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Southern Baptist church hosts Beth Moore preaching on Mother’s Day 2021

Beth Moore attacked Donald Trump for failing to live up to biblical teachings and here she is ignoring the clear teaching of the Bible about women preaching.

Lady preacher, err Bible teacher, and Donald Trump critic Beth Moore preached during Sunday worship on Mother’s Day 2021. She spoke at Lake Pointe Church a Texas church with locations in Rockwall, Mesquite, Garland, Forney, Richardson and Dallas, Texas. Moore was introduced as the speaker today by Senior Pastor Josh Howerton.

And the violation of biblical teaching drew a strong reaction on Twitter. Terri Green said, “Beth Moore was preaching last night and today at LakePoint Church in Texas. But I do not allow a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.” 1 Timothy 2:12.”

Beth Moore was upset at Donald Trump over violation of biblical teachings

Moore attacked Donald Trump over the former president’s violation of biblical teachings. In fact, it looks like Donald Trump exposed Beth Moore for her secret rebellion to the authority of Scripture.

Well, pot meet kettle.

The Bible and 2,000 years of Christian history has something to say about what Beth Moore is doing—she is in violation of the biblical teaching as understood by Southern Baptists, a denomination she recently left in a hissy fit over conservative support for Donald Trump and traditional values like taught by the Apostle Paul.

Despite leaving the SBC, here she is preaching in a church listed on the Southern Baptist Convention’s Church Finder.

Lake Pointe Church pastor Josh Howerton has been featured on a North American Mission Board (NAMB) podcast.

Earlier this year, NAMB was engulfed in a controversy as some of its church plants were discovered to have women serving in the role of teaching pastor. In fact, one of NAMB’s West Coast church training locations had a woman as a teaching pastor and a NAMB chief strategist praised the church as being “on the cutting edge of culture.”

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