. But he wasnt up to Auburns standard. So he was shown the door. In comes Muschamp. Out goes Muschamp. No worries here. Paul Rhoads is an excellent defensive co. Before I get the “goggles” speach, your pro Bammer mouthpiece Finebaum, said the same thing on yesterdays show. He also said that all the people he knows tell him Auburns defense will be one of the best, if not the best in the country next year.

    That being said,do you really think JPW will hang 31 on us ? PPFFFFFFTTTT…pleease man . Get over yourself. Yall will be lucky to score 17.
    West Virginia will not score 35. We defend the spread well. Ask Florida. We also defend well against the run , Ask the Clemson team that is gonna hang a size 14 cleat in yalls ass come the end of August. Tennessee wont score 28. Yeh, Georgia might score 31. Are you saying that Bamas offense is as good as Georgias?

    Dream on. Another year of bold predictions from Shane. Remember these predictions, and have the balls to man up and take your medicine come the end of November.

  17. 20

    Shane makes these predictions every year.Its comforting to see him say bama will be back, because it just means they have a long way to go.Now i’m not sure about auburn, but most of their tough games are at home and that usually works out well. Also shane, you lose your two best receivers and you get better in the passing game. Remember this is sjpw’s 3rd enjoy your trash talking during the offseason, because this looks to be another rough one.I’m sure when this year is over we will be hearin the, “we were so close” moral victory speech we have become so accustomed too.

  18. 21

    A few thoughts:
    1. Shane – Bama is gonna hold Clemson to 21 pts? Can someone even tell me who’s gonna be starting at LB for Bama, much less how they’re gonna stop Harper, Davis, Kelly, and Spiller? That’s the best offense in the ACC, and one of the best in the country. I think your score is close to being right, but you need to flip it.

    2. tmc – glad you took time out of your Klan meeting to join us. I was really disheartened when I read that you thought the hiring of Rhoads and Franklin were bad moves. Well, we AU fans can take some small comfort in knowing that nearly every objective media outlet in the country outside of the State of AL thinks both hires were brilliant. If only I could decide who to put more faith in, tmc or all those objective media outlets, hmmmm…..?

    3. CRC- another fact check question- what do you base your assessment of Kodi Burn’s intelligence upon, i.e IQ of a marshmallow? I certainly hope you haven’t gone to the side of tmc and his skinhead buddies, but you obviously based that statement upon something. Please explain what it was.
    P.S. Glad to see you still insist upon misspelling the semi-vulgar word you whimsically morphed my screen name into.

  19. 23

    If I’d have been asked to write a blog predicting Shane’s predictions…I could have nailed it. Along with some of these stupid bammer comments too. Same ones year in and year out “Tubs is leaving…”, “Tubs wants out…” Blah, blah, blah, same ole $**t, different day, and the streak continues.

  20. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    Julio , jack and coke…I cant wait until the end of August. Its the same every year. The Bammers thump thier chests, and talk crap like there is no tommorow all summer long…Then they play a game …get thier asses kicked in for em and then they shut up ..Look on the bright side ,,only about 6-7 more weeks till peace and quiet. Thier asses will be so sore from the kickin they get, they wont be able to speak out of thier ass for a couple of months.

    At least about winning any way.

    Then the excuses will rain down like a freekin Monsoon. ..I dont know whats worse.

  21. 26

    Bama has seven games that where they could be beaten. Here they are: Clemson, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, Miss. State, Auburn

    Remember, you have not beaten State since ’05…so that is not a gimme. In any event, you will lose at least 4-5 of the games above…take your pick. Mark it…take it the bank…and make a trailer payment.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Your Daddy

  22. 27

    Fun with Numbers: Different ways to look at the time since Bama Beat Auburn in football….let me know what you guys think….

    From and including: Saturday, November 17, 2001
    To, but not including : Friday, July 18, 2008

    It is 2435 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

    Or 6 years, 8 months, 1 day excluding the end date
    Alternative time units
    2435 days can be converted to one of these units:

    * 210,384,000 seconds
    * 3,506,400 minutes
    * 58,440 hours
    * 347 weeks (rounded down)

    Respectfully submitted,

    Your Daddy

  23. 28

    Ballplay, I’ve actually grown quite fond of the bammer’s ability to fabricate excuses out of thin air to justify their a$$ whippings. In fact, let’s try to predict what the excuses will be on this blog on September 1 after the Clemson Tigers break their foot off in the Tide:

    1. Bama is still crippled from the effects of the sanctions issued by the NCAA 7 years ago.

    2. Mike Shula

    3. Saban bypassed Jimmy Sexton and spent the entire week personally negotiating with Louisiana-Monroe about becoming their head coach, missing all team meetings and practices that week and generally having his mind “a million miles away from the game”. (Cappy’s retarded cousin will verify this for us via his reliable confidential informants. After all, he is “in the know”).

    4. The ref’s blew a pass interference call with 12 minutes remaining in the 2d quarter that would have changed the entire momentum of the game, thereby costing Bama a sure victory. (Final Score= Clemson 45, Bama 3.)

    5. McElwain is an incompetent fool. If Major Applewhite were still OC, Bama would have scored 73 pts.

    6. Brother Oliver was sitting in the stands swatting at a pesky fly that hung around the entire game, and the inexperienced linebacking corp mistakenly thought Brother was the DC and confused his hand movements for defensive signals.

    7. Dubose

    8. Did I mention that Bama is still crippled from the effects of the sanctions issued by the NCAA 7 years ago?

  24. 29
    Reality King

    Apparently, they do not have drug testing at the Jiffy Lube – lol.

    Using a computer simulation, here is a better indication of the season.

