Tuberville’s mouthpiece goes underground

By Shane from Centerpoint
Somebody call a doctor. Auburn head football coach Tommy Tuberville is going to need one soon. First he allows Alabama coach Nick Saban to whip him so badly on the recruiting trail that he has to invent nonsensical, idiotic reasons for not wanting to recruit the best of the best players (whatever floats your boat Tommy). Now, on the media front, he is about to lose his finest “hard-fighting” soldier. With the imminent departure of Phillip Marshall from the “Huntsville Times”, the Tubmeister stands to lose his right-hand propaganda man.

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In the past, whenever Tuberville had a potentially negative situation develop, he could always depend on Phillip to put a positive spin on the issue. Marshall was Tommy’s best and most effective apologist among a small, closed group of newspaper journalists willing to tow the Auburn party line.

Turberville can’t be happy, while the “Jet Gate” power players – who are always sharpening their knives for the kill – must be licking their chops. In between Tommy and that vicious group stands the public perception of Tuberville as a beloved coach, revered by all who are Auburn. In charge of protecting that fragile buffer sits Marshall, who leads a group that includes Charles Goldberg and Justin Moon. It is clearly evident when you read their work that these three definitely get their marching orders from Tommy. They serve as extensions of Tuberville and usually transmit to the masses exactly what Tommy wants them to hear.

Is the top Tiger nervous? If he’s not, maybe he should be. There is no way to paint a pretty picture when losing an ally with the clout Marshall carries with the general public. It could take years for a new writer to establish the same amount of public trust that Phillip Marshall commands.

Considering the fact that Moon and Goldberg are far less effective communicators, Tubby no longer has a heavy hitter in his “inner circle” to help him with damage control. One thing is for sure – two Mickey Mouses don’t equal one King Kong.

The evidence of Marshall’s departure will begin to show the first time something happens down on the Plains and Tuberville wants to control the overall perception of that incident. Without Phillip to rely upon Tommy’s version of the event may not be taken as seriously as before, when Marshall practically served as his public relation’s spokesman.

Who knows? Maybe Tubs has someone in mind to replace Marshall. If he does, will the new guy be willing to sell out and follow the party plan? Will Tubby and Phillip’s replacement become joined at the hip? When all is said and done, the potentially negative aspects of the deal might far outweigh the positives.

It has been speculated that Mr. Marshall is going to take his talents to the Internet. He is set to write for an ESPN affiliation called Auburn Undercover. This move by Marshall indicates that he is aware of the ever-increasing popularity of the new sports medium. It also serves to permanently link Marshall to Auburn. Apparently ESPN hired him because they feel he is entirely pro-Auburn. It has been rumored for years that Phillip Marshall is an Aubie homer. This latest move should remove all doubt.

Will Marshall have the same impact in the electronic media as he enjoyed through traditional methods? Better yet, does his former and possible future commander, Tommy Tuberville, even own a computer?

Most coaches would admit that it pays to have a high-ranking friend in the press. This guy was Tubby’s red-necked version of a team spokesman.

From all indications this latest move by Marshall has to be making a conservative control freak like Tuberville nervous. The Internet is not structured or regulated like the print media, which could create all kinds of potential problems for Tommy when he tries to get his message to the masses.

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  1. 1

    The psychological damage of Auburn beating uat six times in a row has really pushed you over the edge. You need serious help with your penis-envy of Coach Tubberville. uat fans are embarrased by you. Auburn fans just laugh at you. You are a waste of good oxygen.

  2. 2


    First, you calling someone else a redneck is hilarious.

    Second, not sure if Tubby has a computer or not, but I do know he has a shirt with a “6” on the back!

    Third, I am sorry that you are jealous of Marshall and Auburn. All I can say is keep trying and maybe someday you will get a writing job that pays. What did I just type? No you will not, you got taken off of PF and picked up by this site. You are a joke!!! As for your jealousy of Auburn, I promise that Bammer will beat Auburn again and then everything will be okay. What did I just type? No it will not, you will still be selling ice!!!

  3. 3

    Under Our Thumb….I mean “Pick a Finger”.
    Shane you are the ultimate Pussy! I guess you will have to buy a membership to see what CTT is up to now.

