Shane: A-Day from A to Z

By Shane from Centerpoint

As I sit down to write my take on the University of Alabama’s annual A-day football game I can’t help but smile. Barring the negative opinions of clueless windbags—like Montgomery Alabama’s sports-talk, radio-hack John Longshore, and others like him who are trying to put a damper on the Crimson Tide’s chances for next season—I came away from the scrimmage with a much different outlook.

First let me say that the entire Bama Nation is now buying into Nick Saban’s process, as evidenced by the availability of hounds-toothed hats down souvenir row and the fact that there were simply no Saban straw hats left to purchase. They were sold out. I admit that’s a weak argument that won’t hold water, so I guess we can count the 78,000 fans in the seats as concrete proof Saban is the man. For the record, Bryant never drew more than 20,000. The mighty Florida Gators couldn’t draw more than 61,000 even with the support of ESPN’s Game Day and complete live game-coverage to boost their attendance.

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In direct contrast to the dull sluggish spring games of the past, Nick Saban runs a professional presentation that has the atmosphere of a real game (at least as far as inter-squad games go). I know that, from my perspective, any young recruit who witnessed Saturday’s game simply has to be amazed at the sheer number of that many supporters in one place for a game that doesn’t even count. Nick Saban has transformed Alabama into a place where great athletes want to be. I now understand his point about the event being of great importance.

I especially like the way Nick treats his players. He gives almost every man who is wearing a uniform a chance to earn some playing time. By far the most impressive trait I saw from this 2008 version of the Tide is their complete focus and effort for sixty minutes on the field. This team looks disciplined and knowledgeable.

Many people have said Alabama defensive coordinator Kevin Steele is an intense individual. I can vouch for their opinion. Of course Kirby Smart, his peer on the other side of the field is rolling just as hard. In spite of the general belief that Bama’s assistants are just recruiting specialists, I’m convinced these guys can coach just as well as they recruit.

Since this was a glorified practice, I’m not going to give you some ignorant suggestion that the final score mattered. However, I will talk about some things I observed that left positive impressions on my mind. Yes, in spite of the doubts of other media types I believe Saban can do what Stallings and Franchione did and take Alabama to a higher level sooner rather than later.

I saw four quarterbacks whose fundamentals are vastly improved from last year. They all threw the ball with authority and zip. The new offensive coordinator, Jim McElwain, has done a great job preparing every quarterback for competition. If the coach can get John Parker Wilson to execute mistake-free football under live fire and improve his percentage to somewhere around 61-64 %, Alabama could win the SEC championship. Oh yea! It’s that important. By the way, I think this coach knows how to handle a quarterback.

The Crimson Tide offense is already loaded with superior talent on the wings. With Nikita Stover, Mike McCoy, Earl Alexander, Darius Hanks, Brandon Gibson, and the “new” #4 (formerly Prothro’s), Marquis Maze, moving the rock downfield, this offense will be very difficult to stop. I know these six can play with anybody in the country. When the “Foley Flash” Julio Jones and Burton Scott get to town the Tide receiving corps is going to be one of the nation’s best.

All that is left to make a dangerous offense is to have the offensive line protect the passing game. Put it this way. This same offensive line has been together thru about three years of SEC wars. With six solid backups who are now at a similar level of ability the Tide has solid depth on the front wall.

Throw in a healthy Terry Grant and some other talented backs (including new arrival, Ivan Matchett) and the running game should adequately compliment the passing game.

On the defensive side of the ball “Evil Nicky’s” fingerprints are becoming evident. Defense wins championships and much like Coach Bryant, Saban will recruit defensive talent to execute his philosophy. Seriously, the players understand his schemes better by the day.

Several players on the defense are already known as very good players. Rolando McClain, Kareem Jackson, Rashad Johnson, and Javier Arenas (a truly GREAT athlete), are all proven winners. I saw a few Saturday who are going to make a positive impact on the performance of this defense in the future. Alfred McCullough, Cory Reamer, Jimmy Johns, Josh Chapman, and a few others are ready to compete at an SEC level.

