Ranking the SEC coaches

By Shane from Centerpoint

Some people might think accurately picking the best coach in the SEC is a difficult task. It goes without saying that the Southeastern Conference is chocked-full of good coaches who never say die. However, there is little doubt that this league takes no prisoners and quickly separates the men from the boys.

Actually when you come right down to it, the answer to who is the best is subjective. In light of that fact and when all is said and done, here are my picks:

1. Nick Saban – There is no one else like him. He can evaluate and recruit the best talent and use his process to build a championship caliber team with alarming speed. Need proof? Go back and watch the film on last year’s national championship team. All Les Miles had to do was stand there and watch Saban’s players win, because he couldn’t find a clue bag if it smacked him in the head.

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2. Steve Spurrier – He is still one of the best. His accomplishments at Florida came close to being Bryant-like. In spite of the fact he is handicapped by being at a lousy program, Steve is still able to keep the record respectable. When he finally wakes up and remembers that South Carolina doesn’t really belong in the SEC, maybe he’ll go to a school where he can build another champion.

3. Rich Brooks – This may seem like an odd choice, but this man is winning at Kentucky – a place where most coaches go to die. The NCAA hammered the Wildcats just as bad as Alabama back in 2001 and he still produces very competitive teams – at Kentucky! If Brooks were at a top SEC program he would win a national title.

4. Mark Richt – Many experts believe that Richt is the second best SEC head coach of this decade, with two conference championships hanging from his belt. The only thing separating Mark and Nick Saban is the coveted national title that Saban owns. This could be the year that Richt matches Nick and Steve with one to call his own.

5. Phillip Fulmer – Say what you want, but this guy has survived and thrived in the nations toughest conference for a lot longer than most would’ve expected, although he has struggled to some degree lately. Regardless, he is still has one of the best winning percentages of any active coach.

6. Urban Meyer – He won a national championship, but the feat was accomplished with Ron Zook’s players. Last year he did less with more than anyone with that much talent should. Meyer is a very good coach and an even better recruiter. If his caustic mouth doesn’t get him run off, he will keep the Gators in position to compete for the SEC title every year.

7. Bob Petrino – This dude has a reputation for being a great coach, but he hasn’t really done anything yet. The manner in which he left his last job has to leave people wondering if Bob may just be about Bob. He will probably win at Arkansas after a few years of signing the type of players that fit his system.

8. Tommy Tuberville – To put it simply, Tommy is a good football coach. His record of late speaks for itself. However, Tuberville tends to allow his teams to get bushwhacked at the most inopportune times. If Tubby could raise his focus above the team across the State he might enjoy even more success than he already has.

9. Houston Nutt – Nutt is a great motivator. On the other hand he is a mediocre field coach. Houston lacks consistency and tends to gamble when he doesn’t need to. Some believe that Nutt has stepped into a big pile of poop by going to Ole Miss, but others think he will own the State.

10. Sylvester Croom – Sly is an old-school coach who works in a new, very different world. He seems to insist on doing things the way they used to do them. If he doesn’t change with times he will stay mired in the middle of the pack.

11. Bobby Johnson – Coach Johnson has the league’s respect and he is focused to say the least. Yet, he is just a small fish trapped in a pool of big sharks. If he would only make the jump – he could probably rule a lesser conference like the ACC.

12. Les Miles – This clown knows what it feels like to walk into a gold mine. Last year he reaped the benefits from the players put in place by the SEC’s best coach and rode on their backs to LSU’s second national championship in this decade. Miles will be exposed as the clueless windbag he is by the end of this upcoming season.

You can reach Shane via email at shanesez@gmail.com

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  1. 1

    I agree about Les Miles… He had cant miss talent this last year and still managed to miss. By the end of next season, LSU will be singing a different tune with a bit of…desperation in the chorus.
    Steve Spurrier is the best of the lot. The ol’ ball coach might be in SC but I am expecting a surprising year from him this year… After all he is Steve Spurrier.
    Aubbos will have a screaming fit over CTT not being in the top 2 of this list (with Houston Nutt). (For some reason Aubbos think that CTT and Houston Nutt are “elite” Coaches.)
    I keep telling the treasury department that they didnt get all of the moonshine stills in Lee County……

  2. 2
    Ol Ret

    Good reading, I also enjoy hearing your comments on the finebaum show, I just wish he would allow you more airtime, i understand your BAMA, but so is 75% of the listners, keep up the good work! and keep your foot on their throat Roll! Tide! ol Ret

  3. 3
    Ballplay indian

    Shane is right about the occasional Tubberville choke. I dont wear orange goggles like some. Tubbs may be a little low IMO. but Saban at #1 , come on now. Great coach? Heck yea he is . But every coach currently in the SEC is great. Your system is much like Bamas fans system of making themselves feel good. It does not recognize current success. (last 5-7 years)…A correct ranking (IMO) would go like 1. Mark Richt, no BCS championship, but that could change this year, always consistent 2.Urban Meyer great recruiter, great coach, BCS champ 3. Nick Saban proven winner, best recruiter, currently building a team. 4. Tommy T. does more with less, fairly consistent, only undefeated team in the SEC in quite a while. 5. Les Miles current BCS champion, could be higher but we will have to see how he does with his own players first 6. Phillip Fulmer probably at the end of a good career, dont forget he won the east last year. 7 – 12. Does it really matter? FLAME ON BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Amazing that Tubbs is below a good number of coaches that he has a winning record against? what gives? His is 4-2 against Saban, who, by the way , lost to ULM last year. I dont care who you are or what players you do or dont have, you dont lose to a team like that. Spurrier and Richt, no issues. Brooks? He is good, but not top 5. Fulmer got beat by Tubbs twice in one year. Tenure does not equal good coaching. It means nobody has the kiwi’s to fire him up there. Croom has beat your beloved Tide twice in a row and you still have him at 10th? What are you smoking?

