Will McRaney accuses the Southern Baptist Convention and NAMB of defamation.

Want a free and fair SBC Presidential Election? Fight the SBC Elites and their lies. Reveal NAMB’s finances by helping Will McRaney.

Given how the North American Mission Board (NAMB) paid for messengers to attend the Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting and vote for liar and laughingstock Ed Litton, why does anyone think the vote in Anaheim will be free and fair? But what if I told you there might be a way to get that free and fair vote at the SBC Presidential Election without SBC Elites and entities using tithes and offerings to pervert the election?

It all comes down to this.

Will McRaney’s lawsuit is a last, best chance to save the Southern Baptist Convention. And you can make sure it continues by giving to this GoFundMe.

You can give, even anonymously, because this is the only way to deal with the corruption and hold these Elites accountable. They will never give the financial records without the compulsion of the court.

And McRaney’s lawsuit is getting closer to discovery every day. Ezell and his team of 16 lawyers have stalled for years. They even took their Fabian tactics all the way to the Supreme Court. However, just as NAMB lost at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, so too NAMB lost at SCOTUS.

McRaney said, “You can help me stop a religious Goliath, a bully who is intent on running out the clock and depleting me of willpower and money as Sandy and I seek legal justice. After seeking resolution without an attorney and after two threats from NAMB attorneys, we finally found an attorney and responded with a lawsuit in 2017.”

Now important financial records could be revealed in court.

As McRaney says on the GoFundMe, “Sandy and I can put Kevin Ezell, as well as past and present trustees and staff, under oath for deposition (sworn testimony to gather evidence) that is part of the trial process.”

The only thing more damaging to Ezell than being put on the stand, would be scrutiny of NAMB’s financial documents.

We might then find out how many Gift Cards NAMB gives out each year.

Even better, we might find out how much money NAMB spent to elect liar and laughingstock Ed Litton as SBC President.

Revealing the way SBC Elites reward themselves is just one benefit of the McRaney lawsuit.

This lawsuit is also key to protecting autonomy. NAMB undermines autonomy by its claims. The ERLC filed a brief claiming the SBC is a hierarchy.

Though these arguments were rejected at the Fifth Circuit, and the ERLC was forced to file a humiliating letter admitting it lied to the appeals court, there are claims NAMB advances that would give NAMB power over state conventions.

McRaney tried everything he could to avoid this; however, in God’s Providence, McRaney is right where we need him at this critical moment. He is standing up to the corrupt SBC Elites at the very moment that the future of the SBC hangs in the balance.

What started out as an individual fighting the wrong done to him because the SBC Elites wanted to crush him and his family has now become an effort to save fundamental parts of the Southern Baptist Convention—things like autonomy and truth.

This is the avenue to expose the corruption.

This is the avenue to save the SBC.

Even if you have left the SBC, this is a great way to fight the Woke Elites.

So, help fund justice and give.