Yes, Russell Moore is a liar and antichrist. I know. At this point, this is not news. Dog bites man. However, one must occasionally answer the fool according to his folly lest he do more damage to the Church, the state, and America’s political culture.

Writing on the new high holy day for progressives Dr. Moore attacked conservatives. He lied by calling the January 6 riot an “insurrection.” A lie that requires so much gall that it shows his conscience is seared. Propaganda for Democrats is just what Dr. Moore does. One might say that is his ministry.

Dr. Moore eschews the idea of emergency while promoting the false emergency of an insurrection—a false emergency that Democrats are trying to exploit to overthrow democracy!

According to Dr. Moore, “It would be one thing if this were just a matter of the crowd attacking the Capitol that day. It’s quite another when people—including people with highlights in their Bibles and prayer requests on their refrigerators—wave the attack away as a mere protest from which we should ‘move on.’ This represents more than a threat to American democracy—though that would be bad enough—but a threat to the witness of the church.”

Threat to the witness of the church?

Notice how Progressives always appeal to this amorphous idea of witness? As if the Christian can appeal to radical progressives if only the Christian would refrain from whatever political action Dr. Moore and his ilk want to suppress today.

The reason people “wave away” the attack is because a riot is not an insurrection. In fact, an actual insurrection happened in American cities for months and it was ignored by Evangelical and political elites.

What makes January 6, 2021, a day that lives in infamy for progressives like Dr. Moore is that the riot touched their god—political power—instead of happening to the poor folks living in the non-gated communities. They were expendable. The Revolution always has casualties.

Moore writes, “Some have sold literal or metaphorical bunker supplies for the imminent collapse of civilization sure to come because of Y2K or sharia law or the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision or critical race theory or a plot to shutter churches permanently due to the pandemic, or whatever. Many sectors of evangelicalism have become apocalyptic about everything but the actual Apocalypse.”

It is interesting that Dr. Moore does not see Obergefell as a sign of the times!  It is also interesting that Moore appears in this paragraph to mock the danger of Critical Race Theory (CRT). Of course, this is natural considering Dr. Moore was a leading purveyor of that godless and dangerous ideology—an ideology that leads government in the name of equity to prioritize the health of some races over other races.

Doubt that the bitter fruits of CRT are doing that? Well.

According to constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley, “New York may have triggered a new constitutional challenge with its policy to prioritize non-white people in the distribution of certain COVID-19 treatments.”

We are in a crisis.

Our very liberties are at stake and men like Russell Moore are happy to do everything in their power to elect Democrats—the people who are intent on stripping you of every liberty you enjoy!

To help Democrats, Russell Moore lies about conservatives and Christians.

He is the definition of a partisan hack. He smears the Bride of Christ to please the secular regime.

Never forget the men in the Southern Baptist Convention who made Dr. Moore’s career and damage possible.