    Alabama vs. Clemson
    Clemson 31 Alabama 17
    UA 0-1

    Alabama vs. Tulane
    Alabama 35 Tulane 10
    UA 1-1

    Alabama vs. W. Kentucky
    Alabama 38 W. Ky. 17
    UA 2-1

    Alabama vs. Arkansas
    Alabama 31 Arkansas 24
    UA 3-1

    Alabama vs. Georgia
    UGA 45 Alabama 17
    UA 3-2

    Alabama vs. Kentucky
    Kentucky 31 Alabama 30
    UA 3-3

    Alabama vs. Ole Miss
    Alabama 14 Ole Miss 10
    UA 4-3

    Alabama vs. Tennessee
    Tennessee 28 Alabama 13
    UA 4-4

    Alabama vs. Arkansas State
    Alabama 56 Arkansas St. 10
    UA 5-4

    Alabama vs. LSU
    LSU 31 Alabama 10
    UA 5-5

    Alabama vs. Miss. State
    Miss. St. 17 Alabama 14
    UA 5-6

    Alabama vs. Auburn
    Auburn 31 Alabama 21
    UA 5-7



    Auburn vs. La.-Monroe
    Auburn 35 La-Monroe 13
    AU 1-0

    Auburn vs. Southern Miss
    Auburn 28 So. Miss. 0
    AU 2–0

    Auburn vs. Miss. State
    Auburn 24 Miss. St. 14
    AU 3–0

    Auburn vs. LSU
    Auburn 17 LSU 14
    AU 4-0

    Auburn vs. Tennessee
    Auburn 42 UT 24
    AU 5-0

    Auburn vs. Vanderbilt
    Auburn 45 Vandy 6
    AU 6-0

    Auburn vs. Arkansas
    Auburn 30 Razorbacks 20
    AU 7-0

    Auburn vs. West Virginia
    West Virginia 38 Auburn 35
    AU 7-1

    Auburn vs. Ole Miss
    Auburn 34 Ole Miss 24
    AU 8-1

    Auburn vs. Tenn.-Martin
    Auburn 63 Tn-Martin 0
    AU 9-1

    Auburn vs. Georgia
    Georgia 31 Auburn 30
    AU 9-2

    Auburn vs. Alabama
    Auburn 31 Alabama 21
    AU 10-2

    Florida 31 Auburn 28
    AU 10-3

    Auburn 38 Ohio State 17
    AU 11-3

  25. 30

    All of you STUPID STUPID AUBIES! Why does it brother you sooooo…much! Why do feel the need to continue to defend your school and even read or care what goes on at Alabama??? But yet you do because it is all you have in your lives, it is all you live for and it is soooooSAD!

    Who cares if we win 13 or 2? What you need to know is that it is only a matter of time. They call it a streak because it will be broken (somewhere, sometime)and if Saben continues to get the players that he did this year and for the forseeable future, then even Stabler drunk on the sidelines will whip your A$$.

    Tic Toc, Tic Toc – Alabama will win it 13th National Title before Auburn wins it’s 2nd! Get you butts over to an Auburn Blog and quit worrying about Alabama. You time is coming! “Auburn – always the bridesmaid, never the bride”

  26. 31

    Boy that skyking is an angry little fella, ain’t he? I guess the streak has really gotten under his skin. BTW, I thought Bama had already declared its 13th MNC when Scout ranked the recruiting class #1. Tic toc, tic toc is right, skyqueen. It’s been 2435 days since the last time Bama beat Auburn, and that clock juts keeps on tickin’.

  27. 32
    Ballplay Indian

    I bet he looked like Adolf Hitler during one of those crazy ass rants in black and white, while he was typing. Get the mental picture if you will. These Bammers NEEEED to win an Iron Bowl julio. I fear for the safety of the public if it doesnt happen soon.

    Finebaum Junkie and I are making a pretty lofty goal. That goal is.

    1. To make this blog the crap talkinginst blog in the history of college football blogs.

    2.To make a point , a mission if you will, to inform Bammers just how bad they suck.

    3. To make a point, and or mission to inform them how great Auburn is.

    Are you on board?

    Tell all your Auburn friends , and we can take this SOB over.

  28. 34

    This may sound funny comming from me, but I respect Shane’s column on this topic. I believe everyone in this world deserves to have their opinion heard. This includes hard working men and women, people who are unable to work due to disabilities, white, black, big, small, airport bathroom stall toetappers, and a man that freezes water then sells it, then heads home to type out all the viagra induced theories that he thought of during his day at work. Seriously though, I truly respect his opinion, he is entitled to it. However, that is all it is, his opinion. Thats all mine is, my opinion. We all want to believe the best for our teams. I may take shots at some of you Bama bloggers opinions, and I fully expect to have a few thrown at me. Thats what makes it fun to me. Contrary to what has been said, I don’t come here because I’m “AUbsessed”, I do it because i enjoy it and I have actually come to like some of you people. The rest of the time, I am taking care of my own life, handling my biz, spending time with my family members, and most importantly, spending time with my children. That said, if some of you don’t want me here, then I certainly do not want to be where I’m not wanted. I just thought Cap ran this site and if he tells me to leave, then I shall.

  29. 35

    You know I’m on board, ballplay. Nothing amuses me more than reading an obscenity, insult laden rant from a bunch of bammers who are making excuses for getting their a$$ whipped 6 years in a row, all the while trying to convince both AU fans and themselves that the streak doesn’t bother them in the slightest.

  30. 36

    Delusion is alive and well and living in Centerpoint, AL.

    Everyone has a prediction. I think Bama will lose 5 (4 if they are lucky, 6 if they repeat a La-Monroe performance). With two new coordinators I have no idea what to expect from Auburn. If both are able to establish some chemistry and the new “O” works, look out SEC. If not, it could be a long year. Most likely the result will be in the middle somewhere and Auburn finishes 9-3 regular season.

  31. 37

    Just when I think Shane is the biggest clown on this forum, tmc pops up to remind us that he also wants the title.

  32. 38

    freaking genius Says:
    July 18th, 2008 at 7:47 am
    hasn’t every bama coach since whitworth won 10 games in his second season? I distinctly remember hearing that about about all the legends: bryant, fran, dubose, shula, etc.

    has the tide fallen so far that now the faithful don’t even have as much confidence in The Saban as The Shula?

  33. 41

    Louisiana-Monroe is Alabama Tech’s equal. Therefore, it should be a race to see who can score last. WVU will light the fire underneath Tubby’s seat. And Alabama will expose Tubby as the mediocre bastard he was at Ole Miss and at Alabama Tech our collapse… Is it fair to say he was even mediocre? It took him six years to finally finish with a winning record in the SEC, and that was during a time where it was VERY EASY to win in this conference according to the AUtards.

  34. 42

    hey FreakingGenius, Who said you had to catch up with Bear Bryant, You guys havent caught up to Wallace Wade yet.

  35. 44

    I was reading the post above when you were gloating about Auburn always having a great defense.
    Yep it gave up 20 against New Mexico state.
    30 to LSU, 26 to South Florida. 45 to georgia. 18 to MSU.
    Jesus. I thought Bama’s defense was poor until I saw that Auburn couldnt even keep Tennessee Tech off the scoreboard. Keep dreaming….Soon reality will set in and I will be there to laugh at you….again.
    Once again making up the truth to support your fantasies…

  36. 46

    Julio/ballplay/SHANE is aka. et al.
    We all know that you are just ONE 37 YEAR OLD MAN who doesnt have a clue what in the hell he is talking about. Also you have such a humongous case of penis envy toward Shane and all things Bama that you feels you have to hang out here (at a Bama blog) to right all of the wrongs you feel Bama Nation has done to you.
    Look Moronicles, You are not funny. Your comments are borderline retarded. Your sickening AUbsession with Shane could get you locked up for stalking. And well, how many more ways can the adults of this board tell you.. You are a loser.
    You sit here and post all day long on Capstone Report when you should be out on some God D*mn body’s job.
    So not only are you an intellectual drain on this blog, You are a financial drain on the welfare system.
    Look guy I am sorry if you decided life was too tough to cope at an early age and you gave up.
    I am sorry that you worship a guy like CTT (who looks talks and acts like Dale Gribble) I am sorry your station in life puts you there in the basement of your mother’s house at the age of 37. Posting on an Alabama blog because your mom had Netnanny activated and now you cant look at porn all day long.
    But Guy COME ON!
    You come here, use 157 different screen names and in general make a jack ass of yourself.
    Get a job. And a life. Then maybe you wont have to sit there in your mom’s house being the embarrassment you are.

