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Source: Adam Greenway will resign but full board action pending

SWBTS President Adam Greenway faces retribution for garbage way he handled firing of beloved conservative SWBTS Professor David Allen. Deteriorating financial conditions at the seminary are real but only part of the story.

How bad are things for Adam Greenway? The embattled Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) President has not even been given the dreaded vote of confidence by seminary trustees. To put that in football terms, this transition is being handled about like Auburn handles firing its football coaches–Keystone Cop level incompetence. Here is the latest on Greenway’s reported ouster.

A source with knowledge of the situation at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) said that despite a “report” to the contrary, Adam Greenway will not remain President of the seminary. Driving trustee concerns is alarm over the deteriorating financial conditions as the seminary.

This financial hole is now a concern for SWBTS donors. A source said that Greenway’s profligate spending made the Paige Patterson regime appear parsimonious in comparison. In other words, despite the appearance of financial competence, Greenway was spending like a drunken sailor even as enrollment numbers plummeted at what was once the world’s largest seminary.

However, the financial situation is only part of this story. Many influential Southern Baptists are pressuring SWBTS trustees over Greenway’s firing of Dr. David Allen.

A source said there is no doubt this was “retribution” for Adam Greenway’s mistreatment of popular Southern Baptist professor Dr. David Allen.

Allen lobbied the trustees to retain his job during the Spring and early summer months. When that did not work, Allen released a detailed statement that raised serious ethical questions about Adam Greenway. In fact, the treatment of Allen was only the pinnacle of Greenway’s arrogance. Since Greenway became SWBTS President, at least 45 faculty were fired, let go, or retired under pressure. This included many minorities and Dr. Robert Lopez.

So, why is this happening now? SWBTS trustees are meeting and the SWBTS Trustee Executive Committee was getting pressure from influential megachurch pastors and respected elder statesmen to fire Greenway now.

As one SBC observer put it, following Greenway’s mistreatment of Dr. Allen who would want to work or donate money to SWBTS and the guy running it who looks like Captain Queeg?

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