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SBC paying at least $4 million to radical Leftist law firms

Conservative Southern Baptist churches are using your tithes & offerings to enrich radical Leftists lawyers.

SBC Pastor: ‘The law firm hired by SBCExecComm doesn’t whisper about sexual sin; it shouts in support of it.’

Radical Leftists within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) drove out the longtime conservative and Christian lawyers who represented the SBC since 1966 and replaced the conservatives with a law firm approved by radical LGBTQ Leftists.

In a report by the Missouri Baptist Pathway, “Up to $2 million of Cooperative Program funds will be paid by the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) Executive Committee (EC) to cover legal fees of its newly-retained law firm that supports the Nashville Pride festival, the LGBTQ Bar, and is praised by the Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ organizations.”

Another $2 million is going to the other side of this investigation Guidepost Solutions, which as Thirty Pieces of Silver reported last year is dedicated to Leftists visions of Diversity and Inclusion.

As noted previously, lawyers retained by the Sex Abuse Task Force are likewise dedicated to the Leftist sexual diversity platform.

The Sex Abuse Task Force was appointed by disgraced SBC President Ed Litton. Also, Ed Litton sits on the SBC Executive Committee. Thus, Litton was heavily involved in creating the chaos that has your conservative church dollars being sent to enrich radical Leftist lawyers who oppose everything you and your church believe.

The entire sex abuse investigation began because of lies told by Russell Moore—and the lies are damning to anyone who claims Russell Moore is a Christian—as exposed by an ERLC trustee.

Radicals on the Central Committee, err Executive Committee of the SBC praised the new law firms.

Pastor Tom Buck posed questions about the recent hiring.

Buck asked, “1) Could we not find a law firm that didn’t financially support the wicked LGBT agenda? 2) Is this the law firm we want representing us if and when we are sued by LGBT radicals?”

Buck concluded, “The law firm hired by @SBCExecComm doesn’t whisper about sexual sin; it shouts in support of it.”


And this is what the SBC Elite Leftist agitation caused by Russell Moore’s lies enabled. You were duped if you bought into the narratives spread by Moore and his cronies.

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