Recruiting wisdom

‘Proof of Trotsky’s far-sightedness is that none of his predictions have come true yet.’

Phillip Marshall must have flunked logic in school. Honestly, could his arguments be any worse? Take this commentary on recruiting:

Some are rated highly by recruiting services and some aren’t, but all were high on Auburn’s list. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been offered so early in the process.

The players are good so they were offered early. How do we know the players are good? They were offered early.

And this is the guy who will cover recruiting for Auburn Undercover.

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  1. 1

    Phillip just called me and told me he cant sleep because of what you said about him.He has never had such a award winning writer such as yourself put him down like that.I told him to pop in a dvd compilation of the last several Iron Bowls and he would feel much better.

  2. 2


    Looks like a barner is a little obsessed with what you are writing here. It’s a shame that they’re so envious of what’s happening in Tuscaloosa rather than winning championships while they had the chance. Sure you’ve won 6 in a row, but only 1 SEC championship is all you have to show for it. Keep visiting because that shows us your commitment to see what we’re doing.

  3. 3

    Finebaum Junkie Killer, they’ve won six* consecutive nailbiters over an Alabama team, who was crippled by the NCAA and underwent a dozen coaching changes, and who was simultaneously losing to Louisiana-Monroe, Louisiana-Tech, Hawaii, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Northern Illinois, etc, in the process.

    Yet, they still feel ultra-inferior to us!

  4. 4

    Someone should inform Phillip Marshall, that the Alabama, UGA, and Florida leftovers were not at the top of Saint Tubby’s most wanted list list. The ones who were, committed elsewhere. Since 2002, Tubby’s accustomed himself to getting what he wants due to no equal competition from his brotherly in state rival. Unfortunately for him, those days are long gone. It feels great to be back to original form, doesn’t it Alabama Polytechnic Institute?

  5. 5

    Yeah,Ill keep visisng to see what your doing,because all I see is AU obsession.I have been comming here for quite awhile,but only recently started posting.Aside from being an Auburn fan,I am a college football fan and I like to get news on all teams.Legit news,but since this has turned into an Auburn forum,I will continue to post my opinion.Write something that has something to do with your own school,then we might be able to have a decent conversation.

  6. 6
    Bama Fan In NYC

    The myopic Phillip Marhsall strikes again! Reinventing the truth is becoming an everyday habit for the common AUtard — even in the Opelika Press. I can’t wait to see what they reinvent after their beloved Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute loses to UA in 2008.

  7. 7

    All this article proves is Phil’s credibility as a recruiting analyst is worthless. I’m assuming that’s why he only covers Alabama Tech recruiting.

  8. 8

    It’s laughable when you guys say that Auburn fans feel inferior to UAT. Case in point: This is a UAT website and who are we talking about? In fact, take a second and look at the majority of blogs on this website… who are they about? I guess you guys feel so superior that you spend 90% of your time finding ways to complain about Auburn. Right?

    Reality sucks!

  9. 9

    You guys must be very scared of Tuberville… If we have 10 LBs on our list, would we be offering to the 10th LB this early? Of course not. Auburn must feel that the guys that have been offered are worthy of a scholarship and can contribute.

  10. 10

    If Auburn hadn’t offered scholarships and sought out the 4 and 5 star recruits Alabama got then this argument might not be so laughable, but the fact is Auburn wanted the great recruits Alabama picked up and didn’t get them, so its boneheaded to now argue that Auburn didn’t buy into any of the recruiting service ratings and actually got the players it wanted.

  11. 11

    Im not knocking Bamas recruiting class,it was fantastic.Now you must do something with it.As far as the name stealer above that added killer to the end of it,Id like to see you kill me,Ill put your ass in Elmwood right next to mr.Jack Daniels,I mean Bear.

  12. 12

    barnies are swift when it comes to improving a lie. you hypocritically brainless, two-bit idiots rubbed your stellar recruits in our faces when we had a limited amount of scholarships to offer, and now that we’re taking back what we lost over the past 5 years, stars no longer matter?

    next thing you know, losing on the playing field, to alabama, won’t matter much either. all that matters is alabama tech has more “characteristically classy” players, which has already been proven otherwise after witnessing their post game actions.

    count this as my signature:

  13. 13

    I posted this on Marshall’s blog

    In 2006 and 2007 Auburn finished in the top 10 recruting. And I didnt hear anyone from Auburn saying stars didnt matter then, Does anyone remember when Auburn was landing Kodi Burns? Burns was considered a recruiting “coup” for CTT because he was so highly ranked nationally. (As a matter of fact during those golden times,) Scout, Rivals, and ESPN were viewed as an affirmation of CTT’s recruiting wisdom.

    Then things just mysteriously changed… ( I wonder what happened?)
    Now the same recruiting services who had everything so right before suddenly dont know a thing.
    I suppose that they dont notice the secret hidden “tangibles” that CTT and the Auburn nation have suddenly developed a 3rd eye for.

    Aubbos you are kiding no one. The level of recruiting has dropped off significantly.