    PS. Tray Blackmon is going to kick your ASS!

  4. 4
    Ballplay indian

    O.K. ???? Let me try to get this. Shane from Centerpoint is hacking on someone for spinning their opinion on a coach or football team. Is it just me or does anyone else see the irony dripping from this ? Phillip Marshall doesnt spin 1/10 of the B.S. that you do Shane. If he did, he only builds up Tubbs. He definitaly does not bash the Tide in his articles. It is absolutely mind boggling and hyper – hypocrytical for you to even post this crap. Question; What is the difference between Phillip Marshall and Shane from Centerpoint? Answer; Phillip Marshall is relevent. If you are a journalist then Jerry Springer is an award winnig anchorman. Pot and kettle you know. And exactly what does Tubberville have to be afraid of anyhow? He has done pretty well as of late and really doesnt need any more good P.R. Now your boy Saban is the one under the gun my friend. Another loss to a LA. Monroe caliber team and the honeymoon will be over. Another loss (and it will happen) to A.U. and the honeymoons over. Another loss to L.S.U. and the honeymoons over. Saban will get to see first hand real soon just how unrealistic Bama and its fans are. Facts and stuff are a bummer right?

  5. 5

    Who the hell is “Justin” Moon? The Ice Boy must be talking about Josh Moon from the Montgomery Advertiser. Newsflash genious, he doesn’t even cover Auburn for the Advertiser. Jay G. Tate does, and you’ll do nothing but prove you’ve never read Tate’s articles if you call him a homer. Josh Moon covers Alabama State for the Advertiser, or at least he does until they dismantle the athletics dept. there. Why don’t you be honest and explain why you want to take a swipe at Josh Moon? It’s because he wrote a scathing editorial about what a pompous jerk Little Nicky is last year, and half the bama nation called the Finebaum show pi$$ing, crying, and making death threats afterwards. In the process, you bammer idiots plucked this lowly beat writer for ASU out of obscurity and made him a household name across the state. Can’t wait to see what the bammers will do for an encore. Maybe put up a billboard in downtown Tuscaloosa with a picture of Logan Young sitting in Albert Means’ lap.

  6. 6
    Dr Mos

    All together now…Shane is not a journalist…does not claim to be a journalist. Phillip Marshall is a journalist…he claims to be a journalist. See the difference aubie? I didn’t think so……quack quack.

  7. 7

    Marshall personally sees the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Since, 2004, Tubby’s regular season record is progressively declining, year by year. Marshall knows, behind the Alabama sanction’s curtain that serves as a cover up for Tubby, is slowly raising.

    Tuberville, today, is still the same mediocre coach he was at Ole Miss.

    Just as soon as his mesmerizing SIX* game winning streak over Alabama reaches it’s inevitable end, the AUtards will begin to scratch their half-brained heads, and turn on him, just as they did prior to the bottomless downfall of the Alabama football program.

    Alabama Tech (API) will then be out of a coach, and out of an already uncertain future. He won’t have the luxury of bailing out, the way in which Pat Dye did by using “retirement” as a cover-up, after being exposed as a cheater and ultimately having his overrated ass handed to him by a man known as Gene Stallings.

  8. 8

    What idiot with the Capstone Report agreed to let a moron like Shane spew his Fartbaum like bull shit on this site. Shane you make true Alabama fans reqret their association with the tide. Get a life and go back to what you do best, flip burgers as Mickey “D”‘s.

  9. 9

    Anyone care to join me in restarting the countdown to jet-gate?

    Barnies, be prepared to welcome in Mark Mangino, with arms wide open. Also, please be sure to kindly grant him free admission into one of your Alabama Polytechnic Institutute of Aubarn rodeos, located behind the Good Ole’ Boy’s Restaurant, hosted by none other Alabama Polytechnic Institute itself.

    The return of jet-gate is near…

  10. 10
    m johnson

    Your emphatuation with Auburn is scary.
    You speak and write of things that you have no knowledge of. You’re a sad little man. And you say Auburn pays too much attention to Bammer??????IDIOT

  11. 11


    You know as well as I do there has to be at least someone who’s willing to ridicule and humiliate those who are less fortunate than us (Barnie fans) — and that lucky individual is Shane from Centerpoint.

