Raycom sucks

Raycom Sports’ broadcast sponsored by Alltel Wireless is the most amateur broadcast of major college athletics ever witnessed. To call it a joke, would be an understatement. The picture quality witnessed during the Kentucky vs. South Carolina game and the Alabama vs. Auburn game Saturday was pathetic on anything larger than a 20” tv screen.

Watching the broadcast on my 48” HD television was impossible. The picture was fuzzy, and simply low resolution—by contrast Andy Griffith and I Love Lucy and Dragnet, television shows filmed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, look superior to Raycom’s broadcast.

As a benchmark, the commercials look better than the broadcast. Local television station filler commercials look better.

And there is no comparison to low def or HD broadcasts on the major networks like NBC, CBS, ABC or ESPN. Watching the Senior Bowl practice sessions on the NFL Network was more enjoyable than this lamentable, contemptible, deplorable and woeful broadcast.

Raycom is an embarrassment to the people of Alabama. To have this joke headquartered in this state is worse than being home to Richard Scrushy.

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The link between the state and the company goes beyond its headquarters here. It along with the equally inept and laughable Community Newspaper Holdings Inc. (CNHI) are both investments of the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA).

David Bronner, head of the RSA, likes to talk about making the state better. If he is serious, then he should improve Raycom’s quality. As it is, his job directing media company investments is worse than Mark Gottfried’s leadership of this Alabama basketball team.