  5. 5
    Sad State of Affairs

    The “does more with less” argument that the boogs have been proclaiming as of late just doesn’t hold any water. I completely agree that CTT does a great job at player development and he does occasionally find a diamond in the rough and turn him into an NFL player. However, it’s not like he’s rolling with recruiting classes ranked in the 50’s every year. He has consistently recruited in the top 15, so there really isn’t a “less” in that argument.
    I think it’s funny how Aubs have been blasting Bama fans and the team for being inferior (talent wise)for the past few years, but as soon as Bama lands the # 1 recruiting class, it turns to “CTT has been winning with paraplegics and invalids that no one else would give a chance b/c they had great character.”
    Complete BS to try and take away from Bama at any chance they get. Alabama clearly didn’t have the talent during 2002-2006, well it’s b/c CTT recruits the daylights out of kids. Bama gets a real coach and the # 1 class, well, CTT could win with 3 sticks of gum and a bird feeder, but Saban has to recruit superior talent just to field a .500 team.

  6. 7
    Sad State of Affairs

    Also, Les Miles is way better than you give him credit for. Just ask Larry Coker how hard it is to maintain that level of success.
    I’m a Bama fan, but the “Saban’s Players” argument doesn’t hold up. He has still been recruiting at a top level and he’s got the players to buy into his system.
    I don’t think he’s the greatest and I don’t think he could have build LSU like Saban did, but he certainly can maintain a program with the best of them.

  7. 8

    Well, there went 5 minutes of my life I can never get. Reading this list was an absolute waste of time. Apparently the list is purely speculative and did not take any previous history into account. Mark Richt is hands down doing the best job right now. Croom has brought that program up from where it was when he inherited it. He did beat AU and UA last year. Petrino above Tubs??? Petrino has not even coached a game in the SEC yet! How about writing something that actually has some factual base to it for once. This list is laughable at best.
    Who woul dhave ever imagined – A UA coach ranked #1 on a website named Capstone Report. LOL!!! HILARIOUS! Thanks for the laugh Shane!

  8. 9
    Buck Fama

    If $aban is such a great coach, why did the $puat lose to La-Monroe? You going to blame that on Shula? Ok….how did Shula do vs La-Monroe?

    The really funny thing about the La-Monroe game is that it showed that $aban is a man of no conviction. DJ Hall was suspended for that game. But since the game was FAR closer than the experts thought it should be, the suspension only lasted for a half. And to what end? The team certainly didn’t benefit in the short run because the $puat suffered arguably the most embarrassing loss in $chool history. $aban’s foundation for the future didn’t benefit either — the coach sold himself out to avoid a horribly embarrassing loss, and in the process embarrassed himself, his family and the $puat program beyond losing to the lowest paid college football coach for not sticking to his convictions.

    Regarding the rankings……how can $aban be considered the best football coach in the SEC when his team hasn’t won a November football game in years? One of those years was on HIS watch….How can $aban be the best coach in the SEC when in his best year his team lost an October home game by DOUBLE DIGITS and somehow managed to back into the BCS title game ahead of USC which was ranked #1 in both the AP & Coaches poll? How can $aban be the best coach in the SEC if in nine of his twelve years as a college coach he lost 3 or more football games, in seven of his twelve years as a college coach he lost four or more football games, in six of his twelve years he lost FIVE or more football games, and in 3 of his twelve years as a college coach he lost SIX football games?

    How can Sly only be the tenth best coach in the league when he’s beaten the $puat two years in a row? How can Sly only be the tenth best coach in the league when he EMBARRASSED the coach who you have listed as the best coach in the league? Nevermind — those are silly questions, for there is NO HONOR in beating the $puat in recent years. Everybody else does (see La Monroe).

  9. 10
    Jeroy Jenkins

    Being a Clemson fan and a big college football viewer, I think I can look at this list objectively and call total BS. You’ve got to be kidding me if you really think Saban currently the best coach in the SEC. I think most serious football fans would disagree with your list. You are supposed to be a writer, but your creditability is shot when you turn into a homer with a list like this.
    You call your list subjective, but to most it looks pure homer!

  10. 12

    You write this crap and then wonder why nobody takes you seriously. Are you related to Lou Holtzssssss?

  11. 13
    Ballplay indian

    How could I forget to comment on a couple of fact that relate to this peice. Stee Spurriers (Shanes #2 rank) best days are clearly behind him. I dont say this as a flame but yall Bama fans had better thank your lucky stars he turned you down. You ended up with a better coach in my opinion. Though he could have a trick or two up his sleeve. Secondly no, and I repeat no coach will dominate CFB like Bryant did. The rules are way too strict now. But mainly because MONEY has enterd the picture. Thats right folks Its much more competitve now because of T.V. contracts. endorsemnt deals, revenue, merchandising etc. MONEY has made college football competitive, plain and simple. No bash on CFBs greatest coach, but he would probably be in the same bracket as the rest of these guys. IN MY OPINION. It is what it is.

  12. 14

    inbred you know less about the sec coaches than you do about college football.
    1.steve spurrier
    2.les miles
    3.tommy tuberville
    4.mark richt
    5.phil fulmer
    6.urban meyer
    7.bobby petrino
    8.houston nutt
    9.nicky satan

  13. 15
    Is this guy actually a reporter?

    Well I sure hope this column is a joke for obvious reasons. Several placements of coaches are horridly wrong without much factual basis. You placed $aban number one? Honestly? You weren’t kidding when you said ranking is subjective, and you proved it. Obviously, going 7-6 in your first season back, with a 4-game losing streak, including losses to ULM and MSU, warrants a number one ranking. I would almost buy it were it not for the rest of the list. Spurrier at #2 is fine. He was and is still a great coach. Brooks at 3? Another questionable spot, as he has only had one good season, which was last season. Richt, Fulmer, and Meyer at spots 4-6 can be interchangeable depending on the season. Richt has proven himself one of the best coaches year in and year out. Fulmer has one national title to his name, but has fallen off as of late. Meyer has one national title in three years, but slightly underachieved last season. And then here comes the laughers. Bobby Petrino at 7? HE HASN’T EVEN COACHED A GAME IN THE SEC!!! What a joke. Then Tuberville at 8 is entirely too low. He consistently wins 8-10 games a year with far less talent than half the SEC. And just four years ago his team went undefeated. It must have been some other coaches’ players… oh wait. Nutt at 9 is about right. He produces with far less talent, but does tend to lose games that he should win. However, he also tends to pull off a shocker (i.e. LSU) every once in a while. Croom at 10 is fine. He is on the rise, with a few good wins this year, but needs to pull together a few good seasons before rising up the list. Bobby Johnson does well enough at Vandy and is ok near the bottom. And for the final jolt of laughter, Les Miles at the bottom is the biggest dose of homer I’ve had in my life. This placement looks more like a vindictive child getting his revenge, placing his arch-nemesis at the bottom to boost his ego. I almost crapped my pants while reading this. There is a reason people have termed Bama fans as “Gumps” because you people, including Shane here, are retarded. Have a great day!!! 😉

