Scholarship numbers still changing

As Nick Saban has said, and we’ve repeated, scholarship numbers work themselves out. Here’s the latest. Cornerback Lionel Mitchell was placed on medical scholarship due to a back injury, according to media reports. Ian Rapoport helpfully updates the on scholarship count—it is now 64.

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Saban’s meeting with the local press today included this tidbit: Brandon Lewis won’t be joining the Tide this fall. He appears headed for junior college.


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  1. 1

    After years of being beaten by our friends across the state and having to listen to their “know it all” opinions. This is one of those days I enjoy immensley.
    (tmc1 breaks out the brany and a double corona…. and says….

    “See Aubs…Nick Saban was RIGHT and you were wrong.”

  2. 3

    Glad you are celebrating because all of your recruits that were so highly “ranked” can’t and won’t be enrolling in school. The point was that Saban signed 32 and didn’t have enough room for all he signed. It is working itself out because of baseball signings and grade issues. The guy from ESPN who said the bammers class was ranked #3 for these reasons above was sooo right. You guys blasted him for not saying you had the number one class. What is funny.. you are celebrating because not all of the 32 signees will get in?? Interesting.

  3. 4

    Oh yeah.. also celebrating because guys who were a part of your team last year and now has to give up football because of a bad back is pathetic. You are glad because one of the treasured freshmen will get his place? Totally bama.

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