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Whistleblower: Russell Moore exploited abuse allegations to harm political foes


A whistleblower exposes how Russell Moore with the cooperation of the ERLC trustee chairman David Prince lied to ERLC trustees to perpetrate a political hit job on Dr. Moore’s political enemies.

Whistleblower warns Executive Committee to act carefully and weigh the facts before taking any risky action.

Whistleblower explains how lifelong Democrat Russell Moore used a leaked letter as the SBC-equivalent of an October Surprise.

An ERLC whistleblower alerted the Southern Baptist Convention to how lifelong Democrat Russell Moore exploited sex abuse allegations for political ends. The 12-page whistleblower letter by ERLC trustee Jonathan Whitehead outlined how the ERLC chairman David Prince and former ERLC President Russell Moore concealed allegations about the SBC’s response to sex abuse from the ERLC trustees for months and revealed the allegations in the SBC equivalent of an October Surprise just prior to the SBC Annual Meeting.

“Dr. Russell Moore and Dr. David Prince (the ERLC Board Chair) consciously concealed the claims in Dr. Moore’s February 2020 letter from the ERLC Trustees, until it was leaked by an ERLC trustee to the media in May 2021,” Whitehead said in his whistleblower letter.

Whitehead, also a lawyer, explained his concerns are about the sinister way that Moore hid the allegations until they served his political purpose.

“What I am opposed to is sitting on allegations of abuse for political ends, and then deceiving legal authorities who should know about them – apparently out of a mix of pride and revenge,” Whitehead wrote.

Now is an important time for Whitehead to release his concerns to the Executive Committee—as the committee considers how it should handle an abuse investigation launched in many respects because of Russell Moore’s political hit. It is unsurprising that a lifelong Democrat like Russell Moore would trot out the political tactics of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

“The Executive Committee is a fiduciary. It should act in the Convention’s best interest, and that means making sure the Convention is fully informed about the facts and consequences of its actions before taking harmful action,” Whitehead said.

Interestingly, though the letter is dated September 17, 2021, the Capstone Report can confirm that Dr. Floyd did not make this letter available, which is a stunning example of Dr. Floyd’s political naïveté.

The letter is damning in how it exposes lifelong Democrat Russell Moore.

According to Whitehead, “Dr. Prince recently told me the February 2020 letter was withheld from the full board because Dr. Moore had written it in the heat of the moment. Dr. Moore ‘got over it’ in a few days or weeks and Prince believed ERLC’s Trustees didn’t need to know about the letter or act on it in September 2020 – or at any point after. The blatant deception admitted by this response leads me to conclude that the letters were not designed for action by the ERLC Board; they were written and leaked to shake messenger trust and confidence at an SBC annual meeting. The leak avoided disclosure to fiduciaries and a dispassionate investigation, because the goal was to deprive the Convention of confidence in its entire fiduciary system.”

Catch that?

Whitehead is telling you Prince and Moore hid the letter because they did not want the issue handled. They wanted the problem to fester.

The men wanted to use the letter to undermine confidence in the SBC at the right moment.

Ultimately, the letter makes clear Moore and Prince sought to destroy the SBC because the SBC operates on trust and Moore’s letter was targeted to destroy all trust.

In fact, it functioned as an SBC equivalent of an October Surprise during a Presidential Election.

According to Whitehead, “Efforts to use survivors’ concerns as means to Baptist political ends and power should be investigated by the Task Force, exposed by the messengers, and rejected in the strongest possible terms. If deception can be used to push Messengers to create a polity crisis at a single annual meeting, the Convention will see repeated ‘June 1 Surprises,’ trying to deprive messengers of confidence in their institutions in pursuit of some goal or another. The Convention may not long survive.”

The letter also highlighted how certain abuse advocates were dismissed by the ERLC and others were promoted by the ERLC.

Whitehead said, “Further, I write to inform you that the ERLC itself was resistant to sexual abuse reform initiatives. Staff believed that the SBC and ERLC could ‘never satisfy’ some of the victim advocates, particularly Christa Brown. But Rachel Denhollander they viewed as a kind of compromise advocate whom they could work with.”

Whitehead’s entire 12-page letter is attached below. The Capstone Report emailed Whitehead but had not heard back at press time. We will update with more information as it becomes available.

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