  37. 47

    Just when I think that the Ballplay/Julio cant get any more ridiculous. He logs in as Kevin and reminds everyone of the Aubbo known as Ballplay/julio/SHANEHATERS,/SHANE is a Blogger aka api man et al…
    We get it… you have an unrequited man crush on Shane….
    You really need therapy.

  38. 48

    hey FreakingGenius, Who said you had to catch up with Bear Bryant, You guys havent caught up to Wallace Wade yet.

    Nor have they caught up with Nick Saban. lol

    I thought Bama’s defense was poor until I saw that Auburn couldnt even keep Tennessee Tech off the scoreboard

    And remember, their future Vince Young, Kodi Burns, impressively scored one touchdown in two quarters against that powerhouse of a program!

    By the way tmc1, if you’re a racist, then that would make all of these barnies in here heterosexuals… We know you’re not a racist!

  39. 49

    Thanks Chris.
    Does it seem like you have to fight a never ending crusade against misinformation coming out of LEE COUNTY?

  40. 50
    Shanes Boyfriend

    Fear not girls….this is the same prediction Shane had for UAT last year…they finished 7-6….also in last years prediction, Shaney had John Parker Wilson making first team all SEC…LOL…SOS

  41. 51

    007 Says:
    July 18th, 2008 at 5:08 pm
    Louisiana-Monroe is Alabama Tech’s equal. Therefore, it should be a race to see who can score last. WVU will light the fire underneath Tubby’s seat. And Alabama will expose Tubby as the mediocre bastard he was at Ole Miss and at Alabama Tech our collapse… Is it fair to say he was even mediocre? It took him six years to finally finish with a winning record in the SEC, and that was during a time where it was VERY EASY to win in this conference according to the AUtards.

    why do you think THIS is the year that you expose TUBBS??? if you do why did it take you guys so long to do it?
    and im 42 in my own damn basement TMCzero
    you loser ass rookie you come to this blog with double entendres, acronyms and OVERUSED adjectives and you bash AUBBIE…
    you get a few people who make you feel silly by stating facts to prove you wrong so there for we MUST BE the same
    person I for one have saved all of yours and your stoopid ass bamma predictions and in less than 45 days IM GONNA SHOVE EM RIGHT BACK DOWN YOUR STOOPID ASS THROAT AND WATCH YOU SCREAM SOME MORE OVERUSED ADJECTIVES AT THE AUBURN NATION….sissy ass bitches!


  42. 52

    and you wrote that soma doamn blog about us being the same person 2 weeks ago only you included AUGirl in it ,you silly lltte trol, KIDS LEAVE THE ROOM
    i will bump biguns with you anyday(number 7 is not even yours)..figure that out i dare you…
    PENIS ENVY MY ASS>>>>> God for a traveled person as you say your the DUMBEST ROCK I HAVE EVER HEARD?SEEN WRITE A BLOG

  43. 54

    Non-Biased… Give EVERYONE a break, the Bama fans and the Auburn fans… Look you are biased, there is no way your opinion is NOT biased. You start out Biased because you believe two freshmen will kill Clemson at Wide Reciever… Alabama will go 8-4 and show a lot of improvement. You opinion of Auburn shows clear bias because EVERYONE besides you and a few Alabama fans think Auburn will win 9 games. Like last year, people should take your prediction and subtract 2 wins from Bama and add 2 wins to Auburn…

  44. 55

    tmc, there has to be a little respect for the unwritten rules of talking smack. Rule #1 is that if you’re going to steal someone’s else’s material, at the least have common sense enough to remember who you’re stealing it from. That way, you don’t look like an idiot when you use the stolen material against the same person you actually stole it from. FYI- the insult about typing on the computer in your mother’s basement was a smackdown I put on YOU last month. For God sakes, intheknow and I go at it as much as anyone on this blog, but I guarantee you he has enough game to avoid coming back at me with fast food employment insults. Given that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I will take your larceny as a compliment. Once again, think before you post.

  45. 56
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I’m in too. Let’s take over this blog!

    The Tigers are coming!
    tmc tears will be flowing!

  46. 57

    tmc, not sure what post you’re talking about under this article where I said anything about AU’s defense. (oh wait, all Auburn posters on this blog are actually the same person, right?) However, you once again open mouth and insert foot. Auburn ranked first in the SEC and 6th in the country in scoring defense last year. Maybe you should lay off the white supremacy websites and do a little fact checking before you post.

  47. 59
    Parole Tide

    As the season approaches I’m feeling the itch of anticipation that each pre-season holds. Anything can happen and expectations are always high. With this in mind I dove into your blog excited to hear about what you see in store for both Bama and Auburn in 08′. Alabama 10-3 is a bit of a stretch but it could happen. If the cards fall the right way the west could be an open race between Alabama and Auburn. Having BCS implications, this would bring a fresh (and much needed) boost of energy to the Iron Bowl. Auburn at 8-5 is laughable. Homer, I mean Shane if you think that Auburn is going to be worse this year than last with a year of 7 freshman starters under their belt you clearly don’t know a thing about college football. Like it or not Tuberville fields teams that are tough and prepared. Auburn won’t go undefeated but a 11-2 season is certainly a possibility and 10-3 is even more realistic. Take notes Bama fans the LSU-Auburn game is how the Iron Bowl should be played. I give LSU the edge but without Perriloux Auburn isn’t about go easy on anyone. Georgia has a tough schedule but they will be more prepared by the time they face Auburn to handle the pressure of the national implications that game may have for either of the two teams. I give Auburn their second loss of the season here. I see Tennessee as a close win and Alabama another notch on Auburn’s belt. The “process” still lacks time to soak in and about 4million before it starts to work. Like it or not Auburn is tied/winner of the SEC West this year. One more year and we rise again, baby!! Auburn 11-2 (2008), Auburn 12-1 (2009)!!!! WAR EAGLE!!!!!

  48. 60

    The mothers basement is something YOU STOLE FROM ME 3 MONTHS AGO off of Me stealing words from you? You have bumped your head you lame witted matress stain. Here is some more for you to try to claim as your own.

