I’m not a Calvinist. I believe Calvinism has a few serious flaws. However, I want to point out the insanity of some anti-Calvinists. Specifically, the Hillary Clinton-voting Dwight McKissic blamed Calvinism for the murder of eight women in Atlanta.

McKissic tweeted, “The same branch of Calvinism that believes chattel slavery was ordained by God, would also believe the murderous, misogynistic & racist behavior of the Atlanta murderer would also be ordained of God. They believe a woman preaching is spiritual abuse, which leads to disrespect for women.

Let’s examine this godless tweet.

Does believing the Bible regarding the prohibition on women preaching constitute disrespect for women? That’s what McKissic claims: “They believe a woman preaching is spiritual abuse, which leads to disrespect for women.”

If so, then most of church history would showcase Christians as disrespectful to women. It would make the Apostle Paul into someone disrespectful of women.

This is the subtle trick of the Devil. He turns what is biblical into “disrespect” to women. However, right gender relationships as defined by God would seem to honor women and men—since Christians must all affirm God’s design is the best for humanity.

If we reject what the Bible teaches we are abusing others. The Bible itself and church history seems to affirm limitations on the role of women in the church. What can the Christian do but obey God?

Further, this view of the biblical teaching about the role of preaching is not a Calvinist view, but a rather typical Christian view shared by most Southern Baptists. (Most Southern Baptists believe the role of pastor is only for males.)

Why did McKissic make this tweet about Calvinism?

Oh, because McKissic is upset that some of the best refutations of the godless ideology of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality arise out of Calvinist evangelical circles.

McKissic revealingly tweeted, “The obsession with CRT is alienating & revealing. The previous platitudes echoed about racial unity, now rings hollow & trust has been eroded, with CRT misrepresentations. SBC sem prof who opposes CRT, has also expressed his belief in the superiority of Western culture. Scary!”

Notice something here—McKissic defends CRT and attacks Western Civilization.

Yet, Western Civilization is superior because it is the most influenced by Christianity. It has freed hundreds of millions and enriched billions of people. It recognizes the dignity of all people and allows dissent and religious freedom. That is superior to other cultures without such traditions. We should thank God for the blessings of Western Civilization all while fully aware of its failings.

Politics and grifting are what motivate McKissic—not theology. That is why he is exploiting the Atlanta tragedy to attack Christians. He is an accuser of the brethren. Since he voted for Democrats—why is his church even allowed to remain in the Southern Baptist Convention? Such an action is godless, depraved and incompatible with being a true Christian. A Christian cannot vote for any pro-baby murder politician. Yet, McKissic did. Thus, he has shown himself to be in grave error and should face discipline.  

The last thing I thought I’d be doing is defending Calvinism. However, in days like today, we must realize the real enemy are those like McKissic and other Woke leaders who would praise voting for baby-killing Democrat politicians while smearing Christians who simply proclaim what the Bible teaches about proper gender roles.

2 thoughts on “Pastor who voted for pro-abortion Democrat attacks Calvinists, Western Civilization”

  1. Critical race theory is the doorway to allow Liberation Theology in to ravage and destroy the SBC. Don’t let the monster in! Baptists should push back against the door with all your might! The role of Liberation theology is to bludgeon all biblical doctrine and replace it with the the “ethics” of marxism and modern relativism.

  2. This is an interesting debate. CRT and Calvinism both say that the type of being you are is predetermined prior to your birth. In one, it’s by the irresistible will of an arbitrary God. In the other it’s by the color of your skin. Unfortunately, these are two of the most prominent philosophical movements within the leadership of the SBC today. Each has its own areas of endorsement within the officials and institutions of the denomination. Fortunately for the SBC, most of the people who attend SBC churches do not know this.

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