Last year SBC Elites rejected a super-term for a conservative trustee and this year attempts to pack the ERLC trustees with Russell Moore supporters.

SBC Elites have re-nominated Russell Moore supporter David Prince to another term as trustee for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). If approved, SBC Elites will reward Prince with a total of 10 years as an ERLC trustees.

Prince was first elected in 2016 to fill the unexpired term of Rod Compton expiring 2018. Prince was then re-elected in 2018 for a term expiring in 2022. His renomination will see him serve until 2026.

This is interesting because last year the SBC appeared to begin a new precedent of rejecting these types of super-terms for trustees when SBC Elites tossed out respected SBC Executive Committee member Tom Tucker—despite Tucker’s willingness to serve another term.

Last year’s committee action by SBC Elites violated SBC precedent to accept as trustees those willing and eligible to serve another term. Thus, SBC Elites created a new precedent against these types of super-term trustees.

Of course, Tucker was a conservative and SBC Elites hate conservatives. Prince is a Russell Moore fanboy and this explains his renomination.

Here is what you should know about David Prince and why SBC Elites renominated him to the ERLC.

Prince served as chairman of ERLC trustees when a Russell Moore letter was held for 18 months and then released to the press at a time designed to cause maximum harm to conservatives in the SBC. Furthermore, an ERLC whistleblower detailed how Prince participated in the political maneuver.

Dr. Russell Moore and Dr. David Prince (the ERLC Board Chair) consciously concealed the claims in Dr. Moore’s February 2020 letter from the ERLC Trustees, until it was leaked by an ERLC trustee to the media in May 2021,” the ERLC whistleblower letter said.

And there is more.

According to the whistleblower letter, “According to Whitehead, “Dr. Prince recently told me the February 2020 letter was withheld from the full board because Dr. Moore had written it in the heat of the moment. Dr. Moore ‘got over it’ in a few days or weeks and Prince believed ERLC’s Trustees didn’t need to know about the letter or act on it in September 2020 – or at any point after. The blatant deception admitted by this response leads me to conclude that the letters were not designed for action by the ERLC Board; they were written and leaked to shake messenger trust and confidence at an SBC annual meeting. The leak avoided disclosure to fiduciaries and a dispassionate investigation, because the goal was to deprive the Convention of confidence in its entire fiduciary system.”

In fact, Prince was only one of a handful of ERLC trustees who saw the letter and thus could have leaked it to the press.

Prince is a Russell Moore crony and compliant servant of the SBC Elite. Messengers should reject the SBC Elite plan to pack the ERLC with these types of men and make sure Prince does not serve this super-term as an ERLC trustee.