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Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary caught in another lie?

Allegation: Al Mohler protégé Adam Greenway’s SWBTS lies in 2021 Book of Reports.

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) lied in the 2021 SBC Book of Reports, according to a former SWBTS faculty member. This seems to be a pattern for the Al Mohler protégé running SWBTS. Just like last time, a former SWBTS employee revealed the details of the latest scandal harming the reputation of the Southern Baptist Convention.

According to Candi Finch, “This tweet and the report by @swbts is absolute slander, and I am appalled by the @swbts administration and trustees allowing this to go in the SBC book of reports. Since I am specifically named, let me set the record straight…I had access to both lists, & as a faculty member, I was fully allowed to communicate with both groups. To suggest that I stole a donor list is nothing but slander & an outright lie. I am just amazed by the silence of the @swbts trustees who know the truth…To suggest that the Pattersons stole art is shameful. Dr. Patterson was in the hospital & other people packed parts of his campus office for him. When it was discovered that he had a picture that belonged to the school, he offered to return it. @swbts & @AdamGreenway know this.”

Finch should sue.

After all, $$$$$ dollars are the only language SBC Elites understand.

Are you shocked that Southern Baptist Elites would lie? If so, you haven’t been paying attention.

This looks like a repeated pattern of conduct on the part of Adam Greenway (who was another one of Al Mohler’s protégés). Previously, Greenway’s SWBTS team lied about former SWBTS professor Robert “Bobby” Lopez.

Fortunately, Dr. Lopez recorded the meetings with SWBTS leadership. It revealed Russell Moore’s ERLC was leading the persecution of Dr. Lopez.

And Dr. Lopez exposed SWBTS lies on the national radio show of Eric Metaxas.

The SBC was held up to national embarrassment by the rubes and liars running SWBTS.

And just a reminder, Adam Greenway is an Al Mohler protégé. Yes, another Al Mohler guy is run amok dragging the SBC leftward and behaving in an ungodly fashion.

Dr. Lopez is still waiting on his apology. At least check, the lies about Dr. Lopez were still published on the SWBTS website.

Here is a map showing how widespread, Woke and ungodly Al Mohler’s protégés are in the SBC is as of right now. Given that Greenway is a liar and Al Mohler knows Russell Moore’s heart, can you afford to elect Al Mohler as SBC President?

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