Tuberville: misanthrope

Tommy Tuberville told the troops he hates the media.

Yes. You read that correctly. Tuberville hates the media.

You know, the media—the guys who saved his job by exposing Jetgate. The guys who make excuses for his horrible 2008 recruiting class.

Who knew that Tuberville and Saban have so much in common?

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Tuberville doesn’t pull any punches in his talk with the troops, as chronicled by Ivan Maisel.

The one thing I don’t like a lot is the media. There is a lot I don’t like because they really don’t have a clue about what they’re talking about most of the time.

Tuberville has a point. There are plenty of mental lightweights on the Auburn beat.

And how does Tuberville feel about recruiting rankings and scouts?

They are idiots too!

Those five stars tend not to be five stars. [They’re] ranked by somebody if they knew anything about football, they wouldn’t be ranking players anyway. They’d be coaching.

Tuberville has turned into as much of a misanthrope as Nick Saban.

What’s next? Berating reporters at media days?

Maybe I’ll ask him about expectations for 2008.


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  1. 1

    Come on! Someone on this site please be just a little objective… just once for crying out loud. There is a BIG difference between “There is a lot I don’t like” and “hating.” Likewise, I wouldn’t say that “…if they knew anything about football, they wouldn’t be ranking players anyway. They’d be coaching” suggests that he is berating anyone. You guys are really reaching now.

  2. 2

    Come on! Relax a little. Tuberville doesn’t like the media. Saban doesn’t like the media. Tuberville doesn’t like recruiting services. He thinks he knows more.

    He sounds a lot like Nick Saban.

    If he is like Nick…maybe if sufficiently provoked he’d react like Nick. 😉

    Besides, it wasn’t meant as anything than a lighthearted look at something interesting Tuberville said in Maisel’s excellent coverage of the coaching roundtable.

  3. 4

    Horrible relative to his chief rivals: Georgia and Alabama. When Auburn doesn’t get a single recruit Alabama wanted—it was a disaster. Unless you are Phillip Marshall. Then it was a super amazing fantastic class!!!

  4. 5

    This is all about biting the Hand that feeds Tommy’s rather big Mouth. Hell – if ONLY he could be put under the microscope by all those fawning suck ass Auburn Media and Fans (sic) Oh well.

  5. 6

    In 2005 and 2006 when Auburn had top ten recruiting classes, all the Barnies could say was “Look at all them stars” Now that Bama has recruited a higher ranked team, suddenly the stars dont matter anymore.
    Just one more example of the Aubbo’s reinventing the truth because something didnt go their way.
    I remember before signing day, back when the Aubbo faithful thought they had a chance at getting players like Julio (5 star) or Jerrell Harris (4 star) or Enrique Davis (four star) They acted just like they do now over Terrence Coleman or Raymond Cotton now. I am clearly starting to see that the only time stars and recruiting services matter is when they make Tommy Tuberville look good.

  6. 7

    Stars never mattered before Alabama’s sanctions and now that nothing is holding us back, stars no longer matter anymore, according to the average Barnzoe. However, during 2002-2006, all we heard was “Look at those stars, Tubby only shoots for the stars, mommy and daddy we pulled in a better recruiting class than big brother, even though they were limited to who and what they could recruit.”

    As you said, the Barnies “reinvent” the truth. If Tuberville could really defeat high quality talented teams as they say, he surely had a hard time doing so at Ole Miss, and even so at the Opelika Polytechnic Institute before the heart of our sanctions kicked in.

    Barnies have a strong tendency of swaying back and forth on certain beliefs.

  7. 8

    Tuberville probably also told the troops that he loves hunting as well — even more so than recruiting!

  8. 9

    Cap, that was actually a pretty funny point. It is pretty rare to hear Tubs say something directly negative about the media. When he does, he’s usually taking a unspoken backhand at Finebaum. I think everyone would agree that it’s amazing that Finebaum has become such an influence despite his utter lack of knowledge of the game.

    As to recruiting, Tubs has said the same thing every year about “stars” despite the rank of his recruiting class. He retells the same story every year about the recruiting classes at Miami never being ranked in the top 10. It’s also true that the “5 stars” are duds more often than they are successful.

