The advent of the new sports media

By Shane from Centerpoint

There was a time when a few influential newspaper columnists and national magazine writers controlled how the general public viewed many of the issues pertaining to sports. With the increasing prominence of sports talk radio and Internet commentary their importance is fading fast.

Most members of the media elite attempt to discredit the validity of journalism’s newest mediums by challenging their credentials. That’s understandable when you consider that a large portion of these writers spent years toiling away in school and slowly working their way up the ladder trying to build a reputation.

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Meanwhile, their counterparts from the audio and electronic side are getting more respect and attention from sports fans with little or no effort. In fact, these outlets are creating stars and providing information faster and more efficiently than the evening newspapers or weekly magazines.

If the truth is known, paper media is losing the race, primarily because of the speedy delivery of information provided by live radio and the Internet. Realistically, by the time papers hit the street and the magazines hit the stands, the information has already been disseminated and discussed by talk show hosts and commented on by Internet writers.

Does the new media anger the old guard? Of course!

It is only natural, especially when the traditional media realizes that they must be the ones to change in order to keep pace. In essence, the days of a newspaper columnist dominating the public’s perception of a sports topic are numbered.

Will newspapers and magazines eventually be replaced by sports talk and Internet commentary?

In fact most established sportswriters have already made the crossover and are making forays into both mediums. Actually, they have already allowed the new methods to become legitimate by joining in their game.

The current environment provides more people an avenue to voice their opinion. A larger consensus can only enhance the value to a sports topic.

There is also another major difference between the old way and the new way — the ability of the fan to immediately respond to an issue. In the past all people could do was read the material and at best discuss their opinion among friends. Now the ability to give your take to the masses is only a keyboard or phone call away.

On the negative side lies stiffer competition for those individuals who wish to separate themselves from the crowd. The sheer number of commentators and websites — as well as sports talk shows — might create an atmosphere of information overload. Can too much of a good thing be bad?

When all is said and done, talk radio and the Internet will become the most important tools for sports reporting and analysis. The biggest question that remains is perhaps the most interesting.

Will the old school media go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct?

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  1. 1
    larry davis

    we have no sports talk radio here in the
    state of alabama. i live in north alabama
    and we have nothing and bham has no one
    that knows anything about sports.finescums
    show is a uat have to go to
    memphis or atlanta to get a real sports
    talk show.

  2. 2
    Ballplay indian

    I cant believe my eyes. Shane wrote a cloumn without a shot at Auburn or without kissing Sabans rectum. Its a first. I am sure that ol Shane will redeem himself shortly with a new column predicting a national championship for the tide, and blasting Auburn , Tubberville , Chet Williams , Pat Dye , Bobby Lowder, Great Southern Wood, Aubie, Bo Jackson etc…etc…etc..

  3. 4

    Shane did a good job on this essay. So All you aubie dips should take your punk bums and create more aubies. As for I-punk, I was listening to the PF show about 2 months ago when a guy called in and simply stated that he was sick of your crap and would gladly meet you anywhere and kick your bum into next week. You called PF and attempted to inject some sort of psuedo-intellectual conversation (unsuccessfully I must say). The guy made it simple: give me a time, date, date and place and I will kick your A$$ to the moon. You pussed out just like you puss out on every call you make to PF. He makes fun of your idiocy and hangs up on you every time. Quit calling the show I-punk because sooner or later one these guys are going to find out who you are and you will be Bubba’s Biotch fool.

  4. 5

    Larry, just to clarify this, The Finebaum Radio Network was ranked one of the nation’s top 12 radio talk shows. If you are unappreciative of the garbage Finebaum spews from his mouth, mainly about The Alabama Polytechnic Institute Cowgirls, then change your dial to the Rooster Country sports talk show down in Opelika and listen closely to the garbage that is consistently said about Alabama. That show is more of an anti-Alabama radio show than it is pro-Aubarn show.

    BallplayIndian, I can’t believe yet another Barnie is highly upset that Shane DIDN’T write a column about you guys. How do you think we felt after reading one of “NASCAR Sam’s” column each week? He always included a completely negative column relating to Alabama each and every week. I simply think you guys enjoy reading the truth, and the truth is what Shane provides. Otherwise, 3/4 times when he doesn’t write an article relating to Alabama Polytechnic Institute, you wouldn’t take the time to write a “I can’t believe it” response.

    And Jimbostinson, I think the I in I-Man actually stands for “‘I’ncomprehensible Man. I say we petition for Finebaum to hire an interpreter to translate half the nonsense I-Man spits out.