    Your so busy plaguerizing BallplayIdiot and ShaneHaters is a Blogging Fake, that it has become quite apparent you guys are one and the same. You all make the same points over and over…. and over….And never say anything original.
    And one more thing:
    Your a punk.
    So Ballplay/julio/aka SHANEHATERs is a BLOGGER (aka half the Aubbo trash on this board). What are you gonna do? Try to take over the blog? YOU ALREADY TRIED THAT.
    Say Bad things about Bama Nation? Done That.
    Threaten me? Lets get one thing straight shitface… There is a natural pecking order in life. And in that pecking order YOU ARE A SPINELESS FRACTION OF A MAN. Who has to pose as 50 people on line because he has a sickening qrotesque fascination with Shane.
    You aint gonna do shit, because you aint about shit.
    Quick julio (et al) repeat that after me and in a month try to say I stole it from you.

  49. 62

    JPW sucked last year. No reason to think that he will be good this year. Get ready to start complaining about JPW on your regular calls on Finebaum.

  50. 63

    I don’t know who is using multiple screen names in here, nor do I care. If tmc has the technology to tell that information, then he must know by now that this is the only screen name I have. Furthermore, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone for not telling me to leave this site. I really mean that. Cap, or I think your name is Alan, you have a good site here and as an outsider, or as I like to call myself, an A 1 Auburn Tiger fan, you have been nothing but cool to me, and I thank you. Now I’m sure at times I have pushed the envelope, but it was done to strike up conversation. Now I realize that this is getting kinda sappy, but that won’t last long, I’m sure. Now that that Tyra Banks moment is over, I ask forgivness for bogging you down with my mushy feelings. Now…….let’s talk some shit.

  51. 64
    Sheer Darkness

    JJ, was it the same way AUtards blamed their offensive woes on Brandon Cox last year? After Cox was replaced with Sperms, people like you then realized Cox was the only choice. There were no other alternatives. The next person to blame was Fat Al. Franklin should be next up on the AUtard firing list after he turns The Alabama Polytechnic Institute in to the NCAA. When that day comes, it should coincide with Tubby’s getaway plan: retirement.

  52. 65

    You guys are pathetic! Be a true auburn fan and stop making fools of yourself on a bama board! Guys i apoligize for the ignorant AU fans on here… We wish you guys the best season until the end of Nov. Although i think the streak will end this year (bama’s offence will be too strong for us), i think that both teams will battle it out for the west and both teams will have great seasons

    1> bama will not lose to clemson… the will pull out a close win just like we did.
    2> Auburn will beat west vir.

    War Eagle!

  53. 66

    I see you took me up on my saying let’s talk some shit. That was the biggest piece of shit of a post that I HAVE EVER SEEN.

  54. 67

    Shit is Tony Franklin trying to convince Aubbos of his “system” after the WVU game.(That will be a shit salad sandwich with pickles.) Either way, that day is going to be an amazing revelation to the Auburn faithful.
    I cannot wait to see the damage control on that day.
    They might have to contract Phil Marshall for the damage control.
    I can see the headlines….
    “Spread Eagle has Growing Pains.”

  55. 68

    If Alabama compiles a 10 win season next year, I’ll come out of the closet! lol

    By the way all of you elders should take your great, great grandchildren to see The Dark Knight sometime soon. I’ve seen it twice and it was even better the second time around.

  56. 70

    wow tmc. I wrote the smack to you about typing on the computer in your mother’s basement over a month ago, and you “allegedly” wrote the exact same thing on BEFEORE my post? What an amazing coincidence. Tell you what: is archived, so tell us what article you posted that miraculously coincidental insult in response to. I’ll be happy to search the archives here for my post, and let’s see who posted that smack first. Whatta ya say?

  57. 71

    ok, tmc. I posted the following on June 16th in response to Shane’s article “Why Can’t We be Friends”:

    tmc, your “corrections” of other posters that you’ve become so addicted to over the past few days are hilarious. You sit around your mother’s basement and run everyone’s post through Google and and then expect everyone on this site to believe that you are some literary genius. Oooh, you even made a reference to Don Quixote…now we are really impressed! Tell me, is Don Quixote the novel that inspired you to drop the “F” bomb in your post a couple of weeks ago? Or was it that classical education you “received” from the University of Alabama? Or was that simply tmc simply wielding his “verbal machete”? Now get your a$$ back upstairs and take out the trash like your mother told you to before she docks your allowance.

    Ok. please show everyone your cite on that was posted prior to June 16th wherein you made a reference to typing on the computer in mother’s basement.
    p.s. please spare us the excuses about not having the time for such things, not caring about what I think (if that was the case, you wouldn’t have responded to begin with), crippling NCAA sanctions, or Fran leaving for Tex A&M.

  58. 72

    And TMCzero it was me you said was in my grandmothers/mothers basement after JULIO
    said that shit there to you! I was SHANEHATERS then you Keyboard/Google bully… I dont care where your from I will jack u up SON! your idol threats mean nothing to us, maybe to your family but not us. I dared your stopid ass about #7 and im not scared of you or your keyboard and We have taken it over!!!! all your blogs are about us whom you see as being one entity so there for WE OWN YOU FAG…….. WPB!!


  59. 75

    btw, your paranoid accusation about me making threats is absolutely insane. I have never, ever threatened anyone on this blog, nor would I ever dream of doing so. Anyone that would find themselves getting that angry over an internet blog truly needs some help, and I would certainly hope Cappy would take steps to ban them. I don’t care what stinkin’ football team they support.

  60. 76

    Yesterday, I got up and left the computer on and went to the store to get a few items.
    When I returned my 8 year old daughter Mellisa was sitting in front of my laptop and reading from right here at the Capstone Report.
    She asked me, “Why are these people being so ugly?” (“These people” included me.)
    I had no excuse.
    I still have no excuse.

    I am not going to take the high moral road here.
    I dont care about toilets, Or who had the best “put down”. What I am talking about is something that goes much deeper. I adore my children and I want to be a man thay they can be proud of.

    Maybe we all forgot that this was supposed to be a way to have fun and share ideas and opinions. The Bama fans come here to exchange ideas jokes and opinions about something they love. University of Alabama Football.
    Then some Auburn fans come here to poke a little fun back and maybe offer a different opinion. And unfortunately, it all turns into something we are ashamed for our mothers, wifes, and children to read because of the venomous language and content.
    I am sure that Capstone’s Mom reads this blog. And maybe Shane’s Mom does too. And I am equally sure that alot of people’s moms and children come here to read about the team they love and get an eyeful of some of horrible childish behaviour.
    I dont mind people coming here with a differing opinion, But I do think people that come here to intentionally attack, provoke, and cause trouble should be gone.
    Cant we do any better?

  61. 77

    all i have to say is it’s sad hearing the trees at booger’s corner are dying. maybe if you barnies would stop throwing used toilet paper in those trees, you wouldn’t have the environmentalists attacking your campus.

    count this as my signature:

  62. 78

    TMC, Its cool. We all go a little crazy on these boards.Just curious, do you really think AU is just going to fall apart or were you flaming the fires.