  14. 16

    It’s obvious you have penis envy of Les Miles and LSU. Except for one year, old Saban lost at least three games at LSU every year with “his players”. Miles has lost no more than two each year with “Saban’s players” so Miles did more with “Saban’s players” than Saban did.

    What will be your comments when LSU wins the SEC this year with Miles’players while Saban loses 4-5 games again?

  15. 17

    Tuberville surely did a great job at developing the players at Ole Miss, didn’t he?

    First and foremost, it took Tuberville, what 10 years to win his first SEC title, not to mention he’s only led all of his teams to only a grand total of 2 SEC title games. And, HE’S NEVER WON A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!


    ALSO, he was considered a “failure” up until he cleverly managed to fill Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA. Just as soon as Alabama gets their numbers back up, he will be re-exposed as the mediocre bastard that he is. Why can’t you Barnies see this?

    Of course he used Alabama’s weakened state to achieve above average status, but still he’s a failure who was in the right place at the right time.

  16. 18
    Dan J. LaFleur M.D.

    Even if you claim you don’t have an agenda the fact that you rated Les Miles the worst coach in the grouping you rated demonstrates to me that you do have an Alabama agenda to knock Les Miles. My God man, so he’s not a smooth speaker, so he is a little unorthodox but he is holding a crystal football and only one other guy in the group you mentioned can lay claim to that. What are you going to do about the Urban legend,give Ron Zook credit for his crystal ball. Do some intellectual exercises because the output coming from your brain is low voltage.

  17. 19

    Oh, sugar. You’re touched. And, that’s ok.

    Bless your sweet, sweet heart and have another slice of honey dew.

    You sweet, special thing.

  18. 21

    To all the AUtard Barnies:

    Bobby Petrino rightfully deserves to be ranked ahead of Tuberturd. After all, this is the guy who was set to replace Tuberturd at The Alabama Polytechnic Institute of Opelika/Aubarn back in 2003, correct?


    even says so himself!

  19. 22

    Nick Saban isn’t the best SEC coach in the league, however, he rightfully belongs in the top 3.

    As far as Tuberville goes, like someone mentioned previously, it took him 10 years to win his first SEC title. It took Saban 2. And in a matter of 5 years, he won 2 SEC title and 1 BCS title. Tuberville’s going into his 15th season, if my memory serves me right, and yet he only has 1 SEC title and NO national titles on his resume.

    There’s your daily dose of factual reality, API fans.

  20. 23


    Just what exactly are you implying about Bear Bryant?

    So did Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, and Gene Stallings cheat as well? That’s your typical Barnie logic for you.

    The problem is those coaches never had to cheat to compete with Aubarn Polytechnic Institute, the way in which your historic legendary list of successful cheaters, such as Shug Jordan and Pat Dye did. I’m also wondering if Tuberville played a hand in the dozens of kids who received free class credits in sociology.

    Case in point, it’s easy to say Bear was a cheater when you were on the losing end of the stick during his entire reign, while your coaches cheated in every possible form, just so they could attempt to keep up. And if you had a problem with all the kids he recruited, the answer is obvious: the prime teams, such as Alabama, USC, and Notre Dame were the premier colleges that prospects all across America wanted to attend. Can you blame them? Shug’s limit was no different, his problem was no one wanted to play for him, so please bicker about something relevant.

  21. 24

    You Alabama guys are some kind of special.

    I just wanna give a *big ole* hug to each and every one of you.

    So cute when you’re young.

  22. 25
    Dr Mos

    Hey aubies and corndoggers….the title at the top of the website says “The Capstone Report”…it should be a clue that this not a place for you to look for support for your programs. I’ll tell you another secret…this article is an opinion piece…that means it’s the writer’s opinion based on the way he sees the facts. Quack! Quack!

  23. 26
    Is this guy actually a reporter?

    Well, if we are going to talk about “so-in-so winning with another coaches’ players”, then didn’t Saban win with Dinardo’s players? Especially in the 2001 SEC Championship game? I can’t believe that is a valid argument. Head coaches never do anything. They just let the players play. That is a pretty mindless comment. So I guess his record this year is because of Shula’s horrible recruiting, right? And are we defining coaching ability on amount of championships won now? Using that logic, I guess Dan Marino was a terrible quarterback, Karl Malone a bad basketball player, and Nolan Ryan couldn’t pitch worth a damn. If you guys would be patient, you might get your money’s worth and win some games. In the mean time, please quit downplaying other coaches’ achievements and abilities to boost your ego.

  24. 27

    Nice contradiction, however, just to contradict you, obviously Dinardo couldn’t win with his own players, yet ironically enough, Saban could. Imagine if he had the talent then, that Loser Les has now. I highly doubt they’d luckily snatch the win with less that one minute to go in the game.

    And as far as Loser Les goes, from here on out (as Saban’s players slowly fade), his true colors will shine. 8-4 is the average record they’ll post, and of course they’ll be occasions where they’ll win the West (and ultimately the SEC), but it’ll be a rare occasion at that.

  25. 28


    perhaps you should do a little TIDying up in here… as of right now, it reeks of rotten corndogs and fresh cow manure.

  26. 29

    Wow. You just define the term ‘myopic’.