  14. 14

    First, a am not suprised that nobody responded to the comments in my post. UAT arguments always center around what will happen and what could have happened, rather than what has happened. Second, TMC1, although I have often argued that recruiting rankings do matter, and agree UAT had a better recruiting class this last year, there are other factors that you are conveniently overlooking. During the years that you referenced, Tuberville was quoted as saying he didn’t put much stock in recruiting rankings. Say what you want, but that is a fact. It is also worth noting that recruiting is just as much about feeling needs as it is getting topped ranked players in certain positions.

  15. 15

    Yikes, I should proof read. Obviously I meant to say filling needs rather than feeling them. Oops. 🙂

  16. 16

    Lets go back several years.Way before probation,which i recall you put yourselves on BECAUSE YOU GOT CAUGHT CHEATING,wasnt Bama like preseason number 3 or something?Then you get your asses handed to you by Ucla,and you only won like 3 or 4 games that season.How great was that recruiting class?As I said many times before,I have never followed recruiting that much,and that is the truth.Bama will most likely improve,and for your sake I hope they do,because if they dont and you constantly write AU related columns,you may be the one to replace Phillip Marshal as Auburns beat writer at the Huntsville Times.

  17. 17

    Lets try this. It should shed some light on the situation. This is what Phil Marshall and the
    Auburn faithful were saying before signing day:

    My favorite line in the whole article is….. “* Defensive back Neiko Lipscomb of Tucker, Ga., was ready to commit to Auburn earlier in the week. But there’s some question about WHETHER AUBURN HAS ROOM.” lol! I think out of that whole list he was the only one that ended up signing with Auburn……So what happened? Why couldnt TommyT.”the closer” sign some of these studs?
    I think that the funniest part of the whole sorry mess is the excuses that came out after signing day.

  18. 18

    Here is a quote just for you. From the desk of Phillip Marshall himself.

    “From Phillip M.: Surely, you guys don’t really believe coaches base any decisions on how many so-called stars a recruiting service gives a player.”

    Isnt it amazing how the truth can be bent?

  19. 19

    2 things I find amusing….

    1) Auburn has traditionally landed classes ranked in the Top 15-20 range with a Top 10 class mixed in from time to time. So, why is this past year such a big deal?

    2) Why do you Bammers care what Marshall, Goldberg or anyone else thinks? If you think that a #1 recruiting class means you will finally beat Auburn again…then good for you. Now, rally the troops and go win one. Until then, you guys haven’t proven anything!!!

  20. 20

    My goodness are we still on the recruiting NC? You got some good players to sign, whoopee! Everybody gets good players. The KEY is “what do you do with them AFTER you get them there” and in the case of Bammer, if you get them there! Develop those players and then we’ll see if they pan out.

    So Bammer fans think that playing their #1 recruiting class of freshmen against the rest of the league’s juniors, seniors and redshirt seniors will translate into a great 2008 season? If you think that, I’ve got a sub-prime loan or two I want to hook you up with.

    You may want to dog Shula but here is reality: Shula was a very good recruiter. His problem was that he could not develop them once they got to the Crapstone. What has Satan done to change that so far. Nothing!

    Keep dreaming and watch out for Clemson!

  21. 21
    Lee Freeman

    All this recruiting class BS I am tired of it when Lil NIcky doesnt win at BAMMA
    like You BAMMERS THINK are ya gonna run
    him out? You ll have to PULL SHANE AND PAUL off of his JOCK first…OH yea how many stars was MR ALABAMA JOHN PARKER???

  22. 22

    Dont worry guys, you dont have to try to excel. And there is no need to try to go after anything better than 2nd place in the SEC west. You’ve got 6 wins in a row over Bama. Why? Because Auburn cant do any better. ( I will say it again. AUBURN CANT DO ANY BETTER.) You have had years to get out from under Bama’s shadow and guess what…. after 6 years that is still how you measure your sucess at Auburn, by a dubious streak over Bama. You cant win the games that count. You are a perrinial also ran in the SEC and you dont have a chance in hell at the finishing in the top 10 this year much less playing for a NC.
    Win the Iron bowl this year. Next year a “real” Alabama team will show up and you may have to beg Pat Dye to return to coaching.

  23. 23
    Lee Freeman

    I am Starting to think TMC1 is Shanes alter ego….anyway if you look up winning percentages over the last 7 years you will see LIL NICKIE (whoa in the ass) is still behind Tuberville
    and the lying loser wont even give him a reach around YOUR A LOSER AND IN NOVEMBER

  24. 24

    The Alabama way of doing things, is to assume the best and immediately declare it a reality. Alabama has been “back” four or five times in the past 4 years, without ever really coming back. Who cares what Marshall said? Isn’t this the crapstone report. Why is everything about Auburn? I came over here to read up on the Tide yet I find nothing about the Tide.. it is all Auburn. I guess since your ass has been kicked so bad for the past 6 years, you have nothing else to speak of but the one who gave you all the ass kickings.

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