  63. 79

    Actually yes I think Auburn is declining.
    Last years signing day was the biggest clue.
    Up until then CTT was getting the cream of the crop and competeing against the majors for guys like Kodi Burns and Trey Blackmon. But at the end of the last recruiting season he lost a lock on fortson, He lost baker to USF, and Davis to Ole Miss.He lost 15 of 16 heads up to Saban and well he lost face there. And he gave away a scholly to a longsnapper. That looked desperate. A kicker or a lineman would have been more use than a longsnapper.
    Recruiting made Les Miles. and it can break anyone (including Steve spurrier).
    In my opinion CTT threw away last years recruiting and everyone knows it.
    Recruits didnt buy into “the spread” last year (in spite of all the PM fluff mf articles) and they werent impressed with the 6 in a row streak and to me that says that CNS is outselling CTT. Whats more the perception is that CTT is giving away Scholly out of desperation this year.
    Long story but yes. Auburn is declining. and if CTT doesnt do a better job recruiting this year he will have to compete against the MS. JuCo league next year for recruits.

  64. 80
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Daniel, a question like that is uncertain, but debatable.

    Behind the scenes, Tuberville may be a classy guy (despite his classless post game gestures), but Mike Shula was as well. Since that has been squared away…

    Some of the Auburn faithful can claim the decline in Alabama’s program, had nothing to do with his sudden rise to prominence, but his embarrassing performance as a coach in the past, before Alabama’s downfall, says otherwise.

    There can only be one dominant program from this state, and when it’s not Alabama, it’s Auburn. The state didn’t flipflop in a hasty form just because of Tuberville’s dominant style of coaching, it flipflopped because Alabama was restricted from equally competing with Tuberville and Auburn.

    Tuberville had a nice little run when Alabama was out of the picture, stealing all of the top-tier recruits and winning big with those kids. But now that Alabama is back to original form, we’re taking more than just the top-tier recruits away from Auburn, we’re literally taking all of them.

    Some of you claim the SEC is stronger today, than it was in the 1990s. If that’s the case, then Tuberville couldn’t win in the SEC even during our conference’s weakest run.

    It’s not exactly Auburn per se, it’s Tuberville. Now, had Petrino taken his place back in 2003, Alabama would’ve probably never caught back up with Auburn until the day of his departure.

  65. 81
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Please, Cry on someone’s shoulder. Gimme a break. AUBURN will spank bama again this year and with experience QBs and Lineman and Receivers, next year will be a Country Boy Beat Down.

    The Tigers are coming!

  66. 83

    Shane is a Blogger…Why?
    What makes Auburn so invulnerable.
    Could it be the offense that had 3 running plays (off-tackle left, off tackle right, and dive) and 1 pass play (incomplete) last year? And couldnt even execute then?
    Is it the New untested QB?
    The Rbs (none of them rushed fo more than a 1,000 yds last year.
    The part of the line that is returning. ?
    Mayb the Auburn D that gave up 17 point per game last year?

    No just kidding. What does Auburn have this year that they didnt have last year?
    That has convinced you that Auburn will win this year.

  67. 84

    Kodi Burns vs. Mississippi State:

    12 attempts (65 yards), 8 completions, 1 interception, 0 passing touchdowns, 1 rushing touchdown in 2 and a half quarters of play.

    Kodi Burns vs. New Mexico State:

    5 attempts, 1 completion, 1 passing touchdown, in 2 quarters of play.

    Kodi Burns’ 2008 Spring Scrimmage stats:

    21 attempts, 14 completions, 147 yards, 1 passing touchdown, 37 yards rushing

    Franklin was definitely keeping a close eye on Todd and Burns.

    “I didn’t like their leadership on the sidelines,” he said. “They were signaling formations and a couple of times when Neil was doing it, they weren’t. And I don’t like that. I don’t like that they didn’t do what they were supposed to do. They weren’t being good team guys at the time.

    “Neither one of them is ready to go out and win an SEC championship. They’ve both got a long way to go and a lot of competition left.”

  68. 85

    bammer 10-3? with that defense? ok.. I am going to go out on a limb here and say.. bammers back.. right?
    tmc0- your pathetic post continue to amuze… just another delusional bammer..

  69. 86

    Thanks Redneck!
    I really like the way you formed your argument with valid points to prove what you are saying.

    I will say this. Nick Saban has never had a losing season in the NCAA and is no stranger to 10+ win seasons. Thank God Tuberville had that 13 win season in 2004. That and ’06 are the only times CTT has finished a season with more than 10 wins.
    9 in a row.

  70. 88
    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1…Hey …Its good to see that you have repented…I forgive you…Seriously…Just try to keep everything in perspective. It is possible to talk smack on an internet message board. Dont blow gaskets every time someone bashes you or your team. Laugh about it instead. The cursing and racial remarks are not necessary though. And before you bow another gasket,,I believe you when you say you were joking about Marks O.K. But it still wasnt necessary. For all you know Im black. Latino, Asian, Caucasion, or mixed. If i were balck that prolly wouldve bothered me. Do I think your a racist? No. Like I said before (you didnt like it then and prolly wont now) think before you post.

  71. 89

    TMCzero your full of it you get called out for using/reusing insults,adjectives,
    and OPINIONS and now your child has read what YOU/WE write and you want to become
    Mr.MOM here,whatever I have children and would not talk to someone as we have written in front of a child,YOU LEFT YOUR COMPUTER UNATTENDED ITS YOUR FAULT. dont come in here with this holyier than though attitude now
    your just like so many other parents who dont put ,there guns away,there liquor away there dope away,YOU want to blame everyone else go ahead vote for Mccain and blame the world becuase your children dont know thats Daddies toy not theirs, And please apologize to your daugter on my behalf and dont let her READ adult stuff anymore BRO! DAMN YOU OTHER GUYS ACTUALLY FELT SORRY FOR HIS DUMD A$$…….

  72. 90
    Ballplay Indian

    aka…I am always going to give someone a chance..Though in this case I doubt it will matter. But I hope Im wrong.

    Dont get me wrong ..Im all about a heated Au Ua Arguement. I just cant understand people that take it so personally. Use foul language constantly. And wish ill will.

  73. 91

    tmc0- really dude.. you = bammer fan= delusional. You are typical man. Most bammer fans I know here are just praying for a 7 or 8 win season. They understand that the defense is nothing and just pray they can get through the season in the SEC. Like I said.. you are delusional. You think CTT is running Auburn in the ground.. keep on thinking that and we will continue to pound your starting qb into the ground. You are one typical bammer fan.. always running your mouth but NEVER EVER back it up.

  74. 92

    By the way.. you want valid points.. I will give you a valid point.. look at the state of your program.. Regardless of what you think, Saban is not god will not be god. No one fears him. IF he stays around long enough to coach the recruits he has brought in, then maybe in a couple of years bammer will be back but I highly doubt that.