    Here’s two facts that’ll be interesting to see you spin…

    1) Miles did more with Saban’s talent than Saban did.

    2) Miles has recruited better at LSU than Saban did.

    Both of these facts are beyond dispute. Add to the fact that Miles has assembled a far, far better staff than Saban has been able to, the fact that he’s not half the prick with fans and media that Saban was and he’s twice the diciplinarian that Saban is and I begin to wonder exactly how you define a ‘good’ coach.

    Did you know that, for his career, Saban is only about .500 everywhere he’s gone EXCEPT LSU… maybe the Tigers made him a lot more than he made them.

  27. 30
    Gay Gump

    We gumps hate LSU…and we have shane and paul to spread our fiery to bring LSU down. WE gone be like LSU was last year in two years…we gone be the new LSU in two years…ESPN will talk about us (BAMA) lie they do LSU every nite…WE wanna put fear in our opponents like LSU do. ..i know u have determined now that im actually not your retarded,inbred dumpGump…lmfao!!

  28. 31
    Gay Gump

    OMG…I see Dump Gumps…I see DUMP Gumps!! i see them them walking along the strip in T (toilet)Town. To the gump writer …u sick embred. Buck Fama and Bryan & Denny..TWO OVERRATED GUMP MATED EMBREDS

  29. 32
    Gay Gump

    LISTEN here. i know you all in in that thug infested city called toilet town wish u all could attract such a standup like les miles. that “mad hatter tactican” instead u have lured saban to the Cockstone…just to be humiliated…next year and the year after. LSU is not going anywhere…the SEC IS RIGHTFULLY OURS… and miles will further cement our longstanding stranglehold on it!! so BUCK FAMA …YA HAVE SECONDS

  30. 33
    Shane's daddy


    Keep suckin off Saban till he disappoints you. Bammers, Saban will not bring you the glory that you erroneously claim as your right. Bama is not back and until it is your opinions and predictions are exactly that…laughable. And you wonder why the national opinion of Alabama is one of indifference and degradation. Bear’s dead, your program has fallen off the map, and you are putting all of your hopes and dreams into a coach that is overrated. Dream to be like LSU but be aware that unless your comatosed like Shane’s wife you will eventually have to wake up.

  31. 34
    Is this guy actually a reporter?

    Dinardo had the players, but a horrid staff, especially his defensive coordinator. If you have the time, look at the roster from 1999, which was Dinardo’s last year. It contains quite a few current NFL players. Saban did bring in other great players, but more importantly, a better staff, which helped him win. LSUwiggz said it best, that Saban was truly successful only at LSU, so time will tell if he can duplicate it.

  32. 36

    So, is that the same as saying Shula had the players, just a horrible staff?

    I haven’t read anywhere in here where a ‘Bama fan has said anything about winning a national championship next year or anywhere for that matter. You guys just automatically put words in our mouths, which is humorous if you ask me.

    The only ‘Bama fans that even expect a winning season in 2008, are those that are under the age of 12. Me, in particular, I don’t see us finishing any better than 7-6. But I’m sure there’s someone in here who’ll read that and blow it out of proportion saying I’m calling for Nick Saban’s head if we don’t finish 7-6 with an SEC title next year…

  33. 37

    Gay Gump, people like you are the ones who play into that backwoods, shirtless and shoeless wearing, potbelly, illiterate and incoherent cajun stereotype.

    Baton Rogue aka Toxic Wasteland is the biggest shithole in America. That one town alone, is worse than the entire state of New Jersey (which people claim is the biggest shithole in America and it is second to BR). Your fans lacks common sense and the other half of a full-sized brain. In addition to that, you guys smell like out of date corndogs. And you guys suffer from a severe case of soar vagina syndrome simply because the greatest coach in LSU history is now at the helm of an even better Alabama program. Seriously, Alabama or LSU? Baton Rogue or T-Town? Who in their right mind would

    Something else I find humorous is how demanding you guys were of Les Miles’ firing. Yet, you insincerely rally around him now that Saban left you like the little sibling loving bitches that you are! Who can blame him?

    You guys are like the jealous exgirlfriend. Nick Saban left you long ago, and now he’s found his soul mate. Get over it, or go put a gun to your heads and pull the trigger.

  34. 38

    Keep pointlessly arguing dumbass Bammers and LSWhoers… and when Auburn takes the West this year both of ya’lls teams are going to look like shit BECAUSE THATS WHAT THEY ARE!!! Auburns gonna come at you so hard you want know what hit ya!

  35. 39

    and then there was a little stepbrother (APICowgirl69) left out to freeze to death in the icy cold.

  36. 40

    Do any of you know what a maggot and bama fans have in common?

    A. They both can live off of a dead bear for 25 years and still think they have a purpose in life.

    This so called reporter is a douche bag, how’s the view retards? Its crystal clear x 2 in Baton Rouge.

    Since Les Miles is such a horrible coach and has only did better with sabans players than the midget did i guess saban will win the bcs title this year with shulas players huh gumpys?

    BTw, gooftroops, 14 of miles players played significantly in 07′ including the stars of the seccg and bcs cg, you inbred idiots are so delusional you dont even realize that the midget has only won at Lsu. Maybe Lsu was good for him since he hasn’t done much outside of LSU. Enjoy your 6-6 record and UL Monroe will enjoy their victory,lol. The retard lost 4 straight to end the 07 season and you goofballs are in here defending him,lol. 5 straight makes y’all “tigerbait”

    Also, auburn fruits, congrats on another also ran season and enjoy the view, those crystal balls sure are nice!

    Now y’all can get back to mating with your sisters, btw,


  37. 41

    While I do agree that Saban is a great recruiter….I do NOT believe that he is the best coach in the SEC.

    I mean how do you penalize Tubby for losing games that he should win and NOT penalize Saban for the same thing??? Just doesn’t make much sense to me. Hasn’t Saban averaged about the same record in the SEC as Tubby? Besides his NC year at LSU hasn’t Saban lost a minimum of 2 SEC games per year? Like I said, Saban is a great recruiter, but the best coach in the SEC? I don’t think so.