  5. 6

    You listen to rooster radio? You’re a dumbass and a liar. You do not and can’t listen, so you’re an idiot for ASSuming garbage is said about the Criminal Tide.

    I am in Auburn/Opelika four times a week and listen. They don’t give a Shat about Alabama. Why. They talk about winners. They don’t talk about losers.

    Regarding Shane’s commentary: He’s a legend in his own mind. Unlike Shane, respectable members of the media have access to creditable resources. This is very unlike the crap Shane pulls from his paranoid ass.

    The internet has made many more Professionals Sports writers available to intelligent readers and consumers. This is good!

    Unfortunately, the internet permits characters like Shane to say anything that pops out of his ASS. Claiming it’s creditable…doesn’t make it creditable NYC. Shane is crazy if he thinks Professional Sports writers FEAR Shane and his kind.

    I personally know many people Shane has slander and liable on a regular basis. But these guys know that Shane is a big pussy who needs his ass kicked.

    The last six years and the next several years have and will be a lot of fun. It has revealed the true character of the Bama fan. They have None. It is a classic example of how arrogant poor losers behave. Enjoy your misery chump!

  6. 8

    Let’s see CrapStoner

    Auburn is Auburn’s own worst enemy | Posted by capstonereport on Apr 25 2008

    The Aura Of Suspicion | Posted by
    capstonereport on Apr 04 2008

    Hypocrite: Tubby’s not as tough as touted | Posted by capstonereport on Mar 27 2008

    An open letter to Chette Williams (revisited) | Posted by capstonereport on Mar 20 2008

    Pat Dye: Auburn’s savior or tarnished tiger? | Posted by capstonereport on Mar 14 2008

    Not to mention numerous more that have been posted on the Finebaum website.

    How’s that goofy dick?

  7. 9

    Is that so, Mr. 2008seven?

    I take it you and I are listening to two VERY different radio shows. I worked in that toxic wasteland known as Opelika for a little over a year before relocating, and I couldn’t find one decent station that fully focused on API. The DJ’s always wanted to poke fun of UA. Each topic a fan would bring up was something to do whatever was currently going down in Tuscaloosa.

    And you have absolutely no right to even mention anything affiliated with the word “character” when you’re an Alabama Polytechnic Institute fan. That entire town bases their income off of anti-Alabama material. Every store; every restaurant; every gas station; every fast food joint, contains something negatively related to Alabama. If it wasn’t for Alabama, the “city” of Aubarn would be out of a pocket.

    First and foremost, you yourself lacks proper class, and I’m basing that judgment off of your classless response, and your juvenile potty mouth.

    Secondly, look up the definition of both class and character. You’ll be extremely surprised at what you read.

    And you have the AUdacity call us “poor losers”? Man, oh man, calling you guys poor winners wouldn’t be the proper term. I’ll start by saying YOUR HEAD COACH (may I remind you a coach that you couldn’t even fire at one point in time) lacks character. If I’m a recruit, do you honestly think I’m going with a man who immaturely runs around taunting 18-21 year old kids who’ve just had their hearts broken, especially when he had a tough time reaching the climax he’s at now? I’d automatically cut him from the list. Not to mention he’s allowing his players to follow in his footsteps. Is that classy? Absolutely not.

    And YOU MUST only read Alabama forums because 99.9% of the topics on the API forums are anti-Alabama, anti-Alabama, and anti-Alabama! Not just anti-Alabama, but CLASSLESS ANTI-ALABAMA CHATTER! Fear the thumb? Is that classy? Taunting us with images of Prothro’s broken leg, is that classy? Calling THE KIDS who play for us worthless. Is that classy. Would you want someone saying the same about your kid? And to jump the gun a big, pro players are men.

    And trust me, I’m not miserable at all. I’d rather rot in the middle of the Sahara desert than have to stomach four years of attending school at The Alabama Polytechnic Institute. I don’t care if we lose the next 20 meetings, I’d still be more proud to be an Alabama fan in the midst of a losing streak, than I would an API fan during the peak of their dominance.

    PS: How does it feel knowing you only won a grand total of 4 out of 12 meetings prior to our downfall? Frankly it’s pathetic and you guys will get yours. It’s only a matter of time, and when that day comes, you’ll never see success like this again — at least until our program self-destructs once again.

  8. 10

    Not one thing written by Shane was libel. It was all the truth or opinion strongly supported by circumstance or evidence. SEE LINKS IN THE STORIES!

