In an email to some but not all State Convention executive directors, Kevin Ezell lied. Yes, at this point, Dog bites man. However, it is important to highlight his repeated lies. Also, it is important to note his June 28 email to state convention executives did not include all state convention executives. The Capstone Report confirmed at least two state convention leaders on the West Coast were not included in Ezell’s email.

Since Kevin Ezell did not intend this email for everyone in the SBC, we thought it a good idea to share with everyone in the SBC. So, here is what Ezell told state executives.

Ezell said, “This morning we were informed that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied our request for appeal in the lawsuit Will McRaney filed against us in 2017. We are disappointed with this news, but we realize appeals are rarely granted at this level. We pursued this appeal because we believe religious ministries like NAMB, your state conventions and every church in America should be protected from government involvement and interference in their ministry decision-making. That is why we asked the court to reconsider this issue.

“The case now goes back to District court. We have always denied the litigant’s claims, and we are confident that as things proceed, the outcome will be in our favor. As we have always made clear in our court filings and statements, NAMB respects and values the autonomy of every church, association, state convention and entity within the Southern Baptist family of faith. Nothing in this case puts at risk that long-standing and cherished hallmark of Southern Baptist polity.”

What a liar.

NAMB’s claims and Kevin Ezell’s buddy Russell Moore’s claims in court filings placed the Southern Baptist Convention into serious legal jeopardy.

Ezell’s NAMB claimed state conventions are SBC entities—something directly repudiated by the SBC Constitution and Bylaws. So, if NAMB’s reckless legal arguments were accepted, those court decisions would have recognized the SBC state conventions as entities under the Southern Baptist Convention.

Ezell’s NAMB claimed to SCOTUS, “Reverend McRaney attempts to avoid certiorari by emphasizing that, though he was employed by one Southern Baptist entity, he was never employed by the particular Southern Baptist entity that he sued, namely the SBC Mission Board.”  

Are State Convention Executive Directors employees of an SBC entity?  Of course not!  

Is NAMB, “the SBC Mission Board”?  No

Ezell says, “State Conventions and every church in America should be protected from government involvement and interference in their ministry decision-making.”  No, Ezell wants government and SCOTUS to give him legal protection so that he can interfere in the decision making of State Conventions, Associations, and local churches. Ezell wants to make sure those damaged by his slander and his other bad actions are barred from having any legal recourse to justice.

All you can do after reading the legal documents and then reading Kevin Ezell’s email is shake your head. He’s a liar. Why are so many SBC leaders like this?

Also, what SBC entity played a major role in funding admitted plagiarizer Ed Litton’s presidential campaign?

If you guessed NAMB, you are right.