    As for Tubby’s ranking…no doubt he has blown some games, but he also has an undefeated season, one of the best records over the past 5 or 6 years, his 2004 team set a record for most wins over ranked teams and top 10 teams and his record against top 10 teams is phenomenal. I don’t think he’s the best coach in the SEC, but his ranking by Shane is a joke. Wait a minute…why is that surprising? Shane is a joke!!

  38. 42

    Hey Shane,

    Made anymore looney calls to the NCAA lately? Or have they permanently blocked your phone number?

    You are certifiable, dude.

  39. 43

    1) Nick Saban isn’t the best coach in the SEC.

    2) Les Miles isn’t the worst coach.

    3) Tuberville doesn’t belong in the top five.

    These rankings are obviously biased, but I read Cecil “Shakes” McFly’s rankings, and it’s obvious they were biased as well. Each team has their fair share of biased fans, but that’s natural. Period.

  40. 44
    Coach Tony Franklin

    Alright! Tony Franklin is in the hizzle for shizzle!
    But Tony Franklin is concerned that he didnt get listed at the top. I’m Tony Franklin Damnit! I was just sitting here in my office looking at porn…I mean, Looking at some recruits in Kentucky(Tony Franklin rules the Kentucky scene) and I happened up on this supposed list of the best Coaches in the SEC.
    1. Tony Franklin coached Troy to 2 straight 8 win seasons!
    2 Tony Franklin coached Troy to 2 Sunbelt championship co-championships.
    3 Tony Franklin is making million$$$ with the TonyGranklinSystem.com systems.
    4 I am Tony Franklin Damnit!

    Buy Tony Franklin’s book currently the hottest seller in the Dollar General discount bin. And get a Tony Franklin wrist band FREE!
    Oh yeah before I forget, Tony Franklin’s
    seminars for the State of Rhode Island have been cancelled due to lack of interest and there will be no refunds….

  41. 46
    Shane Crack Korn

    Shane you ignorant SLUT.

    Satan is about as good of coach as that booger hanging out of you nose. Shorty Satan will get eat up by a bunch of TIGERS just like you will eat that booger when no one is looking.


  42. 47
    Ballplay indian

    TIDER INSIDER…. No Im not saying Bear was a cheatin drunk like a lot of auburn people do. Re read the post. I said he was the best ever. Although he could bend the rules unlike many coaches of his era. Heck, many of the scholarship cap rules and scheduling rules came about as a result of his desire to win. Kind of reminds me of another coach at Bama. *hint*. I aint got nothin against Saban or the Tide. As I said yall ended up with prolly the best coach for Alabama. Yall will be back and soon. But please give credit were its due. Tubbs has done a pretty good job at Auburn. Never min the streak cause I do admit that yall have been down, moreso because of crappy coaching choices than the NCAA (IMO)……But look at our succes against the rest of the SEC it speaks for itself.

  43. 48

    This thread needs to start off as…”Hey Paul, Nick Saban is the greatest coach ever.” The guy can recruit, I give him that, but if he’s such a great coach, shouldn’t he be able to coach a 6-6 Shula team to a few more wins??? What did the Bear say about playing with the other teams players? The guy is middle of the pack at best. Thank you Shane for brightening my day ever afternoon.

  44. 49

    Seriously, people, you mean to tell me there’s no LSU bloggers in Baton Rogue that has ranked Les Miles the number 1 SEC coach, and Nick Saban as the worst. Same goes for the backwoods Barnies.

    This is merely a fan ranking; therefore, why are you guys taking it so seriously? It’s not like Rece Davis wrote this column.

    Lighten up and worry more about your fan bloggers rather than ours.

  45. 52
    Shane Crack Korn


    The Crapstone Report is the only poll that supports the insane posts that Shane has to offer. Please post a link of any other SEC school fan that has tried to fool their own fans that they have the greatest coach ever.


  46. 53
    NOT a Spurrier fan

    1.steve spurrier
    3.urban meyer
    4.nick saban
    5.mark richt
    6.les miles
    7.houston nutt
    9.tommy tuberville
    10.bobby petrino
    12.phil fulmer

    I’m sorry but Saban did nothing to impress me last year but recruit. Great recruiter, mediocre coach. Before you blast me remember La Monroe. Jury is still out in my opinion. He did a great job at LSU but once again It’s not like he took them out of the cellar. Do it at Vandy and I’ll be impressed.
    Spurrier, well you have to give him credit. If he had more support from the administration he might be doing better. His years at UF make him top 3 alone. On a side note, I dislike the man greatly.
    Rich Brooks came to a place where no one else would go. No tradition, no depth, little talen, and NO respect. He was picked by everyone to finish in the bottom of the SEC year after year.He has won when no one else did. He did it with classes in the top 50-60. The only one to do what he has accomplished at Kentucky was the Bear. Wins over #9 UL, GA, and #1 LSU were not flukes.
    Urban Meyer can obviously recruit. His NC and successful reloading year shows that. I look for them to be making another run soon.
    Saban see above….Don’t tell me he’s rebuilding and remember it’s a lot harder to recruit at Ole Miss than Alabama. The cupboards were bare argument doesn’t hold water.
    Mark Richt, I see making a run at the NC this year. He’s recruited a solid team and is a fine coach. We’ll see what happens.
    The rest..Les Miles could be higher with a NC but let’s see what happens this year. He got flat OUTCOACHED when he went to Lexington last year. Nutt is a great coach. If he wasn’t a loose canon I would rank him higher. Croom did more with less. Let’s see if he can do it again. Tubberville may be ranked too high even here. Only Fulmer does less with more.Petrino needs to learn the other half of the game. Now he’s in the SEC we’ll see a better display of his abilities. Johnson fits the less with more mold but can’t seem to get over the hump. Fulmer has benefeited from great recruiting and totally underachieved. Give Brooks or Crooms that talent and you hace a couple of NC’s.

  47. 54

    Not a Spurrier Fan, I have to agree with everything you said – your response was pretty much the only one that was both accurate and filled with sense.

