Albert Mohler defends scandal rocked Southwestern

Mohler Southern Baptist Convention

The presumptive front runner to be elected president of the Southern Baptist Convention in 2020 defended the administration of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Tuesday evening. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, defended his protégé who now leads Southwestern. It is the perfect example of the good old boy network taking care of its own. Ignore the evidence. Circle the wagons.

Mohler tweeted, “I have full confidence in the biblical fidelity of @SWBTS and the commitment of its leadership to a robustly biblical vision of human sexuality and gender. Southern Baptists are well served by six seminaries committed to biblical fidelity.”

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Full confidence?

Uh oh.

This looks like the dreaded vote of confidence given to every dead man walking college football coach.

And Greenway’s administration likely should be fired as unceremoniously as an inept coach like Mike Shula. The Greenway administration issued a demonstrably false statement defending its termination of conservative professor Robert Lopez. Lopez proved with tapes, emails and a witness that SWBTS was angry about Lopez’s biblical stand on sexuality and his public ministry.

Here’s what the tapes revealed—SWBTS and its leadership want to claim biblical orthodoxy on sexuality. However, they don’t want the attention of anyone actually speaking about these biblical beliefs.

Better to censor and silence than endure a season of torment from the mainstream press.

The tapes also showed the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission tampered with Lopez’s employment. And this isn’t the first time the ERLC blacklisted conservatives.

SWBTS Provost Randy Stinson was caught on tape telling Lopez that the ERLC didn’t like him and that it would factor into his status at the seminary.

The ERLC is run by notorious Never Trumper Russell Moore.

Moore is another protégé of Albert Mohler.

And when Russell Moore was relentlessly attacking conservatives during the 2016 presidential campaign, Albert Mohler defended him.

Mohler said, “I know his heart and his character and his love for the Southern Baptist Convention. I also have confidence in his ability to serve all Southern Baptists as president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.”

Don’t forget Russell Moore works with George Soros funded political organizations.

Yet, Albert Mohler has confidence in him.

Just like Albert Mohler has confidence in Daniel Akin who turned SEBTS into a Woke wonderland of Social Justice nonsense.

And just like Albert Mohler has confidence in Adam Greenway and the Keystone Cops of university administration at SWBTS.

Mohler’s endorsement of SWBTS fails to address the real issues in the SBC—namely, should Russell Moore and his ERLC get to determine who works at our seminaries?

The SBC’s problems today are linked to Mohler’s protégés. That raises serious questions about Albert Mohler’s abilities to lead the SBC. Judge him by those he platforms. That’s the standard Mohler wanted. Well, those you platform have been found wanting.

What the SBC needs is a real conservative President and not someone who platforms and enables Russell Moore and the people who fired Robert Lopez.