Throw in several high-caliber athletes from Saban’s number one recruiting class and this defense could be pretty stout this coming season.

I must also mention two facets of Bama’s team that are going to be vastly improved. I have a hunch the tight ends will definitely be deadly weapons for the Tide this year, and the kicking game will win a few close contests.

Fans should expect to see a very competitive team this year. In spite of the idea that some foolish coaches believe that young high-school, five-star studs can’t be just as effective on the college level, the truth can be much different. I think Rolando McClain and Kareem Jackson are concrete proof that talent is what it is.

I’ll end this column by saying that, with the class operation in place now, Alabama’s football future is in good hands. Saban, his coaches, and the entire Alabama program are finally marching forward towards returning Alabama’s legendary, winning tradition!

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  1. 1
    Ray Latham

    That was a great column Shane. You sure make me feel good. Question: Do you think this will be Coach Saban’s last stop? Finebaum thinks so. Also do you know and have you ever met Ironman the Idoit? What is take on this bafoon? Thanks. Ray Latham

  2. 2
    Ballplay indian

    Shane, this column is readable to an Auburn fan as well as an Alabama fan. Good to see that you can talk well about your team without dogging your rival for once. It is good to see that we can all just get alo…………..Never mind, I still cant stand Bama…….WAR EAGLE..6

  3. 4
    jimbo stinson

    ’09 isn’t that about the time Tubberchump’s buyout expires.He might be the one headed to WV.

  4. 5

    It’s about time you decided to write about something other than AU. I look forward to reading your end of the year report and your reasoning for UAT going 6-6!! wde

  5. 6

    gawd, you have to love this guy for the entertainment value alone. he’s almost as crazy here as he is on the radio, and that’s a hard goal to surpass.

    do you think his ego is inflated? count the personal pronouns. do they not teach a professional writing course somewhere he ends his ice delivery route?

  6. 7

    Are you Alabama Polytechnic Institute backwoods barnies seriously this delusional when it comes to your coach and OURS?

    Do you guys still put your mild faith in a man who flirted with more job opportunities this past season than your farmers do after they graduate?

    Do you guys still put your mild faith in a man who you wanted canned up until he used Alabama’s weakened state as a focal point to expand his paycheck and boost his presitge? Call it an excuse all you want, but the facts do not lie: the man was horrible up until he had no head-to-head competition from his cross-state superior.

    Watching Tubber-neck BARELY DEFEAT an Alabama team with two hands tied behind their back for 6 years doesn’t change my outlook on the man from Ole Miss (and may I mention he one-upped Alabama in recruiting throughout their entire probationary period). Yet he relied heavily on one or two big plays to win the vast majority of those games. And I need not mention the fact that half of those games most of our key scholarship players didn’t play a down due to severe injuries.

    Keep telling your half-brain selves that your redneck infested college will continue to barely defeat ours in football. If that helps you cope with the fact that reality is a bitch, then it’s understandable. You guys spewed the same nonsense in the 50s, until we snapped that streak and owned you for 9 straight years, and won nearly every game until the 80s. Then you won 4 straight, and the garbage talk repeated itself up until we won the next 8 out of 12. HERE WE ARE AGAIN! It’s a record procedure that you guys have: taking advantage of our weakened state, and only a true API barnie will deny that FACT!

    I’m fairly certain if UGA was forced to endure the same penalty as we did, Georgia Tech would take their unrightful place in the Peach State, just as you guys did in the Yellowhammer state.

    As was said, you’ve BARELY DEFEATED US, all throughout a period in which we had two hands tied behind our backs, and now that the chains have been broken, it’s only a matter of time before this sleeping giant hammers you back into that backwoods, 5-foot, rodeo-fied tied known as Aubarn, Alabama.