    Major kudos, my friend.

  48. 56

    great work shane. did you forget the number 10 coach spanked your number 1 coach.
    you’re a clue-less idiot. keep the ice coming little man. summer is here.

  49. 57
    Sgt. Bill Cody

    Shane you are a complete idiot, and an embarrasment to bama fans, you have little brother syndrome when it comes to Auburn and LSU, Saban is no more than a middle of the pack coach until he proves he can win at Bama, Saban has talent at Bama, Bama has finished in the top 20 in recruiting the past 4 yrs. go back to selling your ice and quit embarrasing us.

  50. 58
    R Cove

    Is this guys a serious journalist? I was online doing research for my boss (who is a journalist) and writes about college football. I came across this and after reading everyone’s comments, is this a real person or make believe? Who allows this person or Shane as he/she is called to write articles and publish them? This is ridiculous. After I took this article to my boss, he couldn’t stop laughing at whoever this Shane person is. He said and I quote: “This is typical Alabama fans!” And he laughed again.

  51. 59

    R Cove:

    Shane is an ice salesman from centerpoint alabama.
    He calls the Slimebaum show daily when he punches out at work.
    He is a real person and an idiot.
    He posted a picture of himself one time and he looks like the queer brother in the group The BeeGee’s

  52. 60

    Do I honestly have to? If you actually think there’s not one backwoods Barnie or corndog (whichever brand you are), that has NEVER posted a “biased” ranking, similar to Shane’s, then you should seriously reflect upon your fanhood and mental ability. And while you’re at it, maybe you’ll realize college football just isn’t for you, unless you form our own team in your own little make believe world, filled with magical unicorns and rainbows. 🙂

  53. 61

    I guess I have to educate the bammers once again on Little Nicky and other issues:

    1. LN will not be able to accomplish at SPUAT what he accomplished at LSU. The recruiting base in La. is among the best in the nation, and LSU has absolutely no competition whatsoever in state. The only amazing thing is that it took so long for LSU to hire a competent coach instead of Mike Archer, Curley Hallman, and Dinardo. Great recruiting accomplishment this year, but you bammers are dreaming if you think LN can pull that off every year at SPUAT.

    2. Why are you bammers so scared of Les Miles? Are you bammers actually scared that Miles winning will diminish the stature of Little Nicky? (pardon the pun). I’ve got news for you geniuses who keep regurgitating that Miles is “just winning with Saban’s talent”. MILES HAS HAD 4 CONSECUTIVE TOP TEN RECRUITING CLASSES NOW. He’s shown that he can recruit his own talent, and he’s shown that he can win more than Saban ever dreamed of when he has talent. So if you insist that Miles is a lousy coach, and he’s winning more than Saban ever could at LSU, what does that say about Little Nicky?

    3. Great coaches do not lose to La-Mo under any circumstances, period. Great coaches do not lose to UAB under any circumstances, period. Great coaches do not inherit a 6-6 team coached by a pathetic loser and only improve that record by one game. Great coaches do not suspend a thug player for an entire game, and then unsuspend the thug for the 2nd half because he is getting his a$$ handed to him by a Sun Belt team.

    4. Little Nicky will lose to Tubs again this year, and you bammers know it. As Pat Dye once said, “there ain’t no miracles in football.” Auburn has way more talent and a superior coaching staff. It’s the same reason Auburn has won six in a row. Auburn will win in 09 as well, because that game will be in Jordan Hare, and Little Nicky will still have less talent. That’s the foreseeable future, bammers. Who knows, there’s always 2010.

  54. 62

    R Cove,

    I just submitted your post to my boss, who is a private investigator, and he claimed if you’re doing research for your boss, who is a “college football journalist” obviously he isn’t a licensed or legitimate journalist (just like Shane). Needless to say he couldn’t stop laughing at how someone would lie just to belittle someone else, attempting boost their very own ego. My boss simply shook his head and saying, and I quote: “That’s a typical liar for you.” And he then laughed again (so did I).

  55. 63
    Auburn Fan

    The rankings change from year to year depending on the quality of team the given coach puts on the field.

    Nick Saban has yet to prove himself at Alabama and ranking him Number 1 will have to be earned and not hoped for.

  56. 64
    m johnson

    I called Shane an idiot, and my post got deleted….is there no justice. I can see getting deleted for ass-wipe or ice toting retard, or even stating the obvious, Shane writes on a 1st grade level

  57. 66
    Shane Crack Korn



    Didn’t think so.


    PS There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Only one problem though, Little Bitty Nicky is sitting on it.

  58. 67

    A great idea might be to name Tommy Tuberville the greatest coach to have ever lived.
    But before you do…… maybe the Auboriginals might explain why those poor destitute Walton Brothers in Fayetteville wouldnt pay Tommy T’s $3 million buyout. Nuff said…..
    And for the LSU fan…. Do you honestly think Les Miles is a football coach?
    The man has barely evolved enough to speak in whole sentences. He will go down in history as the Coach who fell ass backwards into a National Championship.

  59. 68

    Shane, Houston Nutt is going to bushwack Alabama this year. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say about that. I am sure it will be the same ole crap you always carry.

  60. 69

    If this list is accurate, then I suppose Charlie Weatherby is the best coach in the nation. With lesser talent, he clearly outclassed the top coach in the top conference in the nation.

    This list, and its author, are a complete joke.

  61. 70
    Baton Rouge Joe

    What’s funny is that the argument is that Miles is only winning because he has talent; however, he’s currently locking up a Top 3 recruiting class, a couple years after another Top 3 class. So I guess he’ll continue to win big??

    And if a coach wins 11 games a season and wins championships, pretty soon he’s considered “great”

    Excuses are for losers. Results are for winners. LSU gets results, regardless of the coach. Bama continues to lose, regardless of the coach.

    Facts suck for Alabama fans.

  62. 71

    If Les Miles had taken over for Dinardo, I can assure you LSU WOULD STILL be setting under a 400 winning percentage average this decade. Again, he should blow Nick Saban for the talent HE IS MISMANAGING.

