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Alabama has a busy recruiting weekend with visits from top national and local players. Alabama hosts Nick Fanuzzi (QB at Churchill in San Antonio, Texas), along with the state’s top-rated DL Sidell Corley of Mobile.

The southern part of the state is well-represented for weekend visits, with Corley, UMS-Wright’s Brandon Gibson, B.C. Rain’s Elliot McGaskin, O.S. Neal’s Jared Cooper, according to the Mobile Press-Register.

Mobile was open for raiding by Florida, LSU and other SEC powers before the arrival of Saban. Are those days over? Maybe not this recruiting season. But watch Saban build a fence around the state, which forces SEC opponents to have a more difficult time landing prospects.

And Saban isn’t just using this season just to recruit players. No, he is recruiting coaches, writes the Birmingham News. The way Saban recruited reminds me of how hard Pat Dye worked during his early days at Auburn. Dye and his staff were everywhere on the recruiting trail. Alabama still did well in recruiting (even Ray Perkins and Bill Curry were able to land players.) But Dye pushed his staff everywhere–they weren’t going to miss a possible recruit.

Saban isn’t going to miss a player or a coach.

“He was everywhere,” Hoover coach Rush Propst said. “Everywhere you turned, you saw Nick Saban. Of course, you could probably say that about three or four states. He’s relentless.”