    Tubs is also right about those recruiting services. You Bama fans do understand that Rivals and Scout sell their services for money, right? Of course you do, the bama fans paid the monthly overhead of those publications by themselves this year. You do understand that it’s a smart business move for them to puff up the rankings of schools that have rabid fans to sell more subscriptions, right? Hmmm, wonder if their subscriptions would increase if they puffed up a school that jammed in 92,000 to see a freakin’ scrimmage? BTW, I’m not saying that Bama didn’t have a great recruiting class this year. But if anyone out there doubts that some of these recuits “star rankings” are dependent upon what school they sign with, do a little research before you post your pissing and moaning about jealousy and sour grapes in response to my post.

    BTW Cap, props for your repeated references in Finebaum’s column today. (Yes, I read it, I’m so ashamed). He keeps boosting this blog up like that and I’m gonna wonder if someone’s got pictures of Finebaum in a compromising position.

  9. 10


    Disliking the media and being an arse to them are 2 different things!!! I dislike a lot of people that I have to deal with all the time and I treat them with respect. IMO Tubby has always had a good respectful relationship with the media…I cannot say the same for Saban so I don’t think they are very much alike in that category.

    As for the recruiting rankings…well Tubby said what I have said for years…If these recruiting gurus are so good at what they do why hasn’t a college or pro team hired them?

  10. 12
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    Yes there are pictures. FineScum, Dick Karly and Shane were in Karley’s hot tub with Satan and the cameras rolling. FineScum stayed underwater the longest which is why Satan lets FineScum keep on loving him. (With weekly hot tub visits of course).

    Clemson is waiting.

  11. 13

    Why did Alabama have such a great recruiting year? The way I see it is when Bama came off the “NCAA Repeat Offender” calendar Feb. 2007 the REC money began to flow! Alabama has playing time to sell and cash to burn.

    I would not bet against a few other things that are going on too!

    1. Coaches and HS Principals are receiving REC cash for pushing players and maybe doctoring transcripts.

    2. Players are driving Automobiles that are registered to others to hide extra benefits.

    3. Parents are getting the “NO Work, High Pay” jobs from REC bosses.

    In my book, Character Players win over players who knowingly take extra benefits. These players know who they are.

    So you BammerNecks enjoy the success off the field while the NCAA lets these violations pile up enough to bury the Tide for good.

    Oh what a day that will be.

  12. 14

    Julio your theory makes perfect sense except one small detail. The kids are usually rated before they commit. Not after. Which means that Alabama has no control over what the Services say.

    Julio, I am about to demonstrate the difference between what CTT says and what he actually does.
    Here is the list of prospects Auburn was recruiting last year.

    I guess CTT does look at those stars after all eh?
    Julio, for lack of a better way to put it, everybody else in the real world outside of Aubboville knows that CTT basically shit his pants last year. He looked absurd on signing day. And then he trotted out the Auburn press to cover up for him. It is no secret, and everyone knows it. Stop being a patsy. There is a whole world out here and it is time you joined “our” reality instead of the one that Phillip Marshall has fed you to keep you complacent.

  13. 15

    If you want to read a great article about how much recruiting matters, read SMQs take.

    I think the thing that everyone forgets is how high the failure rate actually is in college. Most HS football players will never be able to perform at the college level anywhere near the level they performed at in high school. The problem is no one remembers the 3-star kid who failed to ever become a start; instead we all remember that 5-star player who never amounted to anything. The truth however is that if you continue to recruit at a high level over time you will usually see a correlation into more wins, much like Auburn has seen.

    By the way whoever said Tuberville never has spoken about recruiting rankings is being disingenuous. Tuberville, just like every other coach including Saban has used them as evidence that they are doing the right things. I even remember Spurrier talk about recruiting rankings two years ago when USC had a really good year recruiting. The fact is coaches, like most people will place facts in the best light.

  14. 16

    You have got to be kidding, right?

    I have to ask this on behalf of the rest of us.

    I (like most people) dont even bother to look at your posts anymore because you just make wild accusations that you know damn good and well arent true. You are life’s proverbial neighbor who has been kidnapped by aliens. Arent you?
    I am sure you think that your Bammerneck conspiracy theories are insightful and revealing, but actually they are Grand Mall shitheadedness on your part. You are the prime example of Aubbos who reinvent the truth. Instead of concerning yourself with what Nick Saban, you might need to start concerning yourself with your lazy impotent Coach who has to make excuses for everything he does.