    Deny it all you want, but do you seriously think your going to continue to rely on crucial turnovers on our behalf to defeat us, especially when YOU OWNED US WITH TALENT? It’s no longer the case anymore, for the first time in forever, we didn’t just one up you, we flat out OWNED YOU in recruiting and trust me when I say Tubber-redneck will have to find another way to win, rather than having us do it for him.

    Enjoy your fun in the sun, barnies. Alabama Polytechnic Institute has come ot their rare peak once again. Set back and enjoy another shelacking for another 30 years, up until our program is in a dillema once again. Then you’ll sneak a few more wins in and it’s back to square one.

    You AUtards will NEVER learn. But then again, if I was forced to walk in the shoes of a fan (Alabama Polytechnic Institute) of some second-rate, nightlife-less, backwoods cow college who even in the brightest hour of their time is still overshadowed by the likes of their cross-state superior, I’d probably suffer from little man’s syndrome as well. After all, I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be the ugly little redheaded stepchild of my family the way you guys are in this.

  7. 8

    I bet a 100 times more people watched Florida’s a-day on tv than Bama’s. Who really cares.

    Everything else sounds like whistling in a graveyard.

  8. 9

    I honestly believe API fans are only jealous (though not surprisingly enough) of Shane, simply because “NASCAR SAM” can’t get a freelancing gig with the website. It must be an intense feeling of humiliation knowing the weakest of all sports, NASCAR, is more important than the most important API sport: FOOTBALL.

    I bet Talledaga Nights is his all-time favorite movie. lol

  9. 10

    Slightly off the main subject matter, but closely related; I saw a clip from Breakfast with Karle this evening. Tubby was downplaying recruiting as being overrated. He proceeded to name players who are make significant contributions but were not highly recruited. I agree with him that it is somewhat overrated. Alabama had several key players just last year who were not highly recruited either but did quite well. Mike Shula outrecruited Waffle House (or IHOP) for Wallace Gilberry to name one. Tyrone Prothro was a 3 star Running Back who was an outstanding wide receiver. Heck, you can go back to Jay Barker and say the same thing. If Bill Curry hadn’t gone to KY Jay would’ve been QB at Samford.

    That being stated, I have a question for all you nervous Awbarn fans who are holding out hope that it is just chicken little telling you that the sky is falling instead of what you know deep-down in your heart is going to happen when Ol’ Saint Nick gets thru with you. Do more 2 & 3 stars fail to make a contribution in SEC football then 4 & 5 stars. I have no evidennce upon which to support a claim in either way. Common sense would tell you that the more 4 & 5 star recruits you sign gives you a greater margin of error for those who don’t pan out. Roll Tide!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 11

    In response to the Saban to WVU subject, West Virginia University in my opinion is the equivalence of Alabama Polytechnical Insitute – only I’m certain the only difference is there’s more to do on a fun scale in Morgantown than in Aubarn, hence the reason true barnies receive two thumbs up for me. It’s literal shame those poor students will NEVER have that real college experience.

    Even though Aubarn is a hick town itself, WVU would be more appealing for a “coach” like Turdville considering A.P.I. has nothing going for itself outside of the farming/rodeo community. Also, factor in the “pinebox” and “playing A.P.I. for other job opportunities” doesn’t help the odds against the notion either.

  11. 12
    jimbo stinson

    Man, you guys really kicked it up a notch. I will have to get rocking on a new name. I thought that Tuberchump was going to be enough. Apparently not, Roll Tide my brothers!!!!!!

  12. 13
    jimbo stinson

    Oh and one more thing, Cory you complain about everyone attacking Cowvillie. The thing is, you mudpie punks are the ones that started in on Alabama. I listen to the Finebaum show and all I here from barney are references and attacks on Alabama. You can’t talk about Sawgrass High School because, well, there isn’t much to talk about. You had better bring back the Barfield mentality, remember good ole Fullwood and his gazillion class absences. Or maybe that shining academic example of Aubert’s elite educational fraternity, BBBBBBBBBBBo DDDDDDDDDakson. Keep it real Aubo and shut the H@ll up.