  12. 12

    2004 – 13-0 Three
    2005 – 10-3 Four
    2006 – 11-2 Five
    2007 – 9-4 and Six
    That’s some declining progression there genius!


    OOOOOOOOOO that Mezzzzzzmurizzzzzzing Six game win streak will Inevitably move to Seven, Eight, Nine and …. oooooooooooooo Ten…Kyle is such a dummy and makes noooooooo sennnnnnse!

    One thing is for certain, that last DAFanInNYC post needs a translator. Believe me; Bama will never survive another JetGate.

    Dream Until Your Dreams Come True. Dream On Dream On!

  13. 13

    Obviously, Marshall is growing tired and weary from painting Tuberville a pretty artistic image on a frequent basis – that, or, he finally visited Opelika for a weekend and seen first hand how big of a joke that “city” actually is.

  14. 14

    Tuberville was officially on the hotseat immediately following the Kansas State game. Then came the USF and MSU losses, and the dysfunctional AUtarted family begin to ponder, “Is this man really who we depict him out to be?”

    Luckily for him, Cox managed to get his act and ability together (and Will Muschamp’s explosive defense carried API’s lackluster offense on their back throughout the entire season as well); and we were all fortunate enough to witness Kodi Burns’ failure to successfully lead API through the first half of the New Mexico State University game.

    If Tony Franklin is a bust (probable), you guys can bet your lives Tuberville will have no where else to run. And after his first loss to Alabama (since before our probationary sentence), after a six consecutive game win streak, this season, retirement will be his only alternative. Tuberville even said it himself back in 2004 (though this isn’t verbatim), “restrictions has really held this program (Alabama) back from competing at full force.” Therefore, he knows how and why his status elevated from zero to hero. He also knows his days being 33-5 over a 4 or 5 year period are coming to an end as well.

    You can bank on that!

  15. 15

    I hate to be one of the many ‘Bama fans to piss on you barnies’ six* in a row parade, but you guys are constantly pulling out all the stops to fool no one other than yourselves. If there wasn’t some fearful sense of insecurity, or fear itself, buried down inside of you, you guys wouldn’t waste your valuably precious time reading up on current Alabama news and continuously making it publicly known that you’ve won the previous six* meetings against us. That’s evidential proof you guys are in a severe state of panic. I can’t imagine what your reactions will be after you first Iron Bowl loss, since 2001, not only that, I can’t wait to experience the reactions either!

  16. 16

    The 6 in a row streak is the single greatest accomplishment in Aubbo history. They have gotten a lot of mileage out of this monumental tribute to mediocrity. Acting as though beating a team that is winning slightly above .500 is some great accomplishment. But then again, isnt that the way of the Aubbo? Making a big deal out of the most ordinary and average things? It doesnt matter what Aubbos do, they always try to embellish or reinvent it like it is some Epic accomplishment.
    Wow they went undefeated.
    Big Deal. Before the Bowl games USC, Oklahoma, Boise State and Utah were all undefeated. Guess who put up the biggest stink and showed the least class when they didnt get picked?

    The “Spread” offense.
    So did Tony Franklin invent it? Oh let me guess… Now that Auburn has it they will out pass Texas Tech and out run West Virgina. Leave it to an Aubbo to brag about something that other teams have been doing for years.

    Last year Al Borges and Will Muschamp were the greatest coordinators ever.
    This year Tony Franklin and Paul Rhodes are the greatest coordinators ever.

    Auburn is Running Back U!!!
    (Forget that school in California.)

    “The Tiger Walk is the most copied tradition in college football”
    That is why Auburn copied it from Ohio State.

    May 22, 2007 Brandon Cox will be the greatest SEC QB ever!!
    May 22, 2008 Kodi Burns will be the greatest SEC QB ever!!!

    The great Auburn tradition.
    Since 1960. wow some tradition.

    Go on Aubbos, yuck it up over your 6 win streak, The rest of the english speaking world recognizes you for what you are, and that is “The Spam of College Football”.

