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REPORT: Baptist Pravda ignores SBC’s radical Leftist LGBTQ law firm

Why are SBC funded newspapers and newswires ignoring the outrageous story of Southern Baptist Convention tithes and offerings being used to pay radical Leftists?

The new law firm representing the Southern Baptist Convention promotes radical leftist causes including LGBTQ ideology, according to a report in the Missouri Baptist Pathway newspaper. Another alarming detail from the state Baptist paper is that Baptist Pravda, err, Press and most state baptist newspapers have ignored the story.

Don Hinkle writes, “It is hard to imagine it not being an issue when messengers meet in Anaheim, Calif., in June for the SBC’s annual meeting. Meanwhile the story is ignored by Baptist Press and most state convention newspapers. The Pathway will keep you posted.”

Hinkle included a few samples of what readers said about this outrageous use of tithes and offerings.

One reader told the Pathway, “I was writing to express my concern over the LGBTQ law firm article. In saying that, our church contributes about $15,000-20,000 a year to the Cooperative Program and we are very concerned about this money potentially going to businesses that support this liberal agenda. We are very committed to the CP. It would be our churches hope that the CP money goes to missionaries, and other Christ-centered missions.”

The new SBC lawyers contrast with the previous lawyers who were consrvative Southern Baptists.

Ed Litton and Grant Gaines successfully forced out the previous law firm and made way for this new Woke team.

So, what is going on inside Baptist Pravda, err Press? The usual, it seems. Covering for the SBC Swamp.

“The SBC Bureaucrats are placing their finger on the scale tilting it toward the candidates and causes they favor,” said one SBC insider, who is a veteran of past presidential campaigns but who is not presently connected with any candidate or organization.

In other words, Baptist Press is using monies sent by conservative churches to further the causes of Leftists and spew propaganda in order to deceive the masses of Southern Baptist.

It time for reform.

It is also time to make sure your friends know about the alternative conservative media choices. Don’t allow SBC Elites, SBC Bureaucrats, and SBC Wokesters to deceive the people. Take action.

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