In this slide-by-slide look, see how Cru has adopted Leftist worldview assumptions about Race, Gender, and Age to promote Identity Marxism.

As Cru prepares for its Staff Conference, new documents leaked to the Capstone Report illustrate how far Marxist identity theology has influenced top Cru leadership. In this PowerPoint presentation, you can see how knowledge is portrayed through the lens of identity. Particularly, Cru is promoting diversity based on race, sex, and age. We present images of each slide in the Cru Oneness in Diversity PowerPoint presentation. Pay special attention to how Intercultural Learning is part of the Cru Oneness plan.

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Slide 1 and Slide 2 present the title and theme of the work. However, Slide 3 gets us into the real elements of the presentation: that Cru wants diversity and it lists the diversity as ethnic, gender, and generation (or age).

Racial and sexual diversity are typical elements of leftist diversity projects launched in corporate America. The decision to seek age diversity among Cru leadership is an interesting item to include and may provide a tip about the future of Cru.

The intentional promotion of age diversity is likely due to the belief that younger people are more open to leftist themes like ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.) This works in forcing out older, more conservative ministry workers. It is a way to radicalizing the workforce and most importantly leadership and paths to leadership guaranteeing the ultimate triumph of the New Red Guard.

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Slide 4 introduces Cru’s Four Areas of Strategic Focus. The first as presented on Slide 5 shows that Cru wants its own Struggle Sessions—where individuals are forced to a self-examination about racial issues with Slide 6 providing a more in-depth system for applying this self-criticism.

Much of this process is designed to undermine the conservative individual’s self-confidence so that Neo-Marxist ideas about race, gender, etc. can be implanted into the victim.

The particularly dangerous element is the Neo-Marxist ideas are presented with Bible verses to make it appear as if these are Christian concepts–when in fact these are concepts imported from Identity Marxism and synthesized into something that appears Christian but instead of fostering unity in Christ creates division.

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Slides 7 and 8 are about communication and Slide 8 details how every Ethnicity, Gender and Age will be involved in this process.

Slide 9 introduces Cru’s commitment to Intercultural Learning.

Intercultural learning is a system that attempts to eliminate cultural bias by increasing cultural sensitivity or competency. One element of secular versions of Intercultural Learning is called Critical Cultural Awareness or Competence. This promotes an awareness of one’s own culture while pushing for the ever popular leftist mantra of Equity. Note it is the promotion of equity and not equality in secular iterations.

Slide 10

Slide 10 explains this learning approach. There are similarities between what Neo-Marxists use today called Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). According to James Lindsay, SEL is a delivery mechanism for Critical Race Theory (CRT). In the case of Cru, it is forcing ethnic, gender, and generational class awareness on Cru employees and mission workers. It is a way to foster a Neo-Marxist version of class consciousness or identity conscousness.

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Slide 11 and Slide 12 are about Multiplying BIPOC and Female leaders. We commented on this diversity plan in our story revealing these documents posted yesterday. BIPOC means Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in diversity speak. This is a clear sign that Cru has adopted identity politics and is looking to advance people based on identity group characteristics rather than elements of Christian character.

For those in the corporate world, many of these themes will be familiar. What stands out for you? Do you recognize similar Neo-Marxist concepts? What would you tell Cru and Cru staffers about the dangers this approach presents?

Slide 13: Final Slide