MSU fans upset after ‘Under the Lights’

Mississippi State fans are outraged at how Alabama posted in its locker room the MSU score from last season alongside the ULM score. MSU fans don’t like being compared to ULM. Here are a few samples of MSU anger pulled from a MSU message board. We’ve also included some helpful responses to the MSU complaints.

msu76 said..I have no respect for Saban or for the Bama Nation, which contains the biggest collection of rednecks and whiners in all of college sports.  So, they have been, and continue to be, dissed in this household.   Thus, his sophomorish coaching tactic here evokes more of a chuckle than an outrage.

Rednecks? Alabama fans.

MSU fans calling someone a redneck is like Rosie O’Donnell calling someone fat or ugly, or like Bill Clinton calling someone an adulterer, or…well, you get the idea.

DGTM99 said…so basically Saban is saying that Bama is so high and mighty that a lost to State is “humbling”????

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Umm. Yeah. You are Mississippi State. I hate to break it to you. But, you’ve mostly sucked for the last century. Alabama sucks now, but let’s be blunt here. Who would most teams rather lose to: Alabama or MSU?

Alabama just sounds better.

Appalachian State sounds better.

jbmsudawg …what’s he going to do when we continue to beat them?  Put up MSU wallpaper? …

Bama fans are so dilusional.  One of my good friends is a Bama fan(hate the sin, not the sinner).  He hated saban when he was at LSU.  He always used to point out how saban will say a comment and then give his best attempt at a GQ pose for the camera.  I had never noticed it until my friend pointed it out.  It is pathetically hillarious.  That guy is so full of himself.

It is far more delusional for MSU to think it will continue beating Alabama and Auburn, than for Tide and Tiger fans to expect to beat the Bulldogs every year.

Will MSU continue to beat Alabama? Maybe, but doubtful.

Truth is, I like Mississippi State fans. They are mostly harmless, and they know everything is better with more cowbell. However, beating Alabama and Auburn in the same season has made the Bulldogs more obnoxious than Ole Miss fans—and Starkville girls aren’t as hot as the ones in Oxford.


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    Having been to both Starkville and Tuscaloosa — I’ll take Starkville. While it’s harder to find cold beer there, I am also far less likely to get shot.

  2. 2

    This is all something out of nothing, inspired by the perpetual blowhard Kevin Scarbinsky. The implication is not that MSU is on the same level as Louisiana Monroe, but that Alabama was favored and lost a game it should have won. Together with the LaMonroe loss, the MSU defeat came in the middle of the infamous four game slide and symbolized last year’s failures: a lack of consistency and resiliency to finish strong.

    On the list of inner-conference enemies, MSU is pretty far down the list. I like Coach Crum, and its good to see a team that has been mediocre for so long win some games. But MSU still doesn’t get a lot of attention, and their in state rival is team irrelevant, so bulldog fans need something to get offended about and join the SEC fan fracas.

  3. 3

    If I had to pick between Auburn and Starkville, I’d take S-ville since there is a much greater chance I won’t have to endure cows obstructing traffic. That and racist frats in black face.

  4. 4

    I would take Auburn, but Tuscaloser is pretty nice also,if they would only do something about that smell of a dead Bear.

  5. 5

    Well Kevin – you left no doubt that you’re a damn hick. Good news is that the new by-pass takes you around the Poverty in Suckville.

  6. 6


    If a desire to avoid drive-by shootings makes me a “hick,” then that’s a new definition. I didn’t say I “liked” Starkville, I just said one is far less likely to be a victim of random violence there.

    TideDruid – Plenty of cows and racists in Tuscaloosa county, dude. I find it hilarious that you all think T-town is somehow “sophisticated.” It’s a post-industrial toilet.

  7. 7


    you obviously never had to spend time at the Heart of Auburn hotel. That place will have you making deals with Jesus all night long.

    As for Tuscaloosa, we actually have things to do. Growing from a small town to a bigger business hub has its growing pains. Besides, you don’t even know where the dangerous areas are.

    Heck, my Auburn fan cousin got knifed in Auburn one night minding his own business talking to a friend in a car. Mix that with that car fire and murder, and you might have to say Auburn isn’t any safer as well.

  8. 8


    Opelika is the Harlem of Alabama. Aubarn is the deliverance land of Alabama.