    Chette Williams was linked by the NY Times to questionable activities. Auburn even said Williams probably violated NCAA rules. They said that to the freaking AP. So, how did is that slander or liable to point out his connections are highly questionable for an SEC football program?

    Tuberville is a hypocrite. His team has as many if not more problems than Alabama has now as Shane exposed in that column. I’d say his program is in much better shape today than the first two or three years when he arrived. But Tuberville letting a sex criminal back on the team is a piece of priceless hypocrisy.

    In other words, just because Shane says something you don’t like you cry. You aren’t even worth my time.

    If you have any REAL instances of something untrue or questionable….share it.

    Otherwise shut up. I’m sick of people smearing others just because they have a different point of view. You don’t like Shane because he has an opinion….that is…different than yours.

  9. 11


    We aren’t the ones who runs amok 24/7 365 days a year making it publicly known that we’ve won the last six* meetings. And why is that? Because you guys aren’t accustomed to defeating Alabama. You don’t know how to react.

    We aren’t the ones whose season evolves around our cross state nemesis’.

    After we end the streak that was given to you on a silver platter (NCAA violations), this year (and it WILL end), you’ll then understand how a team properly reacts to a win. Then, after we manhandle you for the next 10 years, you’ll see we worry more about national attention and the hopes for a championship than we do about you. You’ll be an afterthought and just another team on our regular season schedule. How does it feel knowing we care more about UT than we do you? Look at you, you’re Aubarn for goodness’ sake. When your team isn’t winning, I honestly feel sorry for you simply because we feel you guys are underprivileged, which you are. We cast a dark, unbearable shadow over you that you can never escape. We don’t know how that feels, that’s why we feel sorry for you.

    Barnies like you are the ones who give Aubarn a bad rep.

    To the fellow ‘Bama fans, must simply overlook and ignore those who are considered “the proverbial gnats in our ass”.

  10. 12

    “Why. They talk about winners.” -2008seven

    Which is the exact reason you’re TALKING ABOUT ALABAMA on an ALABAMA WEBSITE.

    I’d also credit Capstone for the worthy contradiction. Nice job, my friend.

  11. 13

    Who in their right mind can bear those incorrigible Alabama Polytechnic Institute Plainsmen of Aubarn, Alabama anyway?

    At times, I honestly don’t think they can bear each other.

    What is the ultimate survival rate of humans who suffer from severe cases of inferiority complex for decades at a time?

  12. 14

    2008seven…I want to help you out here a little; you would think with the name Capstonereport that a little light would go off (although dim at best)in your little idiotic brain and tell you where you are. Listen man, as long as you have your face in Shane’s ass your gonna catch whatever crap comes out of it. My suggestion? STAY OFF THIS AND OTHER BAMA BOARDS, DUMBASS!

  13. 15

    I remember going to family get togethers for the holidays or the occasional family cookout. After everyone got through eating, all of the adults would sit around and talk for a while. Almost always at one point of the conversation everyone had to stop to listen and watch as some child broke into the conversation with their own pointless nonsense or talentless “look at me” antics….. These unruly children would often embarrass themselves and their parents. Now I know what became of them…. they became Auburn fans….I am talking about the ones that dont come to the blogs to talk about football at all.
    Dickheads like 2008seven. Who’s intellect is the direct result of generations of “Deliverance-style” inbreeding by people who suffer from Moonshine enduced seisures.

    I will say this as nicely as possible…

    2008seven, someday when you grow up you will develop the reading and comprehension skills to understand what people like Shane write. Until then grow up, move out of your mom’s basement, and try to get a job… Your never gonna make it on your writing and opinions.

  14. 16

    You guys and your childish nicknames of various radio professional “characters” are a bunch of losers.

    Capstone is Shane in case you didn’t get it. Auburn has as many or more problems than Alabama?

    Cap, Shane, you’ve been hanging out at the watercooler too long ol’ chap.

  15. 17

    I’m not Shane. I don’t have a good enough voice to call into radio programs.

    Like I’ve written before…I have a face for the radio, and a voice for the newspaper…and I write like a tv person.

  16. 18
    larry davis


  17. 19

    NYC, CrapStoner, tmc1, amused, rhYno, JuicyJ,
    Thank you all for your Typical “I heard it a Million Time” responses!
    You all make my point.

    My comments on this latest rant from Shane are right on point. Shane is a bogger eater and NYC exaggerates his observations of Auburn and Opelika just a BIG BIT!

    If the rest of you want to defend these two candies just because I am an Auburn fan and SIX is eating at your mere existences, then bring it on.