  75. 93

    I dont understand why all these Aubie’s are about to have a heart attack. Even though Tony Franklin’s (Troy) offense only scored 3 points and lost to UAB that was 2 years ago. Just remember you’re Auburn and you have 1 more National Championship than Troy.

    Shane’ its amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  76. 95
    Ballplay Indian

    Thats how its done Brother..Man up and sling some crap. Maybe youll rub off on the rest of your Bammer buddies. I think some of them have been attending Sabans “sensitivity” courses.

  77. 96

    By the way, I would like to wish one of your hero’s a Happy 30th Birthday. Happy Birthday Aubie, I dont know what the Aubie Nation or the Bama Nation would do without you! LOL

    Shane, its amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  78. 97
    Ballplay Indian

    Someone explain to tmc1 that 17 ppg got us #6 scoring defense in the country last year. C.B. explain to me why Bama will be good and Auburn wont.

  79. 98

    ballplay- You can’t explain anything to bammers. They do not understand the word logical or realistic. It is not in their vocabulary. They honestly believe their defense will be able to survive in the SEC. All we can do is laugh at them.

  80. 100

    Ballplay, Let me get back to you on that question. You want miss my answer since you monitor Shane’s site 24/7 (oops) unless you’re Duck hunting with Wing-nut.

    Shane, its amazing to me how you get these General Lee County cockroaches out from under their rock’s.

  81. 101

    Ballplay im cool with chances but cmon he wants US to police HIS! NO SIR NOT ME!
    kick me outta here if ya want(im not the worse in here) im sure there are other blogs out there but this one is DAMN FUNNY! IF TMZzero gets indignant than I sir shall finish his game! They shout Auburn this and that and whats the future and im more of lets play and see kinda guy but i can spout some poopoo to without using the words delusional or stoned or trailer and i like to do it, cause they are going to have to say WE LOST TO POLYTECH AGAIN and I LOVE IT……


  82. 102

    Dear Shane,

    You left your medication sitting on the counter at CVS right after you paid for it. Please come by and pick it up in a timely fashion. Irrational and delusional behavior may result from discontinuing use for more than a few days.


    Your local pharmacist

  83. 103

    ok, tmc. I will also accept your words in the spirit in which they were offered. I’m a little confused about your final sentence where you say that there are people “that come here to intentionally attack, provoke, and cause trouble”. That characterization could apply to you as easily as anyone else on this site.

    For the record, let me say that I only come here to have a little fun talking some smack. I don’t come here to hurl personal insults, although I’ll be happy to play along with anyone that wants to take the first shot. Don’t get me wrong…I’ll be the first to slam something written that is pro-bama or anti-auburn. That’s what we’re here for. If a bammer writes something factually inaccurate, you can bet I will sarcastically and gleefully point out where they are wrong. I’ll make stereotypical jokes about the bammer fan base. But I’m not here to call people mattress stains, punk, spineless, or shi+face.

  84. 104
    Ballplay Indian

    My gosh…do the Bammers wont some cheese with thier whine? I swear all I hear is squalling and boo-hooing from these tiddy babies. Yall want to talk football….Aight. lets talk some football….C.B. what makes you think bama will be worth a dam? I say Offense ranks 35-50 nationally …. Defense on the other hand…not so good. My opinion 30 – 50 nationally. In this conference..That will never cut it. What do I base my opinion on? Last year for starters. Yall ranked 31st in total defense. Yall lost a few starters. L backer is thiiin. Lost your good d back due to medical hardship. No d line to speak of. The 2 bright spots on defense Rolondo and Rashaad. That is it. I look for Jarrell Harris to have a good year for a true freshman. But it wont be enough.
    Your offense will have a good year, so yall cant say Im bashing , flaming etc. I think J.P. has his best year yet. Your good recievers are gone, but Im not sure thats a bad thing. Running game is solid, special teams great with Arenas.But It will come down to shootouts for wins. When you face a mean defense, you lose . Plain and simple.

    Before I get blasted for offense and defense both in the 30-50 mark , and why is one ranking bad and the other not? Well yall should know that defense is what wins the SEC, always has been.

    Thats actually giving Bama a big boost offensivly. As yall were ranked 75th nationally in total offense. And yes I know we were ranked 97th. We sucked on offense. Bad. I honostly cant see how anyone could think that Auburn could go anywhere but up on offense.

    If we break the top 30 in offense this year, can we put the whole Tony Franklin thing to bed? I know its not likely, but its a possibility. I mean Troy was 16th in total offense last year. I know “sunbelt” right. But look at thier out of conference games and the numbers they put up in them. Im thinking the offense will excell. Add that to the best defense in the SEC. And you got SEC championship.

    LSU was the only team in the SEC with a better Defense.They won a conference chamionship and a national championship. They lost a lot on defense.

    Got to the NCAA stats page . Look up total offense 1-10 are teams that would get thier rectum handed to them by any team in the conference. Then look at total defense teams 1-10. Get the picture?

    There.. I talked football..Anyone care to rebut.

  85. 105

    tmc, now for the good stuff. Why do you bammers place so much emphasis on 1 recruiting class? Don’t get me wrong, it was a great class, and Saban handed it to Tubs. One class will not single handedly turn a team around, though. Do that 3 or 4 times in row, and you might be talkin.

    You bammers can keep telling yourselves that these recruits AU is getting are no good, that’s fine. Tubs has earned a reputation as an outstanding evaluator of talent for a reason, and it ain’t because he cared what Scout, Rivals, other schools, or fans who read the internet think. You bammers also know that he wouldn’t be offering these guys scholarships this early if he wasn’t convinced they were excellent.

    It’s a little ridiculous to ask why AU fans are so convinced that AU will be strong this year. We think that for the same reason that nearly every objective media outlet in the country thinks it. AU is loaded this year on both sides of the ball, and the tough games are nearly all at home. The only remote “questions” are in the secondary and at qb. The secondary really isn’t that much of a question except on depth. AU just might have to use a redshirt freshman as a reserve. As to qb, do you really think that neither Todd or Burns will work out? Finally, you can skew your stats all you want on AU’s defense last year, but here’s the only one that counts – AU finished 1st in the SEC and 6th in the nation in scoring defense last year.

  86. 106

    My question to the bammer fans is why would you think Auburn would be anything but strong? The defense will be solid as usual.

    Another question? Why would bammer fans think that they are going to be strong? Take a look at your brutal ROAD schedule in the SEC. If you win 8 games you should consider that a milestone and be happy. Your defense is absolutely nothing. BARE BONES. You can’t win in this conference with a defense.

