New Southern Baptist Convention President Ed Litton takes responsibility, admits ‘should have been more careful’ after SermonGate revelations show he utilized many of the same words as a J.D. Greear sermon.

In a Saturday statement, SBC President Ed Litton admitted he should “take responsibility for places where I should have been more careful” following a SermonGate scandal where video showed the newly elected President of the Southern Baptist Convention borrowing from sometimes word-for-word portions of a sermon preached by J.D. Greear.

“I felt it important to address this in order to provide the truth and to take responsibility for places where I should have been more careful,” Ed Litton said in a statement.

In other words, D’oh!

Litton also made clear that he and his team utilized Greear’s sermon for their sermon preparation for the week.

“I am sorry for not mentioning J.D.’s generosity and ownership of these points. I should have given him credit as I shared these insights,” Litton’s statement said.

In other words, the Internet sleuths were right!

And at least 143 videos remain hidden by Redemption Church on its YouTube page. As we noted earlier today, those are clearly the actions of an innocent man.

So, what other liberties did the new President of the Southern Baptist Convention take with other sermons?

Why hide those sermons?

If there is nothing to hide, why hide them?

You can probably guess what the answer is.

And in case you haven’t been following the story, here is the YouTube video highlighting the problem.