  13. 14

    Hey, congrats for winning the Recruiting NC and Number of Fans In Seats for Spring Game NC. You must be really proud… way to go! To brag about that really shows how far your program has fallen… how about you win a game… or better yet wiin more than 7 games. BTW – to use probation as an excuse as to why you have lost, borders on pathetic. Basically, you are saying, “We need to cheat to win, and you are only beating us because we can’t cheat anymore.” It’s pretty simple. If a 5th grader cheated on his math test and got caught, I am sure you wouldn’t think he was justified in telling his friends that the only reason they make better grades is because he was caught cheating. You would also start to question his past grades…

  14. 15
    Ballplay indian

    API GIRLS ARE DILUSIONAL, My response to you is that you are dilusional.Bama is a non-factor in the state, the SEC, and the country. Heck its not even fun whippin that tail anymore. ITS NOT A CHALLENGE. Its a joke. I honostly hope we give you guys a game in the near future, becouse I feel sorry for you people. Troy State currently has a better program than Bama, and you know it. Win some games,then talk.

  15. 16


    Are you a freaking moron? Are you seriously going to talk about Tubby flirting with other jobs? Why don’t you take off your crimson blinders and look at your own coach Ol’ Suitcase “I’m not going to be the coach at Bammer” Saban?

    2 hands tied behind their backs? When Shula went 10-2 I didn’t hear that. When Bammer started out good last year I didn’t hear that. Seems likes the only time I hear about poor Bammer’s lack of talent is when you mullets are looking for another EXCUSE!! BTW, the probation excuse is getting old, very old!!!

    And you can talk that BARELY DEFEATED US BS until you are blue in the face. I’ve looked through the final stats and all I see are W’s and L’s.

    Seriously, aren’t you mullets tired of talking the same BS smack year after year about what you are GONNA do?

    Well guess what….if ya’ll are tired of hearing us run our mouths then BEAT US!!!

    Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer
    Perm Your Mullets
    All you Bammers!!!!

  16. 17


    Great post!!! I love how you like to make fun of Auburn, but make sure you do not ever reference football because you know we own your arse!!!

    BTW, did you actually attend the University of Alabama or are you another one of those sidewalk mullet wearing redneck fans that bought your Bammer sweats at Wal-Mart????

  17. 18
    Ty from T-town

    Shane,does anyone get-it?
    The A-day game,is not a game at all. Its more a show, than anything else. You know as well as I do, the true bama fan will use any excuse to party. The A-day Show is much like the Oktober Fest, but with more beer, but it also has a hidden purpose. I know the yearly football-Show has its share of sidewalk fans, but it was quite possibly the largest collection of multi-millionaires in the entire nation; just for one show.
    Officialy, I don’t know that for a fact, but I do know the Tuscaloosa Airport was so packed with private jets, it looked like the Opelika Wal-Mart on Christmas eve. Auburn fan; don’t get me wrong.
    Its not about you. A-Day is not directed at you. Its directed at every one. The Big-Show is just part of the process.

  18. 19

    Let’s all pay homage to the great land of Alfarm, Alabama by singing their fight song together:

    War Eagle, crank the John Deere…

    Break out the Redman, shotgun a beer!

    War Eagle, inbreds delight,

    Where brothers and sisters unite!

    GO! GO! GO! Back to your trailer, fire up the grill…

    Savor the flavor from last night’s road-kill.

    War Eagle, BIG COW COLLEGE…

    Cesspool of dixie-land!


  19. 20

    jimbo stinson, I tried to read you reply but couldn’t understand it. I guess I need to bone up on my hill billy, then we can talk. What are you going to say when Tubs rolls number 7 on that ass? wde!!

  20. 21


    You are certainly correct about two things: one being the proverbial gnat in our ass; and the other is no, I didn’t attend the University of Alabama. And fortunately for you I guess, I’m not an API fan, therefore I don’t parade the sidewalks like a zombie the way in which you spirit-less backwoods hicks, do while wearing cowboy boots and driving trucks with unnecessary lift kits.

