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Report: Adam Greenway out at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Incompetent Adam Greenway forced out at SWBTS

Adam Greenway is out as President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), according to media reports. Baptist News Global reports that it confirmed Greenway resigned during a meeting with SWBTS trustees.

One source told the Capstone Report that Greenway met with the SWBTS Trustee Executive Committee tonight. You might remember that it was the SWBTS Trustee Executive Committee that famously forced out Paige Patterson as president in 2018.

That same source told CR that a multi-million financial hole got the attention of trustees. The source also said that trustee leaders recently met with a Texas megachurch pastor and other influential SBC leaders who criticized Greenway’s leadership.

And there was much to criticize.

Adam Greenway became President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) and immediately set out to fire people. During Greenways brief three-and-a-half years as president, at least 45 faculty have been fired, retired, or left, according to numbers compiled by BNG. However, that only tells part of the story.

As the Capstone Report detailed in 2019, Greenway fired a group of mostly minorities and women to hire a group of 10 white males—all from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In that group of minorities let go was Dr. Robert Lopez.

Lopez was smart enough to record meetings with SWBTS leaders and then released the tapes. This humiliated the Greenway Administration by showing that it lied about Dr. Lopez. So far, no apology was made to Dr. Lopez and the false press release remains on the SWBTS website. Also, that press release remains published on Baptist websites including Baptist Press.

Greenway did not stop there.

In 2022 Adam Greenway decided to fire the respected SWBTS professor David Allen. This focused more attention on the Greenway Administration and raised significant pressure for how Greenway mishandled the well-liked and distinguished Dr. Allen.

The way Greenway treated Allen was despicable. According to Dr. Allen, Greenway threatened him with twenty-year old emails.

And then there are allegations Greenway mishandled sex abuse charges. CR detailed an allegation of mishandled abuse in 2021 by the Greenway Administration at SWBTS. Also, a former SWBTS student published outlined more explosive allegations of sexual abuse cases mishandled—and how that could result in a federal probe of SWBTS.

Did any of these reports matter?

Did the trustees care about the lives ruined by Greenway’s schemes?

It appears, according to reports, that financial incompetence was what prompted the trustees to act. This is troubling and yet another reason that Southern Baptists should not trust the trustees.  

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