    And If Saban isn’t so much of a prized possession to coonass corndogs, you wouldn’t constantly suffer from a broken heart.

    End of discussion.

  63. 72

    Following are the RIVALS rankings of Head Coaches. Their opinion differs quite a bit.

    Note that Les Miles last year beat, coaches ranked at #2, 3, 7, 9, 12, 13…pretty strong for the #12 coach in the SEC.


    Week: Post-spring

    Name School Title Stock Value Previous Ranking
    1 Pete Carroll USC Head Coach –
    All those early draft picks never knock USC out of title contention.
    2 Jim Tressel Ohio State Head Coach –
    Ohio State has played for the national title the last two years.
    3 Urban Meyer Florida Head Coach –
    The Gators could contend for a title again if they shore up their defense.
    4 Les Miles LSU Head Coach –
    Will his decision to pull the plug on Ryan Perrilloux pay off?
    5 Bob Stoops Oklahoma Head Coach –
    Those recent bowl losses are the only reasons to quibble about him.
    6 Mark Richt Georgia Head Coach –
    How will he deal with sky-high expectations this year?
    7 Frank Beamer Virginia Tech Head Coach –
    He has plenty of holes to fill on both sides of the ball.
    8 Jim Grobe Wake Forest Head Coach –
    Grobe proved last year that 2006 season was no fluke.
    9 Tommy Tuberville Auburn Head Coach –
    How will a pair of new coordinators change him this year?
    10 Mack Brown Texas Head Coach –
    That string of 10-win seasons could last at least one more year.
    11 Dennis Erickson Arizona State Head Coach –
    He wasted no time turning things around at Arizona State.
    12 Steve Spurrier South Carolina Head Coach –
    That late-season slide causes him to rank lower than usual.
    13 Nick Saban Alabama Head Coach –
    A late-season slump also affected his position on this list.
    14 Mark Mangino Kansas Head Coach –
    A repeat of 2007 will have him moving near the top of the chart.
    15 Rich Rodriguez Michigan Head Coach –
    How long will it take for the Wolverines to adjust to his system?
    16 Gary Pinkel Missouri Head Coach –
    Those questions about his job security are a thing of the past.
    17 Bronco Mendenhall BYU Head Coach –
    Can he deliver double-digit wins for a third straight season?
    18 Brian Kelly Cincinnati Head Coach –
    He has helped make Cincinnati relevant on the national stage.
    19 Jeff Tedford California Head Coach –
    Will he go with Nate Longshore or Kevin Riley at QB?
    20 Mike Riley Oregon State Head Coach –
    His teams always seem to get better late in the season.
    21 Jim Leavitt South Florida Head Coach –
    That bowl performance left a bad taste in our mouths.
    22 Mike Bellotti Oregon Head Coach –
    How will he replace Dennis Dixon and Jonathan Stewart?
    23 Mike Leach Texas Tech Head Coach –
    This could be the year he makes a run at a Big 12 title.
    24 Pat Hill Fresno State Head Coach –
    The Bulldogs proved that 2006 season was no more than a hiccup.
    25 Bobby Petrino Arkansas Head Coach –
    He could have some growing pains in his first year at Arkansas.

  64. 73
    Saban #1-That is funny

    Saban #1? He is probably the only coach in the SEC to lose to UAB, and ULM too. Your credibility went out the window when you rank someone that was 6-6 durning the regular season and probably will be 6-6 again this year as the #1 coach. This is my list (from an LSU fans pov).

    1. Tommy Tuberville-nobody makes more out of average recruiting talent then he dones. And the fact that he doesn\’t have a BCS trophy is a crime after going undefeated in the SEC. 80-33 record with consistent bowl wins and more importantly dominating BAMA

    2. Urban Meyer-I hate this guy but you can\’t argue with a guy that has a career win/loss record of 70-16 that\’s not only at UF but Utah and Bowling Green. Has a national championship, and his team is always in the game.

    3. Les Miles-the dude is 34-6 at SEC! He has as many losses in three seasons Saban as had last year. Has a National Championship, an SEC championship, two Sugar Bowl wins, and a peach bowl wins. Has had at least 11 wins in each of his seasons at LSU. Is a developer and a great recuiter of talent.

    4. Houston Nutt-Not many can take the pile of crap that Ark. is and make it competitive, Nutt did. Despite having a crap recruiting base, crap facilities, and a crap school in a crap state he won football games.

    5. Nick Saban-This is based on his time at LSU not Bama. Great recruiter, great talent evaluator for every position besides O-line. Nobody on his staff or in the SEC will outwork him. Because he works his staff so hard he doesn\’t get the quality assistants that the above coaches can get (with exception of nutt and that was because he was at ark). Often plays to not lose rather then to win. Always loses 1 or 2 of the easy games he\’s supposed to win (ULM, and MSU at bama, and UAB while at LSU).

    6. Mark Richt-He has done a good job at UGA but his teams often fall just short and that is why he has no BCS championship despite having the same level of talent, university support, and recruiting base that LSU, UF, and UT has.

    7. Steve Spurrier-Very few have had a run like he had at UF…but those times are gone. At USC he is competing for recruits with UGA, UF, Clemson, UNC. But after 3 seasons as the big cock his team is still an average SEC team. 21-16 at USC

    8. Phil Fulmer-A national championship, and a solid record for a long time at one sec school. Recruits very talented players and is usually very competitive.

    9. Sly Croom-Croom is a good coach but he is still 17-30 at MSU despite a huge jump last year.

    10. Rich Brooks-another solid coach at an SEC cellar dweller. His biggest mistake is coaching at UK.

    11. Bobby Johnson-I\’m not even going to talk about the coach at Vandy

    12. Bobby Petrino-Never has coached in a real conference. We\’ll see

  65. 74
    Baton Rouge Joe

    Kyle, did you really just say that Miles is “mismanaging” top talent?

    Because LSU has a crystal football in their trophy case that disagrees with you.

    Are you that ignorant?

  66. 75

    You obviously choose not to mention that Saban won the NC at LSU with Gerry Dinardo’s reqcruits.

