Dr. Robert Jeffress blasts Ed Litton after Litton says the Bible whispers about homosexuality

Latest updates on Ed Litton Plagiarism Scandal

SBC President Ed Litton on video: ‘I used to lie. I used to tell people 24 hours a sermon… but I would say 8-10 hours average.’

Newsweek covers Sermongate

Internet sleuths unearthed video where SBC President Ed Litton admits he lied about sermon preparation time and invented a sermon illustration. Twitter user For the Glory posted a Twitter thread including video and a few select quotes from Ed Litton’s appearance on Sermonary.

According to For the Glory, “In a November 2020 interview, Ed Litton admits and laughs, that he used to lie about his sermon prep time. ‘I used to lie. I used to tell people 24 hours a sermon… but I would say 8-10 hours average.’”

Also, “I preached a sermon recently…I opened it with a story of a Roman soldier, that I made up.”

The entire podcast is available here on YouTube.

How do Southern Baptists feel about this type of creativity?

How do Southern Baptists feel about the SBC President admitting on tape to lying about the time he spent preparing sermons?

Does this video provide clues as to why Ed Litton hid over 140 sermons on Youtube?

Ed Litton’s Sermongate covered by Newsweek

The SBC President’s plagiarism scandal is now attracting mainstream press coverage as Newsweek published a story on it.

The focus of the Newsweek article was the appearance of a coverup as Ed Litton took down or hid over 140 sermons.

According to the report, “Newsweek found more than 140 videos were either unavailable or hidden across several playlists on the Redemption Church YouTube page as of Monday morning.”

Readers will note that CR alerted you to this fact on Saturday in our report: BREAKING: Ed Litton’s church removes damning video at center of Plagiarism allegations. We reported we found 143 videos missing from the church YouTube page.

As Rod Martin noted, “I guess ‘the world is watching’ after all.”

With Newsweek now focused on the coverup, will other mainstream outlets join the fun? What about the Christian outlets?