Need more Shane? posted an interview with Shane from Centerpoint. Click the link above to read more including comments like these:

The Process is entering its second season. The two most important components required for success in football are team continuity, and consistency. Coach Saban’s Fourth Quarter program should begin to show on the field, with this being it’s second year in place. Like most great coaches, Nick Saban demands intensity, toughness, and relentless pressure on the field of play. The A-Day game will reveal the truth about whether this team is making the sacrifices required to play championship football. Also, there remains one huge question mark – Does Saban now have quality depth at all positions?

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  1. 1

    what a dumbass. spring games show nothing.

    and certainly not championship timber.

    “does saban have depth….” duh. NO.

    but that won’t stop shane. 10 wins and a pox on jay barker.

    look up clueless idiot in the dictionary, there’s a picture of shane there.

    really cap, how much longer before you get a cluebag about this joker???

  2. 6

    Maybe BAMA’S spring game will show more than auburn’s new offense did ‘ The toss and loss’ or The chuck and and duck. BAMA will be fine. It will be another year or two before they can compete with the best of them. so bama should beat auburn this year. rtr

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