    However, you on the other hand, I really find amusement in the fact that you have no wireless internet connection in your Wire Road double wide suite, which would explain why your currently setting in the API library reading this response. Also, I’d like to know what you’re doing on an Alabama website? I take it API fans can’t afford a domain name, huh?

    So all I have left to say to you is have fun at next weekend’s API rodeo. If that’ll help ease the Iron Bowl tension on your mind then so be it. Otherwise, continue to get yourself overly worked up because you know your “streak” is at it’s end, hence the reason your talking so much nonsense. Soak up the moment while you can, AUtard barnie.

    Just for the record, I have no mullet but seeing how you are so AUbsessed with them (seeing how you’re a fan of a team that consists nothing of mullet-headed, cowboy boot wearing rednecks), my advice to you would be grow one yourself, unless, however, you have one already.

    Peace. Love. Roll Tide:-P

  21. 22
    Ballplay indian

    Realisticly, I have to admit that the Tide will improve over the course of the next 3 years. But for some on this board to say that Auburns winning ways are over is just flatout stupid. I mean what the crap are you spastics basing that on? Yes the streak will probably end in a year or two. I mean we cant keep kicking that tail forever now can we? And no, there will be no state, conference, or national championship this year ……..SORRY BAMMERS BUT THESE ARE FACTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 23

    BallplayIndian, where has any Alabama fan said anything about a national championship in these responses? If you find any, I’ll be more than happy to shine your shoes and pay you a grand total of $50,000 IN CASH. There are only a select few (equaling the amount of AU fans) who talk “national championships” every season, but the reality is IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Truthfully, I hate saying this, but I do predict AU to beat Alabama once again next season and in addition to that, I’m picking AU to win the West. BUT, I’m not saying AU’s dominace will continue for the next 20 years. Alabama’s been through a rollercoaster of penalizations and they’ve nearly killed us. As of right now, I don’t care what any Alabama fan or sporting analyst says, ALABAMA IS NOT WHERE THEY NEED TO BE in terms of equally competing on the same level of competition as the rest of the SEC. Slowly but surely, we will pick up the broken pieces, regardless of what any AU fan says. A team of Alabama’s caliber WILL NOT continue to lay down for other teams, simply because of what they’ve been though, and I shouldn’t lie (even though every team is guilty of what we were busted for doing), we got what we deserved. As far as a national championship is concerned, I highly doubt any SEC team, other than UGA is capable of competing for one in the forthcoming future, EVEN ALABAMA!

  23. 24


    I would like to take a lot of credit, but it was pretty easy to guess that you didn’t attend UA. Most of the time guys like you are pretty easy to spot, even on a message board.

    The cowboy boots and trucks with lifts thing was pretty funny. Especially, since 50% of the jacked up trucks I see have Bammer stickers on the back windows, but I’m sure those guys are just sidewalk fans like you are!!!

    No, I don’t live in a double wide, but I did live in a mobile home 1 year while I was in school at AUBURN. Not in the library either right now, but if I was I would tell you that when you were done…you could come out from under my desk!!!

    As for the Rodeo, I won’t be attending next weekend (actually I didn’t even know it was next weekend, but you did), but I did attend twice while I was in school at AUBURN and it was a blast.

    I have NO mullet??? Are you sure you didn’t attend UA???

    Thanks for the advice, but I like my hair the way it is. My advice to you would be to start getting ready for #7.


    The mullet-headed cowboy boot wearing redneck that OWNS YOUR ARSE!!!

  24. 25

    Mr. Comment #7:

    Try not being so verbose in convincing us of your status as a douchebag. A post 1/4 of that length would have been plenty.

    And my prediction is still that bama goes 7-5 this year. Saban will e a one hit wonder, as so many NC coaches have been.

  25. 26

    I’m astonished to see the Barnville nation stumble into an Alabama forum once again!!! It’s evident you guys hold some sense of insecurity in your precious little War Eagle hearts, or else each and everyone of you wouldn’t be running your mouth to capacity on a forum in which doesn’t even belong to you or yours.

    Fear? Insecurity? And I shouldn’t bother to mention jealousy, because as long as there’s Alabama and the barn, there will ALWAYS be jealousy involved on the barn’s side of the barn…

    Just as someone said previously, you’re in the peak of your success. Most of you have been here before if you lived in all three time periods where Aubarn saw a brief stint of success; and you know just as well as I do history will repeat itself and the barn will self-destruct at the hands of the Crimson Tide… Should I even throw in a once more?

    Your borderline coach and team, at that time, caught a huge break by filling Alabama’s void courtesy of Dennis Franchione, Phil Fulmer and the NCAA. Tubby was just another average, down home coach who used Alabama’s downfall to achieve above average status for a temporary period in time. He knows it, and whether you choose to admit it or not, you know it or else you wouldn’t be HERE singing his brief and pitiful praises.

    And to the guy who pointed out how pathetic Aubarn really is by winning by a measly average of 8 points or less in a time where they should’ve won by an average of over 18 points, due to restrictions on our behalf and jumping way ahead in the recruiting stages, I can’t wait to hear how you’ll cover that fact up once we show you how it’s done with players you don’t even have the luxury of dreaming the barn will ever have. The jetgate countdown is no longer official… Now it’s the retirement countdown. Anyone remember the Pat Dye countdown after Gene Stallings handed him his incoherent ass, after BARNIES SWORE STALLINGS WOULD NEVER DEFEAT HIM. Allow me to correct you after the years have passed: Almighty cheating Dye never once defeated Stallings. But I thought you guys said the exact opposite. Mind telling me what happened?

  26. 27

    If you’re in dire need of a responding snicker to sheer idiocy, then direct your attention to the following statement:

    According to my British Literature professor (UCF), he used Iron Bowl symbolism for a brief example of his Tuesday lecture. One thing about Auburn University (better known as The Polytechnic Institute of Alabama) they’re completely wrong, grammatically when chanting “War Eagle”? Real people don’t speak that way simply because it’s an intransitive verb followed by an object, which makes no sense as a standalone statement. “Roll Tide”, however, makes perfect sense and is reflective of actual human speech.

  27. 28

    By the way Mike, are you an AU student? Just curious because 90% of the boot wearing, Ford truck driving individuals are typically all Aubarn students or alumni. Even Florida fans are quick to point that out. Seriously, how many SEC schools (Other than your own) host rodeos for their students? None other than I know of. I also like how the vast majority of your male students have a ‘fish hook’ on the bill of their hunting-camo Aubarn hats. I also hear you people have awesome mud pits to go mud-riding in. I really wish I was lowlife and white trashy enough to attend school there!!! To me it appears Aubarn University offers more than just cow experimentations for their students and inhabitants, but additionally more redneckish extra-curricular activities to go along with the original… ROFLMAO!!

  28. 29


    No, I am not a student….I graduated in 2001.

    90% of boot wearing, Ford truck driving individuals are Auburn students? Well, with that math it’s easy to see why Bammers claim 12 NC’s!!!

    Florida fans? Is this the same fans that like to wear cut-off blue jean shorts? Since you seem to know so much about Florida fans…do you wear cut-offs too?

    How many schools host rodeos? I’m not sure. How many SEC schools have lost to ULM in football?

    Have you ever really been to Auburn? I can’t recall ever seeing someone with a fish hook on their hat at AU. Now, I have seen that around my hunting camp, near Tuscaloosa, but never on campus at AU.

    There are some good places to go mud-riding…OOOOH you got me there!!!

    White trashy enough? Buddy, if you went to UCF then you have been with the trashiest of the trashiest so don’t sell yourself short!!!!

    I Love it!!! Keep it coming!!!

    Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer-

  29. 30

    let’s stick to the original thought process… don’t get me wrong, i love watching bama and bama tech fans hash it out with one another, but stooping as low to call each other “mulletheads” clearly goes to show each of you are losing creativity and thought originality. i don’t care how many hairs on the back of a bama fan’s right ass cheek, or how much mud is on a bama tech fan’s truck tire. I’D LIKE TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING DOWN ON THE PLAYING FIELD. with that being said, ROLL TIDE BITCHES!!!

  30. 31

    All for you Mike, this is EXACTLY what defines Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Aubarn, Alabama according to Alabama fans:

    An API Alpha Psi API Rodeo:

    Goodness, there’s more people at an API rodeo than a football game!

    Have a gander at API tailgating:


    Way to represent your proud heritage instead of your country, barnies:

    Here are your Comer Hall Cows:

    And let’s not forget about those prejudice redneck frat students:
    Be sure to click on the “View more pics” link down at the bottom of the page.

    Mike, just accept it: your college is the biggest redneck college in the south and the sad truth is, most of your students are proud of that fact. It comes with the territory I guess. Enjoy milking your cows, plucking your chickens of their feathers, catching catfish in your “sheerly the best catfish lakes,” trailer park block parties on the infamous Wire Road, and holding the fort down at your weekend frat/school rodeos.

    Just ask this guy:

  31. 33

    TylerPorter05UCFalumn: Was your professor not well versed enough in the English language to recognize a noun used as an adjective or adverb in certain instances. Did Britain not find itself on a war footing at the outset of the second world war? Aren’t tanks, ships and bullets often correctly referred to as war materiel? Is an F-16 not a war plane? One would think it unlikely that any professor was ever so ignorant as to make an observation like the one you claim, even one at a trade school like UCF. BTW, I am up late this evening grading my undergraduate students’ term papers.

  32. 34

    HeHeHeHe…I won a bet that someday Shane would actually write an article about the turds…Whop-eeee!!! Thanks, I just love Crap-de-crap on toast.

  33. 35


    Your videos are sheerly amazing and perfectly exemplifies Opelika Tech/Awbarn to the core.

    What joy do you get out riding bulls, living in trailer parks, cow experimenting, monster truck mudding, and most importantly, being a football fan of the West Opelika Tech Incests? What a vibrant way of simply adding truth to the already proven stereotype that the vast majority of all West Opelika Tech students and its Awbarn inhabitants are nothing but a bunch of backwoods, beer guzzling, sheep-sexing, sister loving rednecks. GO TECH!!!

  34. 36

    I love how the members of this refer to the barn-yard hooligans’ beloved school as their former name. Auburn has had more previous names than they have mascots. I always thought it would be more proper and easier on us to refer to them as “The University of Georgia at Opelika,” but seeing how I like the Dawgs, I would never insult their historic school and program (just as I refuse by doing so with UA) by proclaiming Auburn as one of their/our sisterly/minor system institutes. Honestly we should leave the little guys alone. Tide fans do not realize what it’s like to actually be an Auburn fan(fortunately enough), and that’s something we fail to ponder on while we constantly aim to contradict them. Most of the AU fans here are on welfare, better known as living off of our hard earned money, hence the reason they’re here because they have so much free-time on their hands to post here while I know they simultaneously post on AU boards as well, and I’m also sure they post on many other UA boards in addition to that.

    Think about their cause for being here and always grabbing the back of our coat-tails:

    1) 70% of their school consists of nothing but braindead rednecks.

    2) Our strip is their downtown, yet they still have no clue what a true club or bar really is. Also, their downtown is basically all the city of Auburn has to offer its citizens.

    3) Win or loss, their entire school, team, city, etc is overshadowed by the University of Alabama and its surroundings.

    4) They think driving vehicles through mud, hunting deer(or ducks), riding bulls, and going to these off-brand country music concerts in Auburn is life at its best.

    5) They make feeble attempts to bring UA down to their level in every possible category they manage to attack.

