Leftists are attacking churches in effort to overthrow Western Civilization.

In Thursday’s podcast, Ben Shapiro pointed out how an image of Pope Francis with Nancy Pelosi shows how far leftists have gone in undermining institutions critical to the survival of Western Civilization.

Pope Francis giving Nancy Pelosi Communion the same week that she’s calling for abortion on demand until the point of birth demonstrates the hollowing out of institutions that are necessary to the preservation of Western Civilization,” Ben Shapiro said. “I’m a Jew. The Catholic Church is deeply important to the continued health and thriving of Western Civilization considering the impact it has had on the building of Western Civilization in the first place. The hijacking of these institutions, by the way it is true in a wide variety of political communities—lest you think I’m singling out Catholics here—I think it is happening inside the Jewish community. I think it is happening the Protestant community. It looks like it is happening across the board. Religious leaders are simply afraid to proclaim the morality of their own points of view.”


Ben Shapiro gets exactly what is happening. Leftists are infiltrating our conservative religious communities.

We’ve warned about this in the Southern Baptist Convention since about 2015. (Some were warning about this well before then including some warning about this as early as 2010; even now, some are warning how leftists are infiltrating Christian, Mormon, and even Islamic communities to push globalist causes.)

And Ben Shapiro wasn’t finished with his critique of religious communities.

He pointed out that Pope Francis giving Nancy Pelosi communion undermines the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

“Religious leaders are hijacked by a leftist institutional culture that really disagrees strenuously with moral precepts of religion,” Shapiro said.

This is true and it is something Douglas Murray pointed out in his book The War on the West. Murray noted the odd way that the Church of England was dealing with its declining flock—it decided to lecture everyone and call the remaining church members racist.

Murray writes, “Like the Church of England, the Episcopal Church in the United States has seen a vertiginous fall-off in its congregations in recent years. Like the Church of England, its pews are not just emptying but also growing older. Like the church across the Atlantic, it spent much of 2020–21 with its doors literally shut to its remaining flock. And like the Church of England, it chose this precise moment to berate its remaining congregation for being too white supremacist, claim that they were members of a communion which was ‘institutionally racist,’ and suggest that the answer to all of the church’s considerable range of problems lay in lecturing its remaining congregations about racism,” (pp. 190-191).

This is something that is playing out across the West and that includes within our churches. What you witnessed in Anaheim, California, at the Annual Meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention was the further advance of leftists controlling America’s largest Protestant denomination.

These are dangerous times. Pay attention to those warning you about it and take action now to safeguard our liberties before it is too late. The episode of Ben Shapiro’s podcast is below and his comments on the infiltration of the church begins at about the 38:50 mark.