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A NAMB VP steals the show in the latest court filings in the McRaney v. NAMB case. In one paragraph deep into the brief, Will McRaney’s attorney Scott Gant reveals that NAMB’s Mike Ebert “said the quiet part out loud.”

According to today’s filing, “It is apparent that NAMB’s Executive Vice President of Public Relations, Mike Ebert, said the quiet part out loud when admitting in emails that NAMB’s claim it is a ‘supporting organization’ of BCMD was conjured up for this matter alone, stating that defense is ‘limited to the facts of this specific case. . .’”

You might remember Ebert’s name because Ebert attempted to intimidate a female Southern Baptist journalist (and a sex abuse survivor) reporting on sex abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Today’s brief does a great job explaining why NAMB’s case is a tissue of fabrications. Much like everything else involving Big Eva. For example, we’ve been reporting on discovery documents released this week involving McLean Bible Church pastor David Platt. Interested in seeing more of the seemy underbelly of Big Eva, then check out our coverage. Anyway, read today’s filing below: