Conservatives attack Richard Land’s involvement with Evangelical Immigration Table, World Economic Forum, and defending the ERLC.

How many SBC Elites have similar connections to WEF & globalist groups?

The former head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is under fire for his connections with globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum (WEF). The controversy erupted when Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations shared an image of Dr. Richard Land with a briefcase carrying the logo of the World Economic Forum.

O’Fallon posted the picture and then said, “Why is the SBC heading down a progressive, social justice, globalist paved path? This picture of the former President of the ERLC, Richard Land, is worth a thousand words. Focus on the briefcase…”

O’Fallon said, “Take a look at Dr. Land’s briefcase. 2. Begin to realize that the ‘regime’ in the SBC is the regime for one reason: to ensure that the goals of the WEF are actualized.”

The World Economic Forum is a globalist organization pushing leftist goals such as Stakeholder Capitalism and concepts Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The WEF was all about the Leftist Build Back Better agenda in Westernnations. (For more on the WEF, read on.) The WEF is connected with other prominent evangelicals including Rick Warren.

Richard Land responded to the question about his views.

Land said, “’Guilt by briefcase’-that’s a new one. I’m not a ‘globalist.’ As recently as June 10 I wrote a CHRISTIAN POST op ed denouncing Soros and his recalled San Francisco D.A. I was invited to a WEF meeting about 15 yrs. ago by Evangelicals who wanted help opposing some WEF initiatives.”

O’Fallon responded by pointing out Land’s commitment to WEF priorities like rampant immigration into the United States of America.

O’Fallon said, “Of course, Richard, we understand that this is not ‘guilt by briefcase.’ And you have used the motte & bailey for years during your time with the ERLC and other issues throughout your storied career. When it comes to facilitating and forwarding the ‘Critical Immigration Praxis’ of Open Society Foundations, CFR and the NIF, you have been ‘all in’ for quite a while. (National Immigration Forum 2012 Report featuring Richard Land.)”

O’Fallon mentioned Land’s involvement with Immigration. Land led the ERLC when the National Immigration Forum—a group linked with George Soros—when the Evangelical Immigration Table was formed. Soros-backed organizations gave $2.5 million to the National Immigration Forum (NIF) and the NIF helped launch the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Back in 2013 when Soros’s connection became known, Land addressed the connection with The Blaze.

Land reportedly said, “If God can use the jawbone of an ass to achieve His purpose, He can use George Soros, too.”

 O’Fallon continued responding to Land by pointing out Land’s involvement with other globalist organizations and policies.

O’Fallon said, “And let’s not forget the contributions to the narrative changing discourse at CFR and other orgs regarding evangelical responses to the critical utilization of immigration to deconstruct our current hegemony. And so, as opposed to ‘opposing WEF initiatives’ by all evidence, it appears that in many ways you have helped to *forward* WEF initiatives –  many times that you have been given the opportunity to do so – as has the ERLC that you defended this past week.

He continued, “I do understand that it is difficult to remember whether or not you are coming or going when playing both ends against the middle to forward the dialectic: creating your own antithesis to your own thesis. The problem is that your statements still exist…”

Also, it is worth pointing out that in Anaheim last week when the Southern Baptist Convention considered a motion to abolish the leftist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), Land rose to defend the organization—the ERLC is to the left of Southern Baptists on abortion as the ERLC opposed a pro-life bill and on immigration.

In another exchange, Land defended his participation in the WEF conference by pointing out it was a chance to defend Christians.

Land said, “The one WEF I did attend, the only thing I liked was getting to join Anne Graham Lotz in defending her father when he was attacked. I also liked the durable briefcase. It has provided several successful Gospel witness opportunities on planes etc. which is why I keep using it.”

According to O’Fallon, who worked with clients that were members of the WEF, and so he knows a great deal about the way the WEF operates. And he warns that Christians should be alarmed about men in the church partnering with these globalist organizations.

O’Fallon says the SBC Regime has one purpose and it is in power for that purpose. The question now becomes, who else does O’Fallon have evidence linking to the WEF and other globalist organizations?

Here is a primer on the WEF and what it does.