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MSU fans upset after ‘Under the Lights’

Mississippi State fans are outraged at how Alabama posted in its locker room the MSU score from last season alongside the ULM score. MSU fans don’t like being compared to ULM. Here are a few samples of MSU anger pulled from a MSU message board. We’ve also included some helpful responses to the MSU complaints.

msu76 said..I have no respect for Saban or for the Bama Nation, which contains the biggest collection of rednecks and whiners in all of college sports.  So, they have been, and continue to be, dissed in this household.   Thus, his sophomorish coaching tactic here evokes more of a chuckle than an outrage.

Rednecks? Alabama fans.

MSU fans calling someone a redneck is like Rosie O’Donnell calling someone fat or ugly, or like Bill Clinton calling someone an adulterer, or…well, you get the idea.

DGTM99 said…so basically Saban is saying that Bama is so high and mighty that a lost to State is “humbling”????

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Umm. Yeah. You are Mississippi State. I hate to break it to you. But, you’ve mostly sucked for the last century. Alabama sucks now, but let’s be blunt here. Who would most teams rather lose to: Alabama or MSU?

Alabama just sounds better.

Appalachian State sounds better.

jbmsudawg …what’s he going to do when we continue to beat them?  Put up MSU wallpaper? …

Bama fans are so dilusional.  One of my good friends is a Bama fan(hate the sin, not the sinner).  He hated saban when he was at LSU.  He always used to point out how saban will say a comment and then give his best attempt at a GQ pose for the camera.  I had never noticed it until my friend pointed it out.  It is pathetically hillarious.  That guy is so full of himself.

It is far more delusional for MSU to think it will continue beating Alabama and Auburn, than for Tide and Tiger fans to expect to beat the Bulldogs every year.

Will MSU continue to beat Alabama? Maybe, but doubtful.

Truth is, I like Mississippi State fans. They are mostly harmless, and they know everything is better with more cowbell. However, beating Alabama and Auburn in the same season has made the Bulldogs more obnoxious than Ole Miss fans—and Starkville girls aren’t as hot as the ones in Oxford.

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