An open letter to Chette Williams (revisited)

Editor’s note: This column first appeared June 29, 2007. It is being republished due to Rev. Chette Williams recent appearance on the Opening Drive on WJOX. Rev. Williams appeared Feb. 27, the day after Jason Campbell appeared on Paul Finebaum’s radio program. Both interviews were conducted during turmoil over player arrests in Tuscaloosa. Second note: I was attempting to delete some spam on the site in comments section and killed the story too. Sorry, here it is reposted again.

Brother Chette,

The purpose of this letter is intended to serve as an invitation for you to clarify once and for all the true intent of your ministry at Auburn University. Although you probably think I’m investigating your operation because I am a well-known Crimson Tide supporter, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Sure, I’ll admit that was the case at the onset, but since you refused to address the public at Paul Finebaum’s request, my nose tells me you could have something to hide.

So, in light of our currently strained, silent relationship, I am going to ask you a series of questions which could potentially clear things up for me and the public in general.

Yes! I’m aware that you might not want to respond to a common web commentator’s mundane questions. Listen Chette, why don’t you loosen up, have some fun and give it a shot?

Does it concern you that the public and the young men in your charge might consider a $377,000 house and property with an unlimited salary to be hypocritical when you preach to players, who virtually have nothing, to hold fast to the humble teachings of Jesus?

Since there are probably 10 or 20 preachers in the Auburn area who would serve as team chaplain for free, how much better are you to have a net worth of a half-million or more?

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Why did you choose to remain silent when Selena Roberts and the New York Times came after you with guns a-blazing?

You pastored a church in Mobile, Al from 1991-1993. Auburn trustee Jack Miller is from Mobile. Does he, like Bobby Lowder, donate to your ministry?

How close are you to coach Hugh Nall and do either of you discuss academic guidance with the football players? How close do you work with athletic department academic counselor, Brent Wohlers?

You released a statement through Auburn that said, “In my role as Director of Fellowship of Christian Athletes, I provide spiritual advisements to the students on the Auburn Campus”. On tax forms your scope is much more focused, explaining your ministries purpose is to work effectively with “Auburn University athletes, especially with the football team, to encourage and stimulate better relations between players, coaches, and support staff, etc”. You are listed on the official Auburn Athletic website as the Team Champlain. Which title fits your true mission?

Does the idea that Wayne Hall has the authority to supplement your salary, yet is also listed as the organization’s treasurer seem like a conflict of interest to you?

Why does a reporter who wishes to speak with you have to go through the head coach’s office only?

Why does Chette Williams Ministries have no listed phone number? By the way, I checked the National Phone Registry.

Does it concern you that Bobby Lowder’s donations and the board’s ability to boost your paycheck, might lead those people to believe they can exert influence over you?

Do the comments by your former player, Reggie Torbor, bother you? He said that you liked to “help people” and you doing that “would give off the impression of cheating and doing something he knows he shouldn’t do”. “It’s a fine line there”. “He pointed us in the right direction”.

Prior to New York Times article, you were a celebrity, heard statewide on the speech and radio circuit. Since you no longer are heard from, I’m wondering, did the NCAA tell you to cease?

Did the NCAA tell you that you were possibly breaking the rules because your message was specifically aimed at athletes, including potential recruits and their families?

Finally, does it bother you that despite being labeled as a hire of Tommy Tubervile’s, Auburn officials insist you are not a salaried employee?

Oh, yeah! I do have one more question. How do you spend all that money?


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  1. 1

    It drives me crazy how our society is unable to grab their bootstraps and pull them selves up so they attempt to bring everything around them down to their incompetent level. Our School system continues to lower their standards so our kids will appear to do better and they will look as if accomplishments have been made. The same can be said about many aspects of our society now days.

    You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you?

