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BIASED! Head of Baptist Press likes anti-nationalism & anti-CBN tweets

Why is the head of Baptist Press liking attacks on the Conservative Baptist Network?

Jonathan Howe, the scandal plagued SBC VP overseeing Baptist Press, liked posts attacking the Conservative Baptist Network and its mission to stop the SBC’s Leftward Drift. We’ve reported on his bias against SBC Presidential candidate Randy Adams. We’ve reported on his lies told in defense of Russell Moore. Now, we can reveal that Howe liked tweets attacking Nationalism while minimizing the threat of Critical Race Theory.

Howe liked: “Christian Nationalism is a bigger threat to our nation and churches than CRT ever was.”

Laughable. Only someone who hates Christianity would like such a claim. Christian Nationalism is the biblical model for government—as Christianity restrains the chaotic and evil impulses of both nationalism and supranationalism. Additionally, nationalism is the most biblical because all peoples should have self-determination.

In another post liked by Howe, the “journalist” liked a post claiming the dispute about CRT is all about power. “The CRT uproar in the SBC isn’t about CRT. It’s the latest in the “contemporary worship,” “younger leader,” “private prayer language,” and ½ dozen other fights the crux of which is who keeps power. And in all these people are wrongfully treated as political footballs.”

Who can expect unbiased coverage from someone who believes CRT isn’t a threat and that CRT is no more dangerous than styles of worship?

Howe liked lie about the Conservative Baptist Network

Howe’s bias in favor of Critical Race Theory extended to attacks on the Conservative Baptist Network. Howe liked a tweet claiming the Conservative Baptist Network are liars. “Once again, the CBN is suggesting something that is not true. CRT and liberation theology are not being advocated for in our seminaries. This is disinformation.”

Yes, you probably spit your coffee laughing at the gaslighting from Howe and his buddies who would tell a Big Lie like this. Videos and so much more including one SBC Professor admitting to the New York Times that he secretly teaches heretic James Cone to unsuspecting pastors show the liars are people like Howe.

Here is the video of those professors promoting it:

Why is someone paid by all Southern Baptists attacking the Conservative Baptist Network? His action amplifies these attacks. And he is an employee of the SBC paid by these Conservative Baptist Network churches.

The SBC Executive Committee must act

This highlights the problem of the SBC’s Leftward Drift. The smug elites drawing big paychecks from your tithes and offerings are working against you theologically and politically.

It must stop.

If Ronnie Floyd cares about the integrity of the Cooperative Program, the image of Baptist Press and having a free and fair SBC Presidential Election in Nashville, then he must remove Howe from any oversight of Baptist Press and conduct an outside review of the biases and falsehoods promoted by Howe during his tenure producing content and overseeing Baptist Press.

Will Floyd act? Will the Executive Committee?

How does the Conservative Baptist Network feel about these biased SBC bureaucrats?

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