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Baptist Press spreads Democrat talking points about January 6

The Propaganda Arm of the Southern Baptist Convention embraces Democrat talking points.

Partisan Hack Jonathan Howe runs SBC ‘news’ service.

Baptist press is run by a partisan hack who attacked conservative SBC Presidential candidate Randy Adams. Jonathan Howe lied in a Baptist Press article by claiming, against all evidence, that the George Soros supported National Immigration Forum did not support the Evangelical Immigration Table. Also, Howe liked tweets attacking the Conservative Baptist Network—the group  of conservative Southern Baptists fighting the SBC’s Leftward Drift.

Notice a trend? Howe uses Baptist Press to lie to attack conservatives.

Not only that, Howe has published false information about Will McRaney.

That brief primer should allow you to process why Baptist Press, supported by your SBC church’s tithes and offerings, published what amounts to Democrat talking points about January 6.

The article by Russell Moore toady Brent Leatherwood promotes the lie that January 6 was an insurrection. According to the  Never Trumper, “Most of us recall the tragedy of last year, when the Capitol itself was subjected to a violent, insurrectionist attack because a mob — stirred up by dangerous rhetoric that had no basis in reality — stormed the building.”

As we’ve pointed out, anyone calling January 6 an insurrection should be subject to church discipline for spreading lies. Tucker Carlson nicely debunks this Democrat propaganda.

According to an actual conservative, “None of the so-called insurrectionists had guns. When was the last time you saw an insurrection like that? So, looking back, you could probably call what happened on January 6th a riot, we have called it that, but really only just a riot, maybe just barely. By recent standards, it was an embarrassingly tepid effort. No one even bothered to set a fire or spray paint slogans on the walls. So, the question is why are we still talking about this? Why are our leaders obsessing over this event? For every single one of the last 365 days, the propaganda machine has been at 11, ginning up noise about January 6 to deafening levels, and it’s not stopping. In fact, after all this time, amazingly, the yelling is getting louder and wilder and still more disconnected from reality. Why are they doing this? Well, it’s not for voters. Look at the polls. Voters are not very interested in hearing about this anymore, and you can see why.”

Why are we still talking about it? Because Democrats demand it. Naturally, Baptist Press and the ERLC do their part in spreading the lies of the Democratic Party.

One other thing Christian citizens of America should notice is how Leatherwood demands absolute submission to government. His essay says that Christians must without any “qualification” submit to government. He cites I Peter 2:17 and Romans 13:1-7. Of course, if the American Founders took this guidance seriously, America would still be colony of George III.

Leatherwood and Russell Moore demand passive obedience to government in order that Democrats may take more and more of your liberties.

It is what Baptist Press is aiding under the partisan hack Jonathan Howe.

Why does your church give any money to the Cooperative Program? These guys are using your tithes and offerings to undermine conservative values, lie about January 6, and help spread Democrat lies.

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