  17. 17

    Shane criticizes Phillip Marshall, Tommy Tuberville, and the Auburn Nation for doing exactly what the losers in Tuscaloosa have been doing for years. Alabama’s propaganda machine has been spinning their webs of deception for years on end. I am not an old man, but I remember when that old drunk coach retired… What was his name? Oh Yea… Bahr… I remember that Ray Perkins was basically hand picked by the Bahr, when that didn’t pan out, Bill Curry was brought in. Now I am not going to try to make people believe that Bill Curry was the best choice, but the bottom line is that he was forced to resign because he could not beat Auburn. Bill Curry was 10-0 going into the first Iron Bowl in Auburn in 1989. After losing to Auburn 30-20, and being thumped in the Sugar Bowl, Curry packed his bags and headed to Kentucky. Then Gene Stallings takes over and all seems right. After all, he came from Texas A&M a la the Bahr, and with all the pride aside he delivered a National Championship to the Turds using Bill Curry’s players. After Stalling’s exited stage left, Turd homer Mike DuBose stepped in and was probably the absolute worse coach that has been there since the Bahr passed away. Now to Dennis Franchione, He could have been the best since the Bahr if it hadn’t been for a cover up and a web of lies spun by the PTB at UAT. So coach Fran, however controversial it was, returned the favor of the Bahr and bolted for Texas A&M. Mike Shula came in and was a media darling. Good looking, charming, a home boy, the son of an NFL Hall of Famer, he had it all, except a probation laden, immoral background. (I know that I left out the Mike Price story, that one needs no explanation) After being shunned by Rick Rodriguez, Mal Moore sold his soul to Satan… I mean Saban… While on paper and in the media he gets a pass, this is something that is a complete mystery to me. If Tommy Tuberville did half the things that Nick Saban has done, said half the things Nick Satan has said, or acted like half the ass that Nick Satan has acted, then he would have been grilled by ALL of the Alabama biased, crimson glasses wearing media, except for one Phillip Marshall. So shithead Shane, STFU!!!!!

  18. 18
    Ballplay indian

    TMC1 AND OTHER BAMMER GOOFS TO WHOM THIS MAY APPLY……For goodness sakes people listen to yourselves. Im going to try to explain to yall what you sound like. Yall sound like the kid at school that when he was in elementary picked on everyone else because maybe he matured a little quicker than everybody else. He had full run of the place and did as he pleased picking on eveyone. Then as everyone got older and got to where they could woop that tail he just couldnt accept it. He would get jackslapped and say “hey you better watch it I’m about to have to do something”. Knoiwing deep down that there wasnt a THING he could really do except get jackslapped. Please stop it with the “Veil will soon be raised on the Bama program and all will flee for their lives” CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!! No one and I mean NO ONE. FEARS, RESPECTS, OR IS INTIMIDATED BY YOUR FOOTBALL TEAM ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!! DO YALL GET IT!!!!!!!!NO ONE FEAR, RESPECTS OR IS INTIMIDATED BY NICK SABAN EITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!WE ARE NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE MIGHTY TIDE RAISING FROM THE ASHES LIKE THE MIGHTY PHEONIX CRAP EITHER !!!!!!!!!!!!! got it ??????????

  19. 20

    Some crimson-tard fan from Centerpoint, Alabama calling someone else a redneck? Now I’ve heard it all…I think I may have just shane’d my boxers….

  20. 21

    Who are you guys to call ANYONE a redneck (even each other) when you represent the biggest redneck college in America (Alabama Tech, Aubarn U, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Cow College U)?

    Seriously, how many schools (located in the woods), hosts “rodeos” for their students? How many schools vastly consists of cow pastures, trailer parks, and chicken houses?

    How many unsophisticated school’s frat students dress up as Klansmen and flaunt rebel flags on Halloween?

    They’d better check the chemicals they’re mixing in the manure down in C-Town (Cow Town), because it’s seriously affecting your brains in a way, unimaginable to mankind.

  21. 23

    i think the following video pretty much sums up “the polytechnic institute of alabama” and their deliverance-like inhabitants as a whole:

  22. 24
    Shane Crack Korn

    Shane for brains, why are you attacking your Daddy Tuberville? You said a couple of years ago that Tennessee was more of a rival than the Mighty AUBURN TIGERS. You said you loved your Uncle Phil as much as your Daddy Tubs. Is Coach Fulmer letting someone else breed Ole Smokey?


