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SCANDAL: SBC employee supports attack on Randy Adams

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Jonathan Howe should be fired by the SBC Executive Committee and removed from all responsibilities for covering the SBC Presidential Election. Howe was previously exposed as a liar by the Capstone Report.

An employee of the SBC Executive Committee liked a tweet by Sam Rainer attacking Randy Adams.  Jonathan Howe, a Vice President of Communications for the SBC and overseer of Baptist Press, action in publicly supporting the attack on Dr. Adams journalistically disqualifies him. Also, his record as a liar at Baptist Press disqualifies him.

Put aside the idiocy of Sam Rainer’s tweet for a moment that Randy Adams could stop the Capstone Report from publishing his public words. Instead focus on the fact that an employee paid by all Southern Baptists took sides in an attack on a candidate for SBC President. Why is a someone paid by all the SBC attacking a prominent Southern Baptist state leader?

Also, notice that Howe leads Baptist Press. How can Howe provide impartial coverage when he has already exposed himself as a partisan?

He can’t. He is tainted.

The Executive Committee has only one course open: remove Howe from oversight of Baptist Press. It should also fire him. There is no room for partisans in the SBC bureaucracy.

Another reason the Executive Committee should fire Howe is the Big Lie he told denying the connection of George Soros with the Evangelical Immigration Table. Howe writing an Explainer for the SBC said there was no Soros connection—and then to prove the point he quoted the National Immigration Forum leader—a leader who blogged about the NIF’s launch of the Evangelical Immigration Table for George Soros.

Egg meet face.

It would be comedic were it not that your Baptist Press paid for by your tithes and offerings lied about the SBC’s involvement with radical Democrat billionaires.

If Howe would lie about that, then what else is Jonathan Howe fibbing about?

This Baptist Press leader showed his true colors about the SBC Presidential race 2021. Will the SBC Executive Committee fire this liar and partisan?

Or, will SBC churches need to defund the Executive Committee too? If Howe retains his job it is even double proof that a real conservative like Mike Stone or Randy Adams must win in Nashville.

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  1. Fire Jonathan Howe and Russell Moore. No regrets, no looking back. Fire them both with their supporters.

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