Leftist professor claims conservative criticism is ‘just another form of human trafficking.’

Conservatives like Jon Harris and AD Robles are as bad as human traffickers, according to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) Professor Karen Swallow Prior.

Karen Swallow Prior made the inflammatory statement attacking conservative critics in a social media post. In response to noted racial agitator SBTS graduate Kyle J. Howard calling out a podcast with Jon Harris and AD Robles, Karen Swallow Prior said, “Manufacturing and monetizing outrage is just another form of trafficking human beings. They do it to me, too.”

Trafficking human beings.

She said it.

Does she even know the actual cost of human trafficking?

One peer reviewed article compared modern human trafficking to slavery. According to the article, “Human trafficking is the movement of people to places for the purpose of forced labor. It is considered slavery because traffickers use deception, threats of violence, and other forms of coercion to force their victims to meet the high demands for sex and cheap labor.”

The human toll is staggering. In Texas alone, one 2017 study found that there were over 300,000 living victims of actual human trafficking—not the social media kind of KSP’s demented mind but the actual kind where people are treated like property and face physical, sexual, and all other kinds of abuse. According to the same study, at least 79,000 minors in Texas were victims of huma trafficking. It costs $6.5 billion to treat the victims of actual human trafficking.

But all of that is just a different type of human trafficking. KSP is suffering her own personal form of being trafficked because conservatives are criticizing her positions online.

This is how leftists think. Everything is about them and their trauma–their struggle.

Every criticism that exposes the logical and moral failings of their worldview becomes a personal attack. If you whine about Harris or AD Robles being human traffickers, then you don’t have to respond to their arguments. It is a cheap tactics that leftist uses with terms like racist.

And it doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work now because conservatives know the leftist playbook and no longer care.

We see the absurdity of every Karen complaint.

And what we also see is that KSP is someone who actively allows conservatives to be attacked and abused by the Woke mob.

Karen Swallow Prior played a pivotal though unknown role in the Woke attack on Tom and Jennifer Buck. Karen Swallow Prior was the only person outside of the Bucks to have the confidential essay; however, it somehow was spread among people who align with Karen Swallow Prior’s Woke worldview.

Karen Swallow Prior later refused to help the Bucks and SEBTS President Daniel Akin find out who leaked the draft. According to Jennifer Buck, KSP claimed she was traumatized. Jennifer Buck blasted this lame statement.

“One of the only two known players from Southeastern to appear in this call cries trauma and is excused from the discussion,” Jennifer Buck said. “I have watched other people who have caused my affliction get to bemoan the uncomfortableness they have had to endure due to their own participation at various levels…Karen has stated she has determined Tom to be an ongoing abusive person, because of that she sees and receives anything he says or does as threatening her. I can confidently say Tom and Karen have had ongoing conversations and they have been pleasant and bantering in nature, but no one is correcting her or calling her to put aside her personal feelings and deal with the issues at hand.”

Consider carefully what all of that tells you about the “ethics” of one of the people paid by your Southern Baptist Convention church’s tithes and offerings shared with and through the SBC’s Cooperative Program.

If your church gives to the CP—then you are likely paying the salary of Karen Sawllow Prior. Your church is paying for Karen Swallow Prior to harm Tom and Jennifer Buck and you are paying for Karen Swallow Prior to attack podcasters Jon Harris and AD Robles.

It might be time to hold all the Woke leadership of the SBC accountable for allowing this garbage to take place at places you support with God’s money.

Oh, and since it triggers leftists like Karen Swallow Prior and Kyle J. Howard, you should check out the podcasts from AD Robles and Jon Harris. And while you are at it, check out other broadcasts that trigger leftists like Michael O’Fallon’s Sovereign Nations and Ars Politica and read Protestia and Disntr. Not only will you be better informed, it will trigger a leftist and those are both wins.