Why are Christians using worldly, unbiblical outsiders in dispute with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee?

The “Christians” appointed by SBC President Ed Litton to the sex abuse task force hired a radical, pro-LGBTQ law firm in its dispute with the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee.

The Sex Abuse Task Force said it retained “our own legal counsel, Linklaters’ attorneys Adam Lurie and Richard Smith. Both men are former senior Department of Justice officials with extensive background also in corporate law.”

Linklaters is a radical pro-LGBTQ and Leftist law firm. Its own website declares the law firm’s social stand and these stands are at direct odds with the views and beliefs of the Southern Baptist Convention.

According to Linklaters the firm won diversity awards including: “We were named as a Stonewall’s 2019 Top 100 Employers for LGBT people in the UK… We received the Gold Award in Japan’s first LGBT Pride Index for the fourth year in a row in 2019… We ranked #1 in the Hong Kong in the Community Business 2019 LGBT+ Inclusion Index…” Also, the law firm promotes its involvement with the Human Rights Campaign: “We have joined the Human Rights Campaign in a new initiative to pursue strategic litigation in U.S. state and federal courts to address discriminatory actions against the LGBTQ+ community.”

The law firm even posted this blog outlining how employers should promote LGBTQ employees.

The law firm promotes diversity and inclusion rhetoric.

Why did these “Christians” go outside the Christian legal community to hire a secular law firm dedicated to radical Progressive and leftist politics?

Maybe because this is about politics and not truth.

As one pastor said to the CR, the use of worldly law firms and investigators is “unbiblical, unwise and frankly foolish (John 15:18-25). Why is the SBC hiring a secular company on a justice issue? How is this not a violation of I Cor. 6?”

Indeed, that is a very good question given the political leanings of these law firms.

Thomas Littleton was the first to report the link to the pro-LGBTQ law firm.

The entire sex abuse investigation process began after Russell Moore and David Prince deceived ERLC trustees in a political attack on Russell Moore’s political enemies.

The Capstone Report emailed the task force chairman Bruce Frank for comment about the ERLC trustee whistleblower letter; however, he never responded to the request for comment. Perhaps because he and his friends do not care about the lies that launched the investigation. Rather, they only care about working with radical Progressive law firms to harm the Southern Baptist Convention and hurt Russell Moore’s political opponents.