  23. 25
    Shane Crack Korn




    PS It hurts to keep losing to a COW COLLEGE. hehehehehe Ask Shane

  24. 26

    Anybody else notice how Shane posts positive replies to his own blog. What a moron. His posts have the same IP address. Shane, at least use a different computer dude. What an ass.

  25. 27
    Shane Crack Korn

    bamafaninnyc said “How many unsophisticated school’s frat students dress up as Klansmen and flaunt rebel flags on Halloween?”

    The Grand Wizard stood in the doorway at UAT in the sixies. It’s in the Alabama History books and is studied in public schools. Wait a minute….I know, I know, bama was on double secret probation when the Grand Master was burning the….uhh I mean making a speech.


  26. 28

    You really are a desperate BammerNeck. Keep up your fantasy about Auburn and Cows, Rodeos, barns and what ever your 40 IQ can spew from your halitosis latent mouth.

    Auburn is the fastest growing, has highest per capital income, has the best school systems in the United States.

    Tuscaloser is a smelly rundown shit hole with a nice campus in the middle. Tuscaloser makes New Jersey smell like paradise.

    How did you wind up in NYC? Were they recruiting Garbage men or something. They can have your sorry ass. Opelika is better off without low lifes like yourself.

    You’re choking on six and you better bend over for seven, eight and nine. I think KYLE the bama faggot would appreciate that last statement.

  27. 29


    You’re a moron, as usual. Seven and counting on the way. There’s no end in sight for the bloodied tahd.

  28. 30


  29. 31
    Shane Crack Korn


    Bend over, the White Trash is bringing seven, eight, and nine. When it gets to ten we will let the minorities paralyze you.

    “Keep it down around the ankles CUZZZZZ”

    Because it is coming.

  30. 32
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Shane, you said on FineScum this evening that you did not want to be called a Blogger. OK….IDIOT, Toothless Redneck, Tool, Momma’s Boy, FineScum’s GIMP.

  31. 33

    Shane Cock Korn,

    Why the homoerotic obsession? Does your backyard goat refuse your advances? Has selling your manhole to afford the gasoline in your jacked up 1986 Chevy pickup wharped you that bad? Or do you really still find such elementary humor funny? The simpliest minds are usually the crudest. Typical, classless barner redneck.

  32. 34
    Shane Crack Korn


    “Why the homoerotic obsession?”

    Because you don’t mind spending thousands of dollars on the Brown Hole. I just was making you feel at home in Southside. After about fifteen in a row we will have to bring in a Horse.

    “Keep it down to your ankles CUZZZZZ”

    I know it’s you Shane.

  33. 35

    I think our fellow Aubarn foes’ average age is ten. At least, that’s what I’m assuming judging by their ten year old-ish posts.

  34. 36
    Shane Crack Korn

    Hey Dye’s$man

    It’s Shane “Crack” Korn not Shane “Cock” Korn. You brought up your Obsession first. Down south it’s called a ding-dong. Go back up north you rascist wannabe winner.

    I know it’s you Shane

  35. 37

    mr. crackhead corn on the cob,

    i’d more ashamed of being a fan of that backwoods college than losing to it.

    regardless, your precious streak is at its climactic peak. in another words, you’re not going to win forever.

    soak up the sun while it’s still shining brightly upon your lovely little village(wire road)!

    PS: modern history shows us that tech fans still hold a strong grudge against minorities:

    funny thing is it’s not the first incident where tech has been called out by the black community in modern times.

    warrrrrrr damn eagle hey!

  36. 38

    I’m literally in utter awe reading some of the brain-dead statements coming from the corroded mouths of the “inbred nation”. How late does the Polytechnic Institute of Opelika’s library stay open anyway, because I know for a fact you guys aren’t picking up a wifi connection in your luxurious Wire Road double-wide suites–hell, even cellular service is hard to find on that campus.

    The garbage that is being spewed is identically similar to the same garbage that was spewed in 1989. Anyone recall the similar instances? But like we’ve done time and time again, we will simply do ALL OVER AGAIN: slap you back to reality and force you to crawl back into that little hole you were hibernating in before your fatherly institute suffered a near death experience.