  2. 2

    I have a question Shane, why are you so worried about what AU does. You always say au fans have a little brother syndrome, but it seems to me that this has changed( You are writing an article about Auburns team chaplain you think is dirty but have no proof) . And I am sure chette is paying all the players and the only reason he hasn’t been caught is because the NCAA never puts AU on probation and there is also a conspiracy by said organization to destroy bama at all costs. And by the way , the quote you used to prove he was doing something improper only proves that he points kids in the right direction. You might want to pay a little more attention to whats going down at bama. 8 arrests in a year. Talk about creating a good atmosphere for young men to grow up and mature in.You should be very proud at how Saban has got his players united(in crime). As always nice reporting, your always good for a laugh . Keep em coming.

  3. 3

    Also, he probably doesn’t have a listed phone number so people like you don’t call and pester him. Kind of like calling an OC in the middle of the night to complain. Classic, so bama.

  4. 5

    Shane’s “problem” with Brother Chette is that he has done an extremely effective job of helping Auburn’s players stay on the straight and narrow, while UAT’s thugs continue to roam T(hug)-town out of control.

    Beyond that he is just unbelievably stupid. Criticizing Chette because he doesn’t have a published phone number? What, so you bamzo goobers can call him up and harrass him? Gee, yeah, that’s REALLY suspicious!

  5. 6

    Hey goofy why don’t you rename your funny column The Plainsman,seems to me they are always on your mind.

  6. 7
    Livin Auburn

    Shane, you are the swan song of the alabama redneck. Go deliver some ice and try not to catch a cold. Good grief.

  7. 8

    i realize you have a very difficult time dealing with auburn’s success, but you really sound ignorant in this “open letter.” where are the facts? if you have something to say…say it! instead, you let torbor say it for you – “he pointed us in the right direction.” admit it, SOMEbody needs to point the UAT players in the right direction, because they obviously have been headed in the wrong one both on and off the field.

  8. 9

    Shane, Shane, Shane. Here is what I think. I think instead of paying Nick Saban 4 million dollars a year to only get beat by Auburn for the 6th straight year and to save its season by beating national power Colorado in the most covited bowl around the Independence bowl. Mal Moore should change the Alabama fight song to JailHouse Rock and the team should run out on the field in prison uniforms. Chet Williams is a great person and is with a great program. GET OVER IT!!!! If I were you I would start the next coaching search at Alabama, we all know Saban will be gone by 2010. He dosnt bleed Crimson and white he bleeds 100 dollar bills. He isnt the next Bear Bryant( Which by the way,for the Alabama fans out there that continue to talk about him like he still takes the field, HE IS DEAD!!!!)Welcome to the 20th century when 4 million gets you a coach that has no control over his team and a coach that while at Alabama will never taste beating Auburn.

  9. 10
    Christian Star

    Hey Charlie-

    It’s the 21st century. Been so for over 8 years now! Then again, if you’re a booger fan, then you’re probably a little slow anyway!

  10. 11

    Hey Shane, why not write a truthful column about the lack of discipline at the University of Alabama? Why do you write so many columns on Alabama since you are a not a real alumni just a sidewalk alumni like Calvin or other rednecks? I am waiting for the next investigative reporting on how Nick Saban is a terrible game coach. His record will soon rival Mike Gottfried’s.

  11. 12

    The front page of this website says its a site dedicated to University of Alabama sports….what the hell does this have to do with Tide football?

  12. 13

    I attend the University of Alabama and I am an Alabama fan (in all sports) but Shane, I am ashamed of you and your writings. You “Open Letter” to the football team reminded me of why people hate UA fans and it was an sub-par, pathetic attempt at an article. Good thing you didn’t go to the university, I would have to drop out! This letter has no meaning to me either but it seems you have nothing on this guy anyway. However, because everyone is putting their two cents in, I guess I will too. Anyone who refers to Alabama as “UAT” needs to check Auburns origins as a university. If you people can call the University of Alabama “UAT” then it is only fair and balanced that Alabama people can call Auburn Auburn Poly Tech. or Auburn A&M or Alabama Poly Tech. Take your pick but atleast be educated on a schools origins. Alabama is the state flagship university and will always be called “The University of Alabama”.