  87. 107
    Ballplay Indian

    julio..You talk football and all you hear are crickets… No one wants to talk football …Especially tmc1. Thats really the last thing he wants to talk about. Im optimistic on our offense. Im really confident on defense, and for good reason. As I said Bama is gonna put up some points againnst lesser defenses. Its when they run into our juggernought defense that the problems come. Georgia will be ugly as well. Lsu will stomp em and Clemson will open a can in game 1.

  88. 109

    Hmm… I think I can agree that our defense, as a whole, is thin, but only if the AUbsessed AUtards will admit Polytechnic’s defense is no better.

    With only six returning starters on a defense formerly led by the current Texas DC, Will Muschamp, I can see Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and the almighty West Virginia putting up some very impressive numbers against the former Pittsburg, what team is this again, defensive coordinator Paul Rhoads’ defense.

    Let’s talk some football! Let’s talk about Kodi Burns putting up mediocre stats against an explosive New Mexico State D! Let’s talk about how that thin AUtard D will pan out as the season progresses! Let the talking begin! Morons… Or better yet, AUtards…

  89. 110

    LCN, I don’t know if you looked at that page, but that former pittsburgh coach had the 5th best defense in the country last year. Also, the defense has 8 returning starters. And Kodi Burns had been on campus about 5 weeks before that game. This wasn’t a 4th year junior losing to LaMo. So i’d like to talk some footbal, i’m just not sure you’d have any idea what I was talkin about.

  90. 111

    “BamaFan Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 7:29 am
    TMC1, Saban has only had two 10 win seasons, both at LSU… So maybe get facts..”

    Fact: Saban finished 10-2 @ MSU in 1999 too.

  91. 113

    “RedneckTider Says:
    July 21st, 2008 at 9:34 am
    ballplay- You can’t explain anything to bammers. They do not understand the word logical or realistic.”

    So when did “logic or realistic” become one word?
    “Logic” would have been by-passing Tony Franklin and hiring a ficus tree.

    Realistic is figuring out that if you have the same average team as last year, with a new offense, a new defense and a new QB, You might not win the SEC west.

    Thank you.

  92. 114

    Redneck here are your answers.
    “My question to the bammer fans is why would you think Auburn would be anything but strong? The defense will be solid as usual.”
    Answer. That would be the same team that gave up 30 TO lsu, 20 TO NEW MEXICO STATE, 19 ro MSU? And of course 45 to Georgia. And oh yes before I forget, even tennesse tech scored on your defense.
    And by the way, our defense didnt let Georgia beat us like paltroons.

  93. 115

    I was looking at your 1:02 post and I reaised something. If Auburn didnt have the Cream puffs on its schedule last year The vualnted juggernaut of a defense would have average giving over 20points a game. And here is just a clue. The “juggernaut” lol gave up 17+ a game.
    Read the above post to redneck.
    I am sure by the begining of the season the Defensive line will magically appear.

  94. 117


    Please dont tear down the tissue of false hopes that keep the Auburn faithful going, by actually debating about football. I agree with you 100% Auburn’s defense will look good for the first 2 games but the days of “thinking” Auburn has a good defense are about to come to a screeching halt.

  95. 118

    Then why is it we had the 6th best total defense last year.And if you look at the D, 8 of the starters have started before. So logic would have that auburn will have a good defense because they return a majority of starters and depth to a defense that was the 6th in total defense last year. Do you know who had the 5th best defense last year. That’s right, Paul Rhoads. While you knock Franklin, what has your new OC done that is impressive at all.

  96. 119
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Paul Rhoads? Who is that again? Let’s only talk about coordinators of teams that play worthy competitors week after week.

    As far is Franklin is concerned, there’s no doubt he’ll improve Auburn’s lackluster offense, but with glory comes pain. Tubby had better play it clean, or else we’ll see a Pat Dye, get caught, lose, and retire, repeat.

    McElwain’s offense at Fresno State averaged 419.5 yards per game (38th nationally) and 32.9 points per game (32nd) last season. That was a significant increase from the 2006 campaign when the Bulldogs averaged 338.2 yards per game in total offense and 23.0 points per game in terms of scoring offense. After Fresno State rolled up 571 yards of total offense and defeated Georgia Tech 40-28 in the Humanitarian Bowl, McElwain moved up to No. 18 in the national power rankings (offensive coaches). His quarterback, Tom Brandstater, finished 2007 with a passing efficiency rating of 140.5, which ranked 23rd in the country. Brandstater showed remarkable improvement under McElwain’s watch as he had posted a pass efficiency rating of 106.7 (89th) the previous year.

    Don’t forget his offense outshined UGA’s offense by far against Georgia Tech.

  97. 121
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! Since we’re gazing into the crystal ball, I see Alabama going 11-1 and taking their second trip to Atlanta for the Championship Game! The sad news is that Georgia is the only team that beats ‘Bama, and they do it twice in one season. The road to Atlanta will offer some wonderful scenery; a 34-18 spanking of Tennessee, a lovely 25-24 come-from-behind win over LSU, a putting-them-back-in-their-place 31-6 thrashing of Miss. State which will remind them that they ARE NOT world-beaters and last but certainly not least, the END of the STREAK…’Bama 31, Auburn 17. The final tally going into the bowls will be 11-2. I wish that I could see us as SEC Champions but I don’t see it this year. I know, I know…all of you think I’m crazy, but in discussions with family & friends I have stated several times that Alabama has what it takes to get to the SEC Championship Game. Winning it is another subject. Of course, I hope the Tide proves me wrong! LATER!

  98. 122
    Ballplay Indian

    st. clair….Yes we think your crazy…and high..

    Nyc….The big Easts offensive units are all thy have going for them. And Rhoads was one of the only teams to hold WV down. The other was a good S florida team.

    Tmc …Our defense was good last year and you know it. Swallow your pride and admit it. Just like I admitted Bama had a good offense.

  99. 123

    tmc0- You are really pathetic and you represent everything that makes up a typical bammer fan. You refuse to deal with facts. I can’t help but LMAO at you. That is why I keep coming in this forum because you and the other delusional fans keep me laughing. You will never give credit where credit is due. Like everyone says typical bammer fan.

  100. 124
    Ballplay Indian

    Yalls mouthpiece Finebaum said last week that all his connections tell him that Auburn will have one of , if not the best defense in the country. Do you care to go against te almighty Finebaum ? look at the games we played. Our defense kept us in a S. Florida game that our Offense tried there best to lose (5 turnover on there side of the field). Miss st. was the same. If the Offense Gels like it should, yall are in deep doo – doo…Ask Arkansas about our defense. You know, the Arkansa team that had like 500 yards rushing against Alabama. We held Mcfadden AND Jones to les than 100 yards. Tmc1 , were they a “creampuff”? They were in the top 20 offensively (total offense) last year. Ask Florida about our defense. We were the ONLY team to keep Tebow in check all year. If I recall they were up there as well. Ask Clemson, yall know, the Clemson team we beat in the bowl game. the team that is going to destroy you guys in game 1….That team was pretty good on offense too. And Franklin beat them with 1 week to prepare. I think we would have lost the game if he didnt coach that game. Ask vandy, yeah Vandy. They played yall tough. Dont give me the creampuff crap…It dont hold water.

