Last decade of decline is worst in 175-year history of the Southern Baptist Convention

SBC Elites have an Ends Justify The Means mentality

NAMB, ERLC advanced false arguments against a man in court and nearly succeeded

In a fiery essay calling the last decade the worst in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention, Randy Adams, executive director of the Northwest Baptist Convention, blasted the North American Mission Board, its president Kevin Ezell, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and its president Russell Moore. Adams blamed the decline on a consolidation of power in the national entities and attitudes of arrogance among leaders.

Adams said, “The last 10 years are the worst decade in the 175-year history of the SBC in terms of decline.”

Adams faulted the Great Commission Resurgence plan approved about a decade ago along with power grabs from Kevin Ezell and national SBC leaders. In fact, the attitude among national leaders like Ezell is of open hostility.

According to Adams, “NAMB not only resists cooperation, but rejects it because NAMB president Kevin Ezell has repeatedly said that State Conventions ‘shouldn’t even exist,’ as a recent letter by former NAMB regional leader, Frank Shope, makes clear. If you haven’t read Dr. Shope’s letter, here is the link.

Adams addressed the recent scandal of NAMB and the ERLC claiming the SBC is a hierarchy and umbrella organization over local churches and state conventions. This is contradicted by the SBC constitution and drew a rebuke from SBC Executive Committee CEO Ronnie Floyd. It even drew several statements from the ERLC. However, it is not enough, according to Adams.

Adams said, “Shortly before posting this article, the ERLC issued an apology for some of the language in the amicus brief, but they did not address the fact that they deceived the court regarding SBC governance, nor did they say they have filed a correction with the court, nor did they apologize for damaging a brother-in-Christ by deceiving the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. They claim that an amicus brief does not establish legal precedent. I’m not an attorney and do not know whether that is true. I do know that their false argument was used against a man in a U.S. court, and it nearly worked, and they have not apologized to him.”

Beyond the apology issue, Adams pointed out that the actions of NAMB and the ERLC expose an ethical rot within the Southern Baptist Convention.

To intentionally deceive the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in an effort to win a lawsuit is the height of corruption and an ungodly, end-justifies-the-means strategy. Think about it. NAMB has not only marshalled the resources of the SBC in order to deceive a Federal Court, resources given by church members to advance the Great Commission, they also deceived a Federal Court into using its power to crush the man who alleges NAMB’s wrongdoing. It is especially frightening when you realize the deception almost worked. NAMB came within one vote of prevailing in the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (they lost on a 9-8 vote). It brings to mind the image of the lone man in Tiananmen Square who defied the Chinese Communist government when he stood alone in the path of a massive tank over 30 years ago. That image may seem extreme, but it was actually one of my first thoughts. NAMB enlisted three state attorney generals, the ERLC, and First Liberty, among others, in a failed effort to deceive the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. In so doing, they demonstrated a willingness to jeopardize the entirety of the SBC to protect one SBC leader and entity. It’s a classic example of an ‘end-justifies-the-means’ ethic.”

Wow. This is a strong statement against the abuses of SBC Elites. You can read the entire article at Randy Adams’ website.