  13. 14

    Poor Brian, Don’t Drop out of School. You need the education. We, The Auburn Family, are aware of the name of your beloved school. However, the NCAA (The governing body of college sports) references the school as UAT.

    Your poor attempt at at a justified response has you comparing apples to oranges.

  14. 15

    Thats funny poor boy…the NCAA would reference the university in that way…just like Auburn fans do. Thats fine though, it’s not that big of a deal. I was just putting my two cents to bad mine, yours, and your mothers is worth less than that.

  15. 21

    I love how you Auburn losers scold Shane for talking about Auburn since he is a Bama fan, but what are you losers doing looking at a Bama website????? Huh? sad…

  16. 22

    AubSux, the better question is why is the letter to Brother Chette on a website that is devoted to Bama sports? By the way, great show of class with your comments. You represent your fanbase well.

  17. 23

    AubSux, it’s usually just as easy to find information about Auburn on Alabama websites as it is to find it on Auburn websites. Shane is just an ordinary Alabama fan who is utterly obsessed with Auburn. Most of your fans are. It’s sad, but it’s normal.

  18. 25
    larry davis

    hey insane go back to your ice truck before you and paul get sued for everthing you own and everthing you will ever own.i heard you and had a crush on jay barker rotflmao you are a uat fan for sure.

  19. 26
    Larry Isgay Davis

    Larry, did you really just use “rotflmao”? what is that…your chat room talk you use to get little kids to talk to you…come on man…at least type it out like an adult. Loser.

  20. 27

    Dear Shane:

    This smear campaign that you have been running the last couple of years is starting to get old. Haven’t you wasted enough of your time on these dead end stories? Think of all the more productive things you could be doing with your time….like taking your wife to a Jenny Craig meeting!!!

  21. 28

    Mikey, come on now…thats alittle personal…you wouldn’t like it if someone talked about your wife or mom or your little willy now would you? I mean we all hate Shameless Shane but you don’t have to take it to a personal level. Geez.

  22. 29

    Personal? What would you call Shane’s attacks on Chette Williams?

    Also, the biggest difference between Shane’s comments and mine is that Shane is making accusations about things that he has no idea about…while I have seen Shane’s wife:)

  23. 30
    Phillip L. Williams

    I Graduated from Auburn in Winter of 1995. The only reason I got directed to this site wss the distateful comments about Chette Williams. We are very lucky to have someone of Chette’s caliber and I just wish Alabama had the same so both programs could have good Christian men out front representing their respective universities. I could be wrong, Alabama may have an individual like Bro. Chette. However, the proof is in the pudding. For example, that incredible offensive lineman of Alabama’s who just left the NFL combine on his own sacrificing an untold amount of money becasuse of his immaturity. I do not wish Alabama bad regard, I just hope they will find a solid Christian to mentor these young men such as Auburn has. Good Luck and see you on Saturday. Shane I will esppecially pray for you b/c their are so many more important things than football.

  24. 31
    J. Messer

    I have known Chette Williams the majority of my life. I will say he is a man of itegerity and charactor. I’m devoted Tide fan and I would like to say that Auburn Univ. is lucky to have a man like Chette. Bama could use a good dose of the gospel on their campus. Chette keep up the good work.

    May God bless his misitries and bind the Evil ones.

  25. 32

    Chette Williams is a sinful dude saved by Jesus Christ, just like me. He would tell you the same. But he is an honest dude and a credit to any program. This seems to be an older post. So apparently when Tide fans are winning they find other things to talk about. Auburn has some wackos too don’t get me wrong………LOL Holy Crap some of yall are sad. I’ll pray you meet Bro. Chette in an elevator or something and he tells you about Jesus 🙂

  26. 33

    Shane stop all this crap you type up. It would be better if you could tell us about the X and O’S then the daily AUBURN SUCKS. Should we blitz then every down? sHOULD WE RUN HEAVY TO EAT UP THE CLOCK?

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