    And will the Aubarn city officials ever do something about the juvenile graffiti colored all over the walls in downtown, here? Or do you guys feel the designs symbolize what Lee County, as a whole, represents? Not to mention downtown could easily rival New York City as far as who has the more thugs and homeless panhandlers goes; not to mention one end of your campus is infested with ghetto. The other end is trailer parks. And you should fear for your lives, especially when you have innocent students being murdered on the side of the interstate (the only interstate which intersects through Lee County). You tell me what’s worse?

    Alabama Polytechnic Institute looks like a brickyard puked onto a cow pasture.

    And last but not least, if you’re not a fan of rodeos, mud riding, hunting, racist frat parties, and a town/school lacking a proper nightlife for their students, I suggest you refrain from looking into attending The Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Aubarn.

  9. 9

    Kevin, for your very own information, both Tuscaloosa/Northport and Opelika/Aubarn scored an equal 14 points on the current property and violent crime rate.

    Keep in mind Tuscaloosa alone, nearly triples the size, in population, of both Aubarn and Opelika.

    So what do you have to say for yourself in response to that fact? I understand accepting the facts can be a female dog, can’t it?

  10. 10

    In all honesty, T-Town is more appealing to college students than Auburn is. Auburn has more of a laid back feel, opposite to T-Town which has more of a party feel to it. Especially during the fall; on the eve of a game, University Blvd, The Strip, and downtown is overflowing with people and sheer craziness. If a complete stranger, who is unfamiliar with college football, were to visit downtown Auburn on the eve of a game (which AU is actually centered around), they would never know a game was taking place on the next day. Plus there’s really no bar or club scene that’s worth while in Auburn. The SkyBar is pretty original, but nothing overly impressive and after living in the area for 13 years, no one above B status ever performed there. Plus, UA’s campus is magnificently gorgeous. It was rated the most beautiful campus in the SEC, and ranked 17th on the America’s most beautiful campuses list, being the largest University ranked in the top 25.

    As far as the MSU fan base is concerned, they’re not even worthy of a critical or uplifting conversation in my opinion.

  11. 11

    don’t forget this is moo-su we’re talking about. their fan base totals up more rednecks than alabama tech does.

    count this as my signature:

  12. 12

    So, uh…. your kinda scared of drive by violence in Tuscaloosa eh?
    Guess you’ve never been to places like New Orleans, Atlanta, or for that matter Birmingham without at least one change of underwear. Nice to see your “going places” with that Auburn Degree.

  13. 13

    Hamrick – You are greatly confused. The Auburn you describe does not exist. In fact, it sounds like Tuscaloosa, particularly the graffiti part. Downtown Auburn has upscale shops, restaurants, condos, and is quite clean and safe. Downtown T-town is dangerous and requires hordes of police to maintain public safety. It is filled with dive bars.

    And Amy – Last time I checked, Auburn was IN AUBURN, not Opelika. And UAT is IN Tuscaloosa, not Northport. Compare apples to oranges much? And yes, you are a female dog. Now get back to waiting tables.

  14. 14

    And tmc (again, since you are such a prolific poster of feces),

    I realize you have a reading comprehension issue, but if you go back and read SLOWLY you will notice that we were comparing Starkville to Tuscaloser on the “where are you more likely to get shot?” issue.

    And “your” not going to go far with that grammar problem, little dude. That Bammer Grammar is another hallmark of a UAT “edu-macation.”

  15. 17

    You backyard ignorant wannabe intellectual. I understand English just fine, as a matter of fact I have been to 3 other “english” speaking countries in the last year. And even in India, they speak better english than you do, you corn pone simpleton.
    You can explain grammer to me if you ever leave your mother’s trailer in Lee County. Until then try not to interrupt when the Adults are talking.
    By the way Bernie Mac called and he wants his joke back.

    P.S. Why do you even try, do you have a masochistic enjoyment of being embarrassed by your intellectual and social betters?

  16. 18


    If you are going to try to flame someone by claiming intellectual superiority, it’s a good idea to spell-check it first, goober. I doubt I could explain GRAMMAR to anyone who can’t even spell it.

    Your obvious anger belies your insecurities. Or perhaps multiple head injuries. Either way, it’s hilarious.

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