    Here is your concern. If CTT was so damn GREAT like Phil and the other Auburn beat writers claim, why cant he do any better than 2nd place in the SEC west almost every year? It not like he hasnt had 10 friggin years to get it right is it?

  15. 17

    I knew I would get to you TMac, but my comments are more than talk.

    I would guess your thoughts are that Bama’s recruiting is ALL LEGIT because Bama is Bama. Right? Figures.

    Everything I said is exactly what occurred in Memphis. I am saying the same is going on in Mobile and Gadsden (JH)too.

    If the MEDIA was not so concerned with suxing the pricks of the delusional Bama crazies like yourself, then these stories would be reported on.

    To think Shane or ALLEN of this Crapstone website are legitimate members of the media, then I think you bumped your head.

    By the way, that lazy, impotent CTT just put seven fingers in your candyass face. There is nothing (even BAMA cheating) that is going to stop SEVEN! That will be 8 out of 10. I don’t think any of those 2 loses kept Auburn from winning the WEST.

  16. 18

    Gee tmc, what reality are you speaking of when you say “our reality”? Is that the reality that forgets that Auburn has spanked that a$$ for 7 of the last 8 years? Is that the reality that has forgotten that Bama lost to LaMo last year? Is that the reality that thinks your gonna line up a bunch of true freshmen that just went to the prom last week and win a NC this year?

    As to your comment about stars being assigned to recruits before they commit, you’ve done nothing but prove my point about needing to do a little research before opening your pie hole. These recruiting analysts are constantly on the phones with these recruits, and their parents, and their cousins, hs coaches, whoever they can to get an indication from of where they are leaning. For God sakes, the services even list the degrees of interest that the recruits have in particular schools before they commit. You think Scout and Rivals don’t boost a recruit’s star rating that’s leaning towards Bama rather than Ole Miss? Finally, it’s not uncommon for a 2 star that commits very early in the procees to find himself promoted to a 3 or 4 star by the time signing day rolls around if he signs with a school like Bama or Florida that has fans that spend their lunch money on subscriptions to Scout and Rivals. I bet Cap would even begrudgingly admit that I am correct on this.

    BTW, nice use of the “F” word in your last post. Go back to your trailer, redneck. I hope Cap will clean that trash up.

  17. 19

    ahh. “6 in a row”, The Auburn excuse for being the yearly also-ran in the SEC west. So? We lost to LaMo by 7 points, We lost to Auburn by 7 points too…Must be nice for you guys knowing that in your milestone victory of the year you equaled LaMo.
    Guess what guys, the only people who care about the sreak are….Aubbos.
    Do you think it made any sort of difference on signing day, (or even now) when blue chip recruits walk by CTT and his world famous “spread” to sign with anybody BUT Auburn.
    2008seven, 6downnow7 how many screen names do you need to agree with yourself and say the same things over and over?

    And Julio, the name says it all,JULIO (as in Jones?) 5 stars and one of the top picks last year. If you are so proud of the recruiting that ol’ CTT does, why not change your name to T’Sharvin?
    Every time you bring up the streak you reaffirm that Bama is your measuing stick for success.
    Maybe… just maybe….instead of pointing and making references to LaMo, shouldnt you be wondering why mighty Auburn couldnt do any better than LaMo did against Bama….? Oh yeah…. I forgot, that would be too much like being right.

  18. 20

    Barnies should concern themselves more so with the steps The Polytechnic Institute of Opelika, Alabama is taking to prevent their players from falling under the ineligibility belt.

    Barnie logic: Whenever Alabama one ups them in anything as far as head-to-head competition goes, it’s because we cheated. After we drill their air-headed bodies into the ground this year, it’ll be because the refs were on our side; or a fan used a laser pointer to distract Kodi Burns on each down; or Nick Saban spied on Auburn during their Iron Bowl preparation; or (the classic Tuberville excuse from 2001) we didn’t inform the opposition on who the starting qb would be prior to the game.

    That’s a typical symptom of a severe inferiority complex case.

