Indiscretion on Twitter shows that dollars rule the hearts of SBC Elites.

SBC Elites rarely say the quiet part out loud. However, on Twitter one SBC Elite told the truth about how the troubled denomination gauges where it stands—Money. It is not facts. It is not arguments. It is money. Lucre.

According to Andrew Hébert, “There’s no liberal drift or ‘downgrade’ in the SBC. And most Southern Baptists know it. How do I know? 👉🏼 Reports of church after church meeting and exceeding their #LottieMoon offering goals. This support shows there is broad-based trust in where things are going.”

Hébert was appointed by wicked SBC President Ed Litton—the serial plagiarist and unrepentant liar—to the SBC Sex Abuse Task Force. In other words, Hébert is happy to associate himself with the most wicked man to head the SBC in generations. He is the definition of an SBC Elite. So, his words reveal how not only he thinks but the entire class of political Leftists leading the SBC.

Tom Buck, a conservative pastor from Texas, explained why this reasoning is dangerous for SBC Elites.

Buck said, “My enthusiasm to support SBC missions through the Lottie Moon Offering is a statement of confidence in our international missionaries and not a statement of confidence in the convention’s direction. SBC leaders would be wise not to drag our missionaries into the current debacle.”

Yet here we are. SBC Elites think all is fine. There is nothing to see in the burning building of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Why? Because the money is flowing!

Offering plates are full.

They only care if the money is coming in that will pay the fat cats and allow the fat cats to dole out rewards, perks, and honoraria to their dutiful sycophants.

Rarely can we get a glimpse inside the mind of the SBC Elite. Thankfully, Twitter provided that glimpse with this amazing indiscretion.