    You guys are premiering a new starting quarterback who couldn’t QB his way through the first half against an unheard of New Mexico State team. He will be a bust, and Chris Todd will be even worse. In addition to that, Paul Rhodes won’t be able to pick up your offenses slack the way in which Will Mushroom did.

    And against Alabama last year, a bogus “roughing the passer” call on fourth down, ultimately led to our loss in the waning minutes of the game. You say it’s not bogus? I say you’re full of cow manure (which is true, anyway). I highly doubt Tubby the almighty will have the luxury of heavily relying on one of Alabama’s crucial in game errors, to seal a close deal.

    In closing, I’m happy we helped you illiterate fucks count to six, really I am; but now it’s time to see if you can do so, by having someone else count the numbers out for you, starting all over again.

  37. 39

    Those images and such really disgusts me. I always enjoy the rival razz, but after witnessing that, I’ll never look at Alabama Polytechnic Institute in the same light ever again. I understand back when segregation was an issue, many years ago, this was natural. But being a black man and seeing this nonsense TODAY, almost feels like a Bruce Lee kick in jewels. Barnies should be ashamed of themselves.

    Karma – What goes around, comes around!

  38. 40

    1) Kodi Burrrrrrns will Burrrrrrrn like one of your many barns did against LSU a few years back.

    2) Tuberville will set a new state duck hunting record.

    3) Barnies will continue to brainwash their very own selves into thinking rodeos are the best partying methods ever invented.

    4) Alabama Tech will lose to Alabama, and the jet engines will ignite – while Barnies are quick to claim the loss was a “conspiracy”.

    5) Alabama will spank Alabama Tech in recruiting for the second consecutive year, and Barnies will then notice the recruiting dust has settled and they will no longer outman Alabama in recruiting and Alabama is doing just as they did prior to their probationary sentencing.

    And last but not least…

    6) Alabama Tech will no longer center their thoughts about Alabama until they go on another briefly unstoppable roll, which won’t happen for at least another 20 years.

  39. 41

    They’ve got six*, we’ve got the all-time win record. We still own the Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cowgirls and they refuse to cope with that fact.

    The “streak” is all they have, and they boast that streak with indescribable pride, just to cover up the fact they’re on the all-time losing side. That and the fact they’re not accustomed to defeating Alabama, when Alabama is at their full strength. Needless to say they refuse to admit what it took for them to achieve such rare success over a team that spanked them 8 out of 12 times, before their streak and our program’s restrictions unfolded.

    As soon as their “streak” is over, they will have NOTHING, NADA! We, on the other hand, will have another W added into the all-time win column. Hence the reason they run amok like the wild pigs that they are, rubbing it in Alabama fans’ faces.

    So keep mooing up those six* wins, barnies, because after Alabama beats you back into your native barns, that streak will be long gone and so will everything you ever lived for! Suicide is the only solution!!! Moo me a river!!

  40. 42

    Like I said before….. To hear the Barnies tell it, everything they have ever done was the greatest thing ever.
    Do Auburn fans ever believe anything that hasnt been written by an Auburn Alumni?
    Wise up Aubbos!
    You’re view of events and history has been perverted by years of journalistic in-breeding. You have been used and manipulated by Johnny Cochrane style “journalists” who have used your country bumpkin niavte to cash it.
    There is a whole world out here Aubbos… and our perception is in total opposition to your belief system. Wake up Aubbos, read some books that arent written by Phillip Marshall for Christ sake!

  41. 45
    Shane Crack Korn


    Keep those Poly-Tech Wire Road jokes coming. It makes our lunch breaks entertaining. GUMPS & GIMPS talking about AUBURN, THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA is better than watching LA-MO stomp the Red out of the Necks of all those goofy UAT football players. Please reply and keep us laughing.


  42. 46
    Shane Crack Korn


    $man was doing the same thing when FineScum started his orginal blog a few years back. It was during the Fear The Thumb year.


  43. 47

    you and the bammers leaving comments are a bunch of idiots…see you in t town for number 7.

