Hunter: reaction to Shane’s latest

Tubby’s a cowboy who has fired his six shots
By Hunter Ford

I loved Shane’s latest: Tubby’s a desperate cowboy! The column and the following commentary make me want to break out in song.

“Me and Billy The Kid, we never got along…I didn’t like the way he cocked his hat and he wore his gun all wrong.”- Joe Ely

Tubby’s latest antics in Iraq, and some of the statements he made about not really liking the media, recalled memories of the first time I ever saw Tubby “The Wing Nut Kid.”

Tubby was embarking on his first season as Auburn coach and he came to Eufaula to talk to the local Quarterback Club. I remember him making the bold claim that he would win a national championship. He also made some derogatory remarks about the media.

I was a reporter for the Eufaula Tribune, sent there to cover the speech. I don’t think Tubby was aware that there was a reporter present. When I asked him about his comments about the media, he seemed caught off guard.

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I have not interviewed him since then (nearly ten years ago) but following from afar, I see his M.O. of using the media to his advantage, then downing it behind the scenes (or when he thinks he’s behind the scenes (there’s a live mike there Tubby!)

The media, primarily Paul Finebaum, saved Tubby’s job during Jet Gate. The media has helped him in many other ways. When Tubby has a publicity stunt up his sleeve, the media has always been more than happy to play along.

But you know what happens to “River Boat Gamblers” that get caught with an extra ace under the cuff?

And there are only six shots in the standard pistol- correct?

Next time he pulls the trigger…click…click…click.

“Well I came up with a fool proof scheme…we’ll rob Wells Fargo, it’s busting at the seams.
Billy went for his gun, but he wore it all wrong.”

Tubby knows that the media is a coiled rattlesnake. It will be ready to strike if he gets too close.

“I admit that I framed him, I have no remorse… It was my way at getting back at the man who stole my horse…
Me and Billy The Kid, we never got along.”

Here’s another song a famous Cowboy used to sing. Ready Dandy Don?

“Turn out the lights…the party’s over…they say that all good things must end.”