Christianity Today’s personnel shows where the magazine stands on today’s Culture War issues.

CT web developer boasts pronouns in social media bio.

“Personnel is policy,” is a quote attributed to Ronald Reagan’s director of personnel Scott Faulkner. Christianity Today is a great illustration of that. The once Christian magazine is filled with personnel who have abandoned fidelity to Christian principles. Everyone knows about the new CT editor Russell Moore’s lifelong dedication to the Democrat Party. However, did you know where CT employees stand on LGBTQ issues?

As The Federalist detailed, CT publisher Timothy Dalrymple “traveled to Mexico to attend the wedding ceremony of a gay co-worker officiated by prominent LGBT-affirming pastor and author Jonathan Merritt.” Now we see a CT web developer declaring their pronouns in their social media bio. That makes a very clear statement about the attitudes of CT and its employees on these pivotal culture war issues.

Matt Metcalf, a web developer for Christianity Today and a M.Div. student at Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), proudly displays his pronouns on his social media bio. He declares his pronouns to be he/him.

Above is the screenshot of his Twitter bio.

Why does someone list their pronouns?

There can be only one reason—to virtue signal to the radical leftists that they are on their side. Metcalf wants everyone on Twitter to know he is one of those “good” Christians and not those mean judgmental Christians.

Metcalf likes to virtue signal in politics too. Metcalf bragged about voting for radical Marxist Bernie Sanders and in 2016 voted for Evan McMullin. The reasons for voting for McMullin? As a protest against the only candidates with a chance to win, and the ever-popular consequentialist argument that it would “Preserve the integrity of my Gospel witness to my unbelieving friends.”


The truth is that Metcalf hates Trump. Fortunately, this hatred was exposed in a Christian Post story when David Platt prayed over then President Donald Trump. According to the Christian Post, “Matt G. Metcalf, an M.Div. student at Southern Baptist Theological seminary and web developer for Christianity Today Magazine, defended Platt as a ‘good man of God’ because he would not have been able to deliver such a gracious prayer.”

According to CP, Metcalf said, “Is this where I admit that I am really glad David Platt’s prayer was faithful but that I couldn’t watch the video of him praying over Trump because the thought of it turned my stomach? Platt is a good man of God who handled the situation far better than I ever could.”

Praying over the President of the United States turns Metcalf’s stomach? But posting pronouns to encourage LGBTQ madness is just fine with this virtue signaling leftist who is a web developer for CT. Personnel is policy—and from Timothy Dalrymple to Russell Moore to Matt Metcalf, Christianity Today is a hotbed of Wokeness.