Repressive Empathy: Beth Moore attacks politics and partisanship in political and partisan tweet.

There is nothing that takes more bravery in modern America than tweeting a condemnation of White Supremacy. There are so few who do this that it stands out in sharp relief when anyone bucks the growing mob of white supremacists on Twitter. How much more stunning and brave when an Evangelical Elite condemns the great sin of White Supremacy! And that is just what Beth Moore did Sunday.

Beth Moore said, “Dear God, dear God, dear God, dear God, be swift to aid. Hold the grieving. Touch the minds of the traumatized. Make truth plain. Amplify the words of the wise over the cacophony of the politicized. Open fresh sets of eyes to see the catastrophic consequence of white supremacy. For the love of God, throw off your political party lenses and look at the pain. The wrong. The insanity. The injustice. The blood. The carnage. Look with humane eyes at the suffering. Tell the truth to yourself. Tell the truth to your neighbor.”

To say this is a stupid tweet doesn’t capture the nature of what Beth Moore and the Big Evangelical Elites slandering churches and conservatives as racist are doing. This is much more sinister.

Yes, it is virtue signaling. It is the Pharisee craving the praise of secular elites. Yet, it is more. Much more.  

James Lindsay put it best, “Not Repressive Tolerance, but Repressive Empathy.”

Lindsay’s website defines Repressive Tolerance,

Repressive Tolerance as a concept suggests that one cannot be tolerant of that which is repressive (or oppressive) and thus must be proactively repressive of that which is repressive (or oppressive). Indeed, failing to actively resist oppression is, under similar theorizing, taken to be complicity with that oppression. This is because oppressive power has both the motive and the means to repress anything that could potentially upset it (see also, disrupt and dismantle), and thus it cannot be tolerated. The Neo-Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse described repressive tolerance as a form of discriminating tolerance, in that it chooses what should be tolerated and not tolerated.”

So, Repressive Empathy is a modification of this tactic. In it, empathy is then extended to only leftists and held back from those who are right or suspected of being right (Waukesha, etc.)

Lindsay tweeted, “‘Liberating empathy, then, would mean withdrawing empathy from movements from the Right and extending empathy to movements from the Left.’ A natural, weaponized, affirming extension of Repressive Tolerance.”

And Beth Moore is the perfect Evangelical Elite to weaponize empathy and introduce it for partisan political purposes.

Moore’s tweet is inherently a political attack. (This is something observers noted including Larry Taunton and Julie Kelly.

Taunton said, “The great irony in this tweet is that it is the very thing she decries: political. It’s as political as any by Trump, only hers is red meat to the Marxist mob. Beth Moore IS political.”

Julie Kelly noted that Beth Moore is attempting to smear an entire political party. She said, “What a horrible human being. People of faith and decency do not condemn an entire political party for the act of one deranged 18-year-old.”

As we noted previously, these types of attacks on White Supremacy are attempts to spread the new Woke Orthodoxy into conservative churches. It is accomplished by spreading the lie that today White Supremacy is somehow an endemic problem despite the fact that society outlawed this decades ago. Beth Moore’s tweet as was Gavin Ortlund’s tweet, is nothing more than advancing the Leftist lie that America is inherently racist and was since the beginning.

It is time Christians recognize that Beth Moore, Gavin Ortlund, and David Platt are leftist political operatives and not Christian leaders.