  101. 125
    A-K-A APIman

    It is GREAT and All of this who has what will be settle when AUburn comes into your house and gives you the what for! I just wish you guys would MAN up and say
    WE GOT BEAT BY POLYTECH when it happens


  102. 126

    I think I will ask New Mexico State how they threw up 20 points against Auburn.
    Wow, does New Mexico State even have a mascot?

  103. 127

    wow.. I think I will ask ULM how they beat bammer and maybe Auburn will use that as their game plan.

  104. 128

    Bamafan in nyc, you say don’t count rhoads because he doesn’t play anybody. Who did fresno st. play? I’m going to out on a limb here and say the big east is better than the wac top to bottom. Wow he beat up on a coachless tech team in a bowl can’t have it both the way, there are some pretty stellar defenses in the WAC.

  105. 129

    NYC, are you seriously in here bragging about McElwain putting up big numbers against WAC defenses? (Oh, and GT in the Humanitarian Bowl against a bunch of coaches that knew they were about to be fired in 2 weeks. Joe Kines in the Weedacker Bowl sound familiar?) Is there any team in the WAC that even tries to put athletes on defense? What’s the average over/under in WAC games, about 72? Don’t know if you heard, but the Big East (unlike the WAC) is a BCS conference. Also, not sure if anyone told you that WV was on their way to the BCS champ game until Paul Rhoads shut them down. Was WV a “worthy competitor”?

  106. 130

    tmc, Saban finshed the season at MSU at 9-2 in 1999. Saban bolted for LSU at the end of the regular season. Bobby Williams coached MSU in the bowl game and beat Spurrier. I know you bammers love to fabricate facts and excuses, but now you’re awarding victories to Saban for schools he didn’t even coach for?

  107. 131

    While your coach was at Ole Miss, having his royal ass handed to him by every top notch SEC school, including Spurrier.

    Care to elaborate?

    And using your very own college football logic against you, didn’t Williams win with Saban’s players? After all, you claim Saban won with DeNardo’s players at LSU (and may I remind you those are the same kids DeNardo himelf could never win with). What’s the difference?

    Or will you once again reinvent the truth to only benefit your ignorance.

  108. 132
    Reality King

    Interesting Article from the Gainesville Sun on SEC coaches (

    Should make both teams proud! There was one jab at Saban though.

    Nick Saban


    Pedigree: In his first head coaching job (Toledo in 1990), Saban led his team to a conference title, a wonderful start to a big-time coaching career. In 12 years as a college head coach (Toledo, Michigan State, LSU and Alabama), he’s won 99 games and a national title (LSU).

    Best known for: Bolting on LSU to take the Miami Dolphins’ job. Then bolting on Miami after two seasons to return to the SEC with Bama, one of LSU’s biggest rivals.

    Expectations on a 1-10 scale: 8. The feeling in Tuscaloosa is that the Tide will experience a big bounce in Saban’s second season.

    What makes him special: He’s a tough, hard-nosed coach (with quite a colorful vocabulary), and his players buy into his tactics. And he wins.

    Tommy Tuberville

    Auburn Pedigree: He started earning his reputation as the defensive coordinator at Miami in 1993. He became the head coach at Ole Miss in 1995 and four years later took the job at Auburn, where he has led the Tigers to one SEC title and six bowl victories.

    Best known for: Leading Auburn to an undefeated season in 2004 — and not having the opportunity to play for the national championship.

    Expectations on a 1-10 scale: 9. Tuberville’s program has been one of the most successful and most consistent in the SEC over the past decade. If Auburn’s new spread offense provides a spark, this team will be a contender.

    What makes him special: No matter who comes and goes, his teams always look the same: tough, disciplined, athletic, and salty on defense.

  109. 133

    GeorgeW, what the #@%! are you talking about? tmc LITERALLY gave credit to Saban for an MSU victory while Saban was the coach at LSU. He wasn’t metaphorically claiming a victory for Saban due to recruiting. Do you truly not understand the difference? I suppose you’d like to give Shula credit for last years TN victory, huh?

    I haven’t claimed Saban only won with Dinardos’ players, although the laws of simple mathematics will tell you that there were obviously some Dinardo recruits on his first few teams. Saban did a good job of turning LSU around. The funny thing is, Tubs has gotten under you bammers’ skin so bad that you can’t even admit the obvious.

    You want to talk about Ole Miss? Tubs took over an Ole Miss team that was absolutely decimated by sanctions. (Spare me the Bama comparisons with sanctions. Ole Miss sucks, and it’s hard to win there to begin with. If you don’t understand that, take a look at what Ed O did there for 3 years after taking over a fairly solid foundation laid by Cutcliffe.) All Tubs did there was have 3 winning seasons in 4, and earn the AP SEC coach of the Year in 1997. Oh, what did all those fool AP writers know? They should have come and asked bammers like you so Dubose could have gotten SEC Coach of the Year after going 3-8.

    P.S. Ole Miss won their bowl game after the 1998 season, but Tubs had already left for Auburn and Cutcliffe coached the bowl game. Follow me closely GW – Tubs doesn’t get credit for that bowl victory, it goes to Cutcliffe instead.

  110. 134


  111. 137
    Barnie Basher

    St. Clair, I also think, no wait, I know you’re also the same lowlife who uses other user names: Julio/Ballplay/Redneck.

    Nice try, Julio/Ballplay/Redneck, but no one buys it.

    Next up, Julio/Ballplay/Redneck will play dumbfound and act like they have no idea what they’re talking about. Then St. Clair will make another appearance, claiming he is a Bama fan, then 6 minutes later, Juilo will show up. 2 minutes later Redneck will show up. And 14 minutes later, Ballplay will make an appearance. In between, API man will make his hourly idiotic ALL CAPS posts.

  112. 138

    Are you upset.
    Just live with the facts. Saban has accomplished more that Tuberville. Period.

  113. 139

    I see you noticed the worst kept secret in blogdom, too.
    The only person who is getting fooled is the Ballplay/julio/redneck/aka API SHANEHATER.

  114. 140
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc…for the love..You are wrong,yet again. I am NOT posting under other screen names. As I said before, the only other name I have ever posted under on here was crimson crackpipe,Well over two weeks ago. Sorry to ruin your conspiricy theory…I bet you believe in the “world order” too huh? Black helicpoters? Haliburton and Blackwater? Too much X-files back in the day? By the way I saw where there is gonna be a new x-files movie, you need to check it out.

  115. 141
    A-K-A APIman

    Indian that is exactly why i said we (AUBBIE) have taken this site over they think everyone of us is the same person
    and barnie basher as long as your here im not the biggest idiot buddy!!!

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