  19. 21
    UGA in T-town

    Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?! Awbums are are the modern day definition of excuse… Excuses are their way of life. They point out every single flaw in a game, transforming it into a irrelevant excuse as to why they lost. Oh, the refs really screwed them against LSU… YEAH RIGHT! You wanna talk about cheating, let’s talk about chop blocking Glen Dorsey, SHORTLY AFTER HE RETURNED TO THE GAME AFTER A HAMSTRING INJURY IN THE FIRST HALF!!! And what about the UF game? Does the cleanest coach in the game, Tommy Tuber-ears, not condone of chop blocking? When your coach allows his players to stomp the logo of his opposition, run around holding up fingers acting as if they’d never won a game in their life, arrogantly taunting the losers, firing up a cigar in Tiger Stadium after his first SEC win at Awbum, and not taking any major actions toward a sociology scandal that helped his “undefeated” team out in 2004, the common fan would think chop blocking is a method taught by the riverboat gambler himself. Excuses are their way of life, just like they blamed their coach for the MSU, USF, and UGA losses last season. UGA has owned you for the past two years, and it hasn’t been close. The lack of preparation is no excuse, neither is your coach losing the game for you. Oh and excuses doesn’t only come from the fans, do y’all remember when Tommy T once blamed everyone but himself for a loss before he reached nationally relevant status? I’ll never forget the most classic blame, “I wouldn’t start Jason Campbell if this was high school.” The bums excuse their way through every season, and sometimes they’ll even get so far ahead of themselves, they’ll make up an excuse for a win. And the excuse making didn’t just start yesterday, it started the day A-MOO’s first football team took the field. And nothing will ever change…

  20. 22


    Don’t forget L-M is taking a trip down to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute Jordan-Hare Pasture this year. After the endless talk about the Alabama loss to L-M coming directly from Opelika, Alabama, I won’t even laugh when they play API down to the wire, and possibly upset them.

    After all, using their analysis against them, a roughing the passer call (which clearly was bogus) on an incomplete pass on 4th down (ironic?) gave them new life and sealed the deal for another hairline win. And this WAS against the same team L-M pretty much had defeated from the get-go.

    FEAR THE WARHAWKS! Oh, and MSU will be looking to extend that winning streak to two games, so be on the lookout for the mighty cowbells also!!!

  21. 23

    Tuberedneck hates the media because they view him as he truly is: the mediocre coach from Ole Miss.

    I find it ironic how he “shot for the stars” during the years our program was in shambles. Yet, during the first official recruiting season, without the NCAA burden on our backs, he’s all about character and proper evaluation

    That’s just a childish excuse. Though I can’t recall this for certain, but I’m sure before the beginning of our probationary period, character and proper evaluation was all that mattered then (which is why his rear end was on the hot seat). Luckily for him, we extended his contract and popularity in the eyes of the dysfunctional Barnie family.

  22. 24

    tmc1, I am speechless. I thoughtI had seen some self defeating arguments in my time, but you have taken it to a new dimension of stupidity. You have repeatedly said that Auburn sucks based upon the fact that they couldn’t beat Bama any more easily than LaMo. Do you truly not understand that you are disparaging your own team in that analysis? Do you truly not understand that you are saying that your own team sucks worse than lowly La-Mo by making that argument? I’ll give you this, you are correct that Auburn should be embarrassed that they didn’t beat Bama by a larger margin. As you stupidly remind all of AU fans, we’re talking about a Bama squad that was soundly beaten by a team that went 6-6 playing a Sunbelt Conference schedule, and whose only other wins came against La-La, Grambling, Fla Atlantic, Fla Intl, & Ark. State. They lost a squeaker to Tx A&M by a razor thin margin of 55-14. You remember Dennis Franchione, right?

    Finally, I love how you make excuses for last year’s IB loss, and then try to cover your tracks by saying that you’re using AU’s analaysis by doing so. As you have for 7 of the past 8 years, and will do again this year, all the Bama fans can do is make excuses, pat them selves on the back for only getting spanked by single digits, and come up with whimsical little names for Auburn. Keep it up, redneck. It’s been almost 2700 days and counting since Bama has won an Iron Bowl. I guess you can get pretty good at making excuses in that amount of time. (BTW, I love your attempted MSU jab, all the while forgetting that Bama has a 2 game losing streak to them. What a genius. Oh well, I guese we should all be glad you didn’t drop an “F” bomb in your last post. I suppose that’s progress.)

  23. 25
    Tyler The Golden Knight

    Tuberville is simply trying to follow in Nick Saban’s footsteps.

    Next thing you know he’ll be wearing a script A straw hat on the practice field.

    End of discussion.

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