    6) Their stadium, facilities, and school is a joke.

    7) Trailer parks, cow pastures, chicken houses, an Auburn University farm center, is apart of their “campus.”

    8) Every vehicle dealership has more jackedup trucks than they do any vehicle known to man.

    9) Auburn in downtown has UA memorabilia posted up in one of their display windows: a Nick Saban autograph, Time Magazine featuring Bear Bryant, and the insulting, “You love her but she’s an Aubarn fan” poem.

    10) They’re quick to point out all of our championships, titles, and wins all occurred during the past, but are slow on mentioning why they haven’t accomplished half of what we have yet.

    11) They claim their house parties are the best (to cover up the fact the school/town has no nightlife whatsoever) when in reality, anyone with more than half a brain could also tell you high school house parties were once awesome as well!

    12) Nearly every weekend, certain greek fraternities and sororities join forces in hosting a big time rodeo for their fellow students, instead of planning concerts and such.

    13) They have no solid fan support, and during their biggest home games, the fans walk around like zombies and you can literally hear a pin drop. In another words, there’s no hardcore tailgating and pregaming is basically the opposite of intense.

    I think I’ve said enough. You guys get the big picture. I know these things for a fact because I live in Auburn(not by choice). I’m even guilty of having to wear an Auburn polo to their home games, excluding Alabama of course. My wife is an Auburn fan(born and raised, unfortunately) and recent alumni, but she knows and will admit which is the lame school and which isn’t. But there are some who think Auburn is heaven on earth and those are the ones we as Tide fans can only laugh at, because they are the individuals who have yet to see the world in a different light. Have all the fun you want, here Auburn fans. Because you’re not having it anywhere else, I can assure you of that.

  35. 37

    Any of you Bammers buy the new “Got Recruits” shirt???? What a freaking joke you idiots have become!!!!

    Rammer Jammer Yellowhammer

  36. 38


    Which trailer park do you live in? I’ll be happy to bring my welfare arse over there and help you move.

  37. 39

    Hopefully, Undecided’s double-wide isn’t located on Wire Road. Or else technically you could make fun of him. But, who would know seeing how Auburn, Alabama is basically one big trailer park in itself.


  38. 41
    Big Ed

    Shane sez “He (Saben) gives almost every man who is wearing a uniform a chance to earn some playing time.”
    I guess the “almost” refers to Jimmy Johns. He “almost” never has played in any of his 8 redshirt years.

  39. 42
    Big Ed

    Poor Undecided sounds like he never had anyone to play with. He should start taking Viagra. Then at least he could play with himself.

  40. 43

    I am always amazed that Alabama fans and Auburn fans throw around southern redneck acusations at each other. Clue: Both schools are full of southern rednecks driving pick ups and living in trailers. For gods sake, both schools are in Alabama.

    I have seen an equal share of white trash fans for both schools. I have also seen a fair amount of 40 thousand dollar cars drivin by fans of both teams.

    The one difference I can absolutely see is the comparative beauty of the city of Auburn versus Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa is an armpit of a town outside of the main campus area. Auburn itself is very beautiful. Opelika now, its sort of seedy.

    Fanbase reality meter shows Auburn fans year in and year out are pretty reasonable. Alabama fans are never reasonable. Auburn fan on Alabamas new coach “well, he will probably get that program running in a few years but its an uphill fght over there.” Alabama fan on the new coach ” Wooohooo we are back, you barners will never win another game!! National championsheep here we come!!”

    Good luck next year Alabama fan, we will be seeing you in Jordan-Hare west in November.

  41. 45
    Ballplay indian

    Question to posters: What makes you sicker at your stomach to see? 1. A redneck / farmer. oooooooooooorrrrr 2. A punkass know it all frat boy homo who thinks daddys money can buy him anything? Oh yeah, and he has never really worked a real day in his life? I quaruntee you all that a farmer or REDNECK is in every family tree on this board.

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