    Shane will get what’s coming to him, but right now Seven will have to do.

    I do apologize for my potty mouth.
    As Bruce Willis once said,” War Damn Eagle, Mudda Phucka!”

  18. 20

    When I lived on the left coast and I’d have my radio on while I was smokin’ ribs for the family, my sports choices were often a surfing report and Bob Costas. On a college FB Saturday.

    The selection’s obviously better here in ATL, but my god – the national shows are horrific. When did it become a prerequisite to be a politically correct pussy to get a syndicated show? (Off the top of my head – Costas, Cowherd, Gottlieb, Patrick, etc…)

  19. 21
    Ballplay indian

    NYC….Sorry if I sounded smug. But one of your observations is simply incorrect. Six out of the ten columns Shane has written are slamming Auburn by title alone. The other four have some kind of bashing in or about them, save this one. And hey , thats O.K…Its what rivalrys are all about. And its what makes this rivalry THE BEST.. But, when Shane runs down a good man like Chet Williams , who he probably knows absolutely nothing about, man thats just wrong. He has done everything within his limited power to try to have him hanged, which is again worse than wrong. From all that Ive heard Chet Williams Actually gives a damn about those he is put over. And he has changed a lot of young lives. Again not trying to be a jerk but some things transcend rivalries.

  20. 22

    Why are Auburn fans so defensive when it comes to Williams?

    My gut is to give Williams the benefit of the doubt. However, Shane has raised some real questions.

    Can anyone be so closely associated with major college football and not get “dirty”? What really happened when Williams (according to AU) probably committed minor NCAA violations by paying money for athletes transportation and meals? Was there a real investigation or was it a coverup?

    See, those are legitimate questions. But no Auburn fan wants to even TRY to provide an answer. Instead, they just call Shane names.

    That makes me want to know more, and I’m sure it makes Shane want to dig more.

  21. 23

    One important point that was not made is the ‘feedback/talkback’ aspect of the ‘new media’ versus the old. People can respond to internet and call-in and if you read it or TV it, you just have to sit there while a person you may not agree with gives his opinion and you may not agree with what is said and have to stuff your frustration.

  22. 24
    Ty from T-town


    Shane, The more that things change;
    the more they stay the same.
    Every generation of writers, thinks that the next generation of writers are taking the craft strait to hell in a hand-basket. It is not surprising that the old-guard of academia would fear the insurgence of the underground blog and the basement reporter. Especially, once the Syntax Mongrels stormed the Country Club and cut-in on the action.
    The printed news must now rely on accuracy alone. It is no match for the speed of the web, but you must remember that not all the dinosaurs died;
    just the ones that were fat and slow.

  23. 25

    Barnzoes can’t come clean/face to face with the truth.

    Hence the reason they make every futile attempt in their feeble little power they possibly can at cutting him down.

    Where is your proof? Who might your reliable source be? You have neither one whatsoever.

    If you’d take your brain-dead heads out of our asses and focus more on “the truth” you guys just may be fortunate enough to come up with proving results. Oh wait, you guys don’t have lives, which is the exact reason you put all of your weakling support into a lifeless college. Then again, I think you devote all of your precious time and support into aiming to bring Alabama down to your bottomless level.

    Get a life, barnzoes. Make your time more useful by riding a bull in your rodeo infested town, rather than losing sleep over what’s taking place in our lives.

    Nothing will EVER change! I’ve never seen an opposing fan base so obsessed with their rival that they literally center their entire thoughts around our pros and cons, rather than the more important and severe issues taking place in the world. This is the way it’s always been and this is the way it’ll always be.


  24. 26

    Wow, never thought I would say this, but good read Shane.

    Hopefully, some of the posters on this site will take a lesson. I have never seen such trash in my life that flows from the fingertips of some of the posters on this site!!! I’m not sure if it makes some of you feel better to constantly trash another person, another team or another fanbase, but in the end it only makes you look like trash!!!

    I understand that it is fun to talk smack and I have even gotten caught up in the name calling in the past, but what is it with some of you?

  25. 27
    Ballplay indian

    WILLISMANN….Take and read mikes post, maybe the lightbulb will come on……or not…..

  26. 28

    Mike, with great respect toward you as a person, I’m not singling you out. I’m simply giving certain individuals (2008seven) a taste of their own medicine. You’re right, at times the smack talk goes a little too far and I myself love to instigate. However (and the same goes for Bammers as well), referring to the moderator of this site as a “goofy dick” is setting the criteria for a shoot out. I respect what Capstone does and what he so generously provides the readers with; and he may trash the Barnies at times, but some people, such as 2008seven, are the ones who lead him on to do so. My methods may be somewhat unorthodox at times, but I won’t take it any further than the first guy did.