  67. 76
    Shane Crack Korn

    Shane reported on the AP Wire that Little Satan just broke wind. He said eggs & oatmeal is what he had for breakfast.


  68. 77

    I realize most of the crap in this site is good natured, typical Auburn/Alabama banter, but I have seen some people actually consider Shane a writer? His collective thoughts put into a written format and presented on a hype driven website like this or Paul “are you Shane’s illigitimate father” Finebaum’s site does not constitute the title of writer, journalist, columnist or really any legitimate title or recognition.

    Shane is the Mike Tyson of the University of Alabama. Nobody really takes him seriously. They just sit back and wait for him to make a fool of himself. I really believe he would bite the ear off of Tubby because that is the only way he could truly make any impact on the man or the University.

    Shane is the UTube of the University of Alabama. You watch or listen just to see what stupid, idiotic, ridiculous, absurd stunt he will do next.

    He’s the “Les Miles” of the University of Alabama (to clarify, as ranked by Shane, bottom of the chart). He, like Les fell into his current state of notariety by following a legendary Bama frontman and Bama zealot, Mr. Shorty Price. For you Bama maniacs that live in the past, you’ll know who Shorty was.
    Les followed Saban, Shane followed Shorty, all 4 of them suck.

    Shane is the Clinton family of the University of Alabama. He’s full of crap but believes everyone takes him seriously. Is Paul Finebaum Shane’s Monica?!

    Anyway, top 10 SEC coaches.
    #1, #2 and #3. Take your pick between Georgia’s, South Carolina’s and Auburn’s. They are all exceptional

    #4, #5 and #6. Again, put them wherever you want but it would be Meyers, Fulmer and Miles.

    #7, #8, and #9. Mix and match, they’re all about the same, Croom, Nutt, and Brooks.

    #10, #11, and #12. Sorry Shane, but your boy Saban is somewhere here in the bottom 3. A couple of good years at LSU (with other coaches players, as you and yours seem to like to say when its convenient to the Crimson colored story)but the rest of the resume is sub-par. So the bottom 3 would be Saban, Petrino and Johnson though that could change this year. Petrino and Johnson could move up!

  69. 79

    keep ’em pissed, never give up, you’ll be a winner someday regardless
    of what the real writers say.
    we need more fans like you.

  70. 80

    Wow Shane has yet again astounded with his idiotic writing while wearing his Crimson coloured glasses.

    Now for full disclosure I am a UGA grad but am not a fanatic. On ranking coaches I think seperating coaches who have won a National Championship from coaches who have not is fair criteria. That puts Meyer, Miles, Saban, Fulmer, and Spurrier at the top. You have to put the coaches who won their championships at other schools below those who won them at the schools that they are at presently. Also, you have to put coaches who have won championships 10 or more years ago behind coaches who have won them more recently.

    Finally, winning percentage both overall and conference is fair game. Too bad Shane did not look at any of that except for Fulmer who does not look impressive in the 21st century any way you cut it.

    So many shortcomings to tackle I’ll just handle a few. First, his reasoning for Saban was based largely on the 2008 LSU team. That is clearly an Alabama fan hoping that Saban can do at Alabama what he did at LSU. Not really based on reason here. I wonder if Shane thinks that the 1-15 Miami Dolphins also can be claimed by Saban. I’d expect nothing less than this out of a Bama homer. At least a homer from a different school in a state that has other things to do (Read Tennessee, Georgia, Florida) would at least feign some balance.

    His #2 choice of Steve Spurrier is pretty lame. Spurrier won his championship in 1996 and has been mediocre at South Carolina.

    The most absurd choice is Rich Brooks at #3. How does a coach with a .429 career winning percentage get to be #3? It’s not because he is doing better at Kentuck than his previous stops since his winning percentage at UK is .417. Take Andre Woodson out of the picture and Rich Brooks is retired on Crater Lake out west.

    I think Mark Richt is about right at #4. His winning percentage is .791 in 7 years. Nick Saban’s career is .669. Sure Richt has not won a championship but he has had 3 teams close in the hunt in 2002, 2005, and 2007. Interesing that Finebaum had Richt ranked #1 most recently.

    Urban Meyer is ranked too low at #5 but it goes back to Shane’s idiotic belief that its not the field coach of record for a game that get credit for a win. The coach who recruited the players from 2-3 seasons ago.

    Again this is why Les Miles is ranked too lowly at #6. Again no real analysis here just Crimson coloured glasses. Les Miles has a higher career winning percentage than Nick Saban (.697 to .669). Les Miles has a higher winning higher winning percentage than Saban did at LSU as well.

    Bob Petrino I guess is ranked higher on here despite not coaching in the SEC before because in Shane’s mind he was one of the key players in jetgate. Also Petrino has a lot in common with Saban in that he bailed out of the NFL and makes Saban look somewhat classy in comparison which is quite an achievement. Petrino never faced defenses at Louisville like he will at Arkansas so we’ll see if his 4 year record at Louisville parlays into success at Arkansas. I doubt it.

    This was a list based on 0 research and a ton of smack from the Saban cool-aide drinkers. I’m sure Shane’s cool-aide was ICE cold though 🙂

  71. 81

    Wonder where Charlie Weatherbie (ULM’s head coach)would be on this list if he was in the SEC. Weatherbie: 1 Saban: 0

  72. 82
    freaking genius

    unbelievable. les miles might be a nut-job, but his record speaks for itself.

    shane, you’re an idiot.

    CTT @ 8? brilliant.

    “objectivity” and “credibility” are big words for a little kid like shane but he’s a journalist. he should be able to look them up.

  73. 83

    You and idotbum are the two most stupid bamers I have ever seen. One day your saying shitban is the greatest coach and the next he is the worst. But that would make sense because now the bamers are having to brag about a catch that a freshman made in a scrimage. (just so know bamers know that is when the same team plays one another)ARE YOU SERIOUS? Is that how low the bama nation has got that you have to brag about one catch in practice? Oh your welcome for the free advice on the scrimage.

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