Leaked documents show SWBTS trustees demanding emergency meeting over secret Sligar report revealing financial incompetence of the Adam Greenway Administration. Leaked synopsis shows Greenway Administration spent $12 million on renovations and lacked basic accounting competencies.

Media outlets are working on explosive stories about alleged financial improprieties at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) during the Adam Greenway Administration. Documents circulating include what purports to be the secretive Sligar Report and a call by certain unknown trustees for an emergency meeting to consider the report.

According to Baptist News, “Other news outlets are likely to publish accounts today about dissension among trustees at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and allegations of impropriety related to real estate deals.”

Baptist News posted a substantial analysis highlighting many problems allegedly at SWBTS.

Quick highlights from the documents: some trustees are calling for an emergency meeting; and, the Adam Greenway Administration overspent on renovations; and, a lack of basic financial competence.

These documents came to the Capstone Report and we reached out to the report’s author Aaron Sligar via social media for comment and to verify the report.

CR received this statement from Sligar, “An anonymous source leaked the report in question, which is a working document within the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Board of Trustees. While our review is ongoing, this document was never intended for the press or public; as such, it does not represent an official statement from the board. Please direct any questions regarding the report to Danny Roberts, Chairman, SWBTS Board of Trustees.”

Special thanks to David Bumgardner who has better sources at SWBTS than just about anyone we know for indefatigable work highlighting the incompetence at SWBTS.

Here are the documents we went to Sligar for confirmation.