  44. 48

    Eye can git my dugree fer freee at Alabammer Polyteknic Enstetute and a freee bull riden lisencse there too.

    Eye luv my Aabarn city!!! WHORE DAMME IGHUL HAY FOR SHOWRE!!

  45. 49

    So, putting this in technical terms as far as the Sociology scandal is concerned, does this mean Tubby is a cheater himself? We all know The Polytechnic Institute’s past coaches has had a repetitive history of cheating, and considering Tubby was merely a below average caliber coach, prior to Alabama boosting his status, maybe Alabama’s downfall wasn’t the reason his status skyrocketed in a matter of two seasons or so. Maybe it really was all Tubby, with the benefit of cheating! After all, we thought the same of Pat Dye until he was exposed. What happened to him? After he was exposed, he lost his last three games against Alabama and used that as a cover-up for retirement. And if Tubby was the man you downhome retards say he is, he would’ve definitely put his foot down on the situation. Obviously he was involved with it. What a shame!!!

    All that’s left to say is Tubby is next up on the inevitable retirement list after Kodi Burns has his head snapped off in Bryant-Denny this year!!

  46. 51

    Your mother and father should have gotten married. Then you would just be stupid and not a stupid bastard.

  47. 52


    First, learn how to spell and write. Anyone with your tenuous grasp of the English language shouldn’t be referring to anyone else as a “redneck.” Especially people who have been educated — or are being educated — at the leading university in the state. Yes, that university is Auburn. It is the largest university, with the highest admission standards. In other words, people who can’t get into Auburn now go to UAT.

    Second, I hardly think that going to work for ESPN is the equivalent of going “underground.” He got a better gig. Try to wrap your addled mind around that. You will have to find someone else to obsess about now.

    And third: You really need to do something about the paranoid delusions. I think they have meds for that, so call your doctor.

  48. 53

    funny you bammernecks talk about cheating so much when your team has been on probation twice since the last time we were on it. rawl tard rawl!!!

  49. 54

    i thought i would share this. since BAHR BRYANT died in 1983 the SEC hasn’t had a strangle hold on it thus causing Alerbammer to slip to mediocrity:

    1) Florida 229-75-4
    2) Tennessee 228-75-6
    3) Auburn 214-83-5
    4) Georgia 208-90-5
    5) Alabama 194-111-1
    6) LSU 188-107-4
    7) Arkansas 176-120-3
    8) Ole miss 151-136-3
    9) S.Carolina 141-140-6
    10)Miss.state 124-160-2
    11)Kentucky 121-163-2
    12)Vanderbilt 78-200-1

    so as you can see, if LSU hadn’t sucked so bad in the 1990’s Alerbammer would be at exactly 6th place! Seems like since the drunk died you guys haven’t been doing so well, hmmmmm…. ULM 21 Alerbammer 14. 6 in a row. sabans record is 99-48-1 and tubby’s is 105-53 not much difference.And as far as shane is concerned he can go fu ck himself.

  50. 55
    Shane Crack Korn


    Did you subtract the eight FORFEIT games of 1993? If not then that would put UAT in sixth place. Devin, one last thing, do not post FACTS it only confuses UAT fans.


  51. 56

    Hey, Charles from Reeltown or by definition any Aubie, shut up and take what is coming. You and I-punk should remember Donnie H., his new BMW and piles of cocaine, after coming from a 600 square foot home in the projects of Huntsville. You are still the most penalized and most dishonest program in DIV I football. I know this first-hand so just shut up. Now comes the time when you fall below Ole Miss for the next ten years. Tuberchump will run and you will hire Calloway or Franchione to guide you into oblivion. War chicken!

  52. 59


    Now I know that the money you spent on an associates degree was wasted. No one can teach you anything, much less journalism, and certainly not logic.

    ASS Whipping number 7 is coming like a howling wind and the Auburn nation is sleeping well at nite. Are you?

  53. 61

    In your remark to Charles, define “what is coming”. Is it the same thing we Aubies heard when Shula was hired or Price or Francione or Dubose or…did I miss anyone?

    And by the way, that “war chicken” thing, that is hysterical, where did you come up with that? You are almost as unoriginal as your mentor (or possible lover), Shane

  54. 62
    Shane Crack Korn

    Coach Tubs comes home from Iraq and FineScum writes his column on Satan rehabilitating..uhh… I mean hiring a motivational speaker to rehab the players. It will not work with Shorty’s players, only ice cream cones and Beechnut can change make them feel better after they come across the middle and gets leveled by a 6’2″ 240 pound All SEC linebacker.

    War Chicken!

  55. 63

    LOlz, look at the obsessed barners. Well done Shane; you bring all of the Wire road, trailor trash to the yard.

  56. 64
    Shane Crack Korn

    Shane, The Wire Road Militia will keep their assault on you if you continue to put down “AUBURN, THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA” and Coach Tubs in your Blog.

    War Chicken!
    Shame from Middlepoint

  57. 67

    Pain, well you know what is coming, which was actually something that should be inately understood. Auburn’s coach wants out bad and Dye is not coming back. Who you gonna call?

  58. 68
    m johnson

    Shane, please read the disclaimer at the top of the page: “News and commentary about Alabama athletics. What’s with all the Auburn obsession?

  59. 70

    Charles is fake. I cant believe you barners are so gullible to believe that anyone is that big of a redneck.

  60. 71
    freaking genius

    why is shane so consumed by the coach he ranked #8 in the SEC? Shane shouldn’t you go after your #3 coach, Rich Brooks, since he is apparently a bigger concern?

    say what we want about shane, but he is definitely the smartest monkey since CoCo.

  61. 72

    Shane is more concerned with Tony Franklin than with that no-name ass clown Saban hired to be his slave of an offensive co next year.
    Tubbs has mastered the mind games with Bammer. This latest 7 finger deal will grind at them until November, when we kick that dinky ass again.
    I bet Charles from Reelown would treat Shane-for-brains worse than Bobby did when he emptied that can of Bud on him.

  62. 73


    Thank you for the usual vauge clarification. Should Tubby decide to jump around like Lou Saban has, I would want Auburn, THE UNIVERSITY of ALABAMA, to make a run at USF’s Jim Leavitt. You may remember him, he’s one of the many that turned down, had no interest in, saw no future with…the Alabama job. He’s also the one that gracefully took the cheap shot Lou Saban took at him last year about inferior intellect of the recruits. But then Lou went right out and got Julio “Jesus the Savior” Jones. Didn’t he make something like an 8 on the SAT’s? I live in the Tampa area and Leavitt is alot like Tubby, committed, honest, solid recruiter and respected by his players with the ability to take players that are not overhyped by so-called recruiting guru’s (ie, shane, any Bama fan this year, ESPN 150, etc.etc.etc.).

    You still din’dn’t say where you came up with that “War Chicken” thing.

  63. 74
    Shane Crack Korn

    Has anyone ever seen Shane & Collette together at the same time? I know Liberty Belle & Shane were the same person a few years ago. If you look closely at the video of when Satan arrived at the Airport you will notice that Dinky leaned into the kiss that Collette-Shane layed on him. He whispered in Shane-Collette’s ear “on the lips next time aright”.

  64. 75

    You people need to wake up.Charles,Shane,Iman,and Dawson are all the same person,its Rich Little calling in everyday.Oh,you young people dont know who Rich Little is?Thats ok,my son is six and he has never seen bammer beat AU. As for Auburn fans losing Phillip Marshall,thats ok,Shane writes more about the Tigers than Phillip ever did.

  65. 77

    All of that drivel about Leavitt, yet you failed to mention that Moore didn’t interview him after it was revealed that Leavitt has a live in girlfriend even though he is still legally married. After the problems the Barn experienced with Terry Bowden’s cheating, do they want that again?

  66. 78

    Dyes Money Man,

    Revealed by whom? Duboses secretary? I sometimes forget how saintly everything and everyone is at UAT. As bad as Terry Bowden became, he was still better than 4 or 5 of the last Bama coaches.

  67. 79

    Lmao if I remember right,Tiny Terry took over a team on probation and went undefeated,something uat couldnt do,plus in Terrys end yeah we kinda sucked,but I never heard the probation thing come up,unlike bama using it as a crutch.Nick Saban looks like a Paris Hilton crotch shot.

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