    Sorry if I may have offended you, but I won’t apologize for what I said because I didn’t direct it toward you or anyone in here who has a little sickness known as common sense.

  27. 29
    larry davis

    willismann said he sucks cowboys. willis
    i don’t think that would be something i
    would be talking about on this forum. most
    uat fans suck someting.

  28. 30

    What in the Hell was that babble. Were you smoking dope before you posted this nonsense?

    You are messed up if you think anything posted by Shane or this website is based on the truth. The only TRUTH is that you’re a basket case who makes my point perfectly clear. Welcome to the Internet. All Aubcessed Cheating liars (Shane) are encouraged to participate. Shane would not be allowed to write his trash anywhere else but the Internet.

    Who is dragging down whom? Shane has been trying to drag down Chette for years now.
    Let me tell you something that is true.
    “No one can bring Bama down any farther than they have dragged themselves.” You need to get a grip and go back to school.

    Wa.. Wa..(LMAO) What is this stupid run on sentence about? I quote, “If you’d take your brain-dead heads out of our asses and focus more on “the truth” you guys just may be fortunate enough to come up with proving results.”

    Does that sentence make any sense what so ever?

    “A piece of my own medicine you say?” How about learning to speak or write coherently.
    Don’t hurt yourself trying to sound intelligent. Following and defending Shane is all the proof I need to know about you WillisMann. You are not very bright.

  29. 31

    whoever you are. You are so right! As I read the eloquence in your argument I realize that you are totally right and the millions of Bama fans out here are wrong. Thats right, if only we would have had someone like you to explain the real “truth” to us, when we were young and making something of our lives. We could have grown up to be just like you..
    I doesnt matter that Bama has 12 NCs and Auburn cant buy one! It doesnt matter that CTT has delivered one God Damn SEC championship since he has been here.
    It doenst matter that no matter what Auburn has done, Bama has been there, done that, and got the tee-shirt to prove it! WHY?

  30. 32

    Larry Davis
    whoever you are. As I read the eloquence in your argument, I realize that it doesnt matter that CTT has delivered one God Damn SEC championship in his ENTIRE CAREER. As long as there are Gomer Pyles like you in Lee County, CTT will always be a king.
    6downnow2008seven, Dont you ever get tired of being told that the check is in the mail? Are you so ridiculouly gullible that you really believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…JUST BECAUSE CTT SAYS SO!!!??

    I had this really, really, stupid dog one time. All I had to do to send him running witlessly across the yard was just act like I had thrown something.
    Every year thousands of Auburn fans re-enact that same feeble-minded response for CTT. All he has to do is act like something good might happen…
    I cant believe you guys arent over at Phillip Marshall’s Blog offering to lay your lives at the alter of CTT, Praising his Americanism or his clean program, or commenting on how close he is to greatness again this year…..

  31. 34
    Jeroy Jenkins

    I really hope Shane doesn’t think he is one of the new respected internet writers. Shane is nothing but a bammer homer. He writes to pound on his chest and lives to make his daily 4 o’clock call in. Meanwhile most people with some common sense look to shane for our daily need of a good laugh and I must say, most days shane delivers big time along with all the other loosers that call in to be heard. Paul should give them all a raise in pay because they keep me laughing.

  32. 35


    While I do agree that there are times when certain Barnies behave in a manner that warrants a good bashing…..from what I have seen on this site those
    times make up a small percentage of the times when certain Bammer posters on this site act like trash!!!

    Just look at all the times when the 1st couple of posts under a topic are “Auburn Poltechnic Opelika Rednecks blah blah blah…..” or “Rodeo truck driving AUtards blah blah blah…..”. The funny thing is that a lot of the times Capstone doesn’t even mention Auburn in his writings, but the 1st couple of posters immediately trash Auburn. By the way, I always find this amusing since it is only Aubies that care about Bammers (notice: sarcasm).

    Anyways, you guys post whatever makes you happy. If you want to look like redneck trash….who am I to stop you:) Just don’t blame it on the Aubies because only you can make yourself look like trash.

  33. 37


    Let me get this straight…you are trash and I am a fly that lays eggs on meat or flesh wounds? Okay.

  34. 38

    And hangs out a the dumpsite laying eggs and waiting